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Thursday, December 12, 2013


"Sketchy Sex is a brand new “reality site” about unemployed sex addicts. After meeting while filming porn in California, these boys began living together in one tiny apartment, where they spend their days cruising online online hook-up sites for guys who are willing to fill their mouths and asses with cum. It appears that they have a 
 revolving door of bareback tops, and based on the few clips I’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that these boys forgo essential nutrients for a semen-only diet. Here’s an excerpt from the site description:

 “Me and my roommates are sex addicts. Addicted to big cocks. Our cum dumps are hungry 24/7, and we will only take it raw. We know its dangerous, but we don’t care. So keep your judgements to yourself… None of us have jobs anymore. But were not stupid. We used our porn business connections to create this website.”
 I’m trying my best to keep my judgments to myself, but how can you claim you’re not stupid when you forgot the apostrophe in “it’s” and “we’re”? Were you not in English class when your teacher taught contractions? Also, why am I nitpicking about grammar when this is easily one of the most socially irresponsible websites to emerge in 2013?

Of course, given the state of the gay porn industry and viewer-demand for bareback, Sketchy Sex is bound to blow up in the same way Fraternity X has over the past few years. I’m really, really, really trying my best to not shame these guys for the way they want to have sex, but—assuming there’s any ounce of “reality” to the premise of this site—it’s tough for me to see young men like this going bare without any consideration for their own health or the well-being of their partners.

But maybe this is just hot to you? Let me know in the comments section." 
- Dewitt

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