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Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Celebrities Manning Up In Meggings

From:  The Underwear Expert

Let’s face it, these days the fashion industry evolves through gender thievery. First, men decided they liked the fit of women’s jeans, so designers responded with skinny jeans for men. Then, girlfriends and wives alike discovered that their partner’s clothes were more comfortable, and out popped Boyfriend Jeans, Boyfriend Tees, and Boy Shorts. Now, the men have made their retaliation with Meggings.
Yes – you guessed it – man leggings have officially arrived. Hide your kids, hide your wife (or at least her underwear drawer), because we are about to see much more man-thigh than we are accustomed to in the years to come.
The arrival of Meggings also means that men’s underwear will need to adjust with the times. We can barely squeeze our skinnys over a pair of briefs. So the next evolution of underwear will need to cling to us tighter than saran wrap.
To kick off this historic evolution in menswear, we've collected a gallery of 5 Celebrities Manning Up in Meggings. These fashion-forward guys are some of the first Hollywood hotshots to show a little leg – okay, a whole lot of leg! Check out our five brave guys below and then check outside. You may see a pair of Meggings walking down the street.

 Conan O’Brien: 
Conan O’Brien showcases his Man-Jeggings here. Werrrk, Conan!
 Justin Bieber: 
Leave it to the Biebs to wear animal print Meggings.
 Lenny Kravitz: 
Lenny Kravitz is no stranger to tight pants, so Meggings are right up is alley. 
 Lil Wayne: 
Of course Lil Wayne is the first to low-ride his Meggings.
Russell Brand: 
Russell Brand accents his Meggings with flip flops and shades.

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