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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ben Rose, Marko Lebeau & Hayden Colby - MEN OF MONTRÉAL

 "If in Rome, do as the Romans… Well, when in Montreal, you have to embrace the four seasons, including our chilly winters! So, that is exactly what our trashy trio of Marko Lebeau, Ben Rose and Hayden Colby did in February by frolicking and making out in an exterior hot tub at Maison Des Jardins, a Montreal Guest House, that hosted a weekend full of Men of Montréal shooting. 
 There was plenty of eye candy for the guests and staff of the B&B, as our threesome of guys was particularly exhibitionist and pretty excited about shooting this scene. Even though it was sunny, make no mistake, it was cold. The thermometer was hovering at about -10 Celsius (14 F) and the wind chill made it even colder. So, you will have to forgive the guys if they eventually made their way back into the guest house to really get into some intense sucking & fucking.
 We started the day with the photo shoot. And, with the hot steam rising from the water we decided to do an extended bonus photo shoot that would capture the magical, yet eerie atmosphere in the tub. So, there are pics in the photo set that didn't translate into actual video footage. 
 The guys were really playful and lent themselves to a flurry of shots that captured the mood of the moment. Chucking moons, then sucking each other, eating ass, kissing… they were unstoppable. When we got to shooting the actual video scene though, the sun had moved and was going into hiding… So the trio lost its warming effect and we needed to get them back inside to resume things.
 As we were shooting in the living room, guests would occasionally come across our guys making out. Sometimes surprised, but never offended, some decided to hang around for a few minutes to take in the action. The guy’s playful attitude continued inside and they worked each other’s cocks and asses with dedication and determination. Hayden, as usual, just loves getting his ass plowed on and on. Ben got caught in the middle of the sandwich as he fucked Hayden, while getting plowed by Marko. Marko sucked and rimmed the guys before plowing his dick in each of their asses.
 Within seconds of each other, Ben and Marko both shot generous amounts of seed on Hayden’s face, while he lapped up their dicks dry. Hayden was primed to get off, and with a bit of nipple play from Ben and Marko, flew over the top. The chemistry between these three was great throughout  Once done, they got off on the idea of chilling (pardon the pun) again in the hot tub…" -- MEN OF MONTRÉAL

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