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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Schoolhouse Rock!

"I Got Six"
Original Air Date
February 10, 1973

This is the first to feature a black person as the main character of the series. It teaches about the multiplication of 6 with visits to the neighborhood candy store and restaurant.

Lyrics to " I Got Six"
I got six
That's all there is
Six time one is six, one times six

He got six
I put mine with his and we got twelve
Six time two is twelve, two times six

I got six, you got six
She got six
We got eighteen altogether
If we can get them all together
Six time three is eighteen, three times six

I got six in my right hand
Six in my left hand
Six on my head
And you got six in your pocket
Put them all on the floor - that's 24
Six time four is 24, four times six

I got six red hens
They laid five eggs each
All the eggs hatched out
And the yard was full of 30 little chicks
Six time five is 30, five times six

One fine day
They all started in to lay
I got 36 eggs, and I took them in the house
And I put them in boxes
Six eggs each, six boxes
Aw, six times six is 36, six times six

Going to the candy store -
I'll take six of these and six of those
And six of them and six of the others
And also six of the red, six of the white
And six of the blue
I'll put them in one bag - that's 42
Six times seven is 42, seven times six

Oh, I'm throwing downtown
Picking up six
I made eight tricks
And didn't miss a lick
Six times eight is 48, eight times six

Nine hungry men had six dollars each (aw!)
That's 54 bucks
But they were out of luck
Because 54 bucks won't buy dinner downtown
Not for nine
Then there were six hungry men
They had nine dollars each (yeah!)
And they went downtown, and the waiter said, "Sit down!"
Oh, it makes a big difference how you spread it around
Six time nine is 54, nine times six

See that prince over there? (Yeah!)
The one with the fuzzy hair
He's got six rings on every finger
He don't wash no dishes
Not with 60 diamonds
Six time ten is 60, ten times six

He brought along eleven camels
Now, ain't that nice? (Ain't that nice?)
Each one loaded down with six casks of oil and spice
Brought quite a price
Six time eleven is 66, eleven times six

He had twelve wives
He better be rich
Each one had six kids, six children each
Six time twelve is 72, twelve times six

But me, I got six (I got six)
That's all there is (That's all there is)
Six times one is six, one times six
I got six (I got six)
That's all there is (That's all there is)

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