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Thursday, March 28, 2013

May 1984

Playgirl's Real Men of the Month
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Rick Springfield (Not nude) photographed by Universal Studios Inc.

Rick Springfield by Steve Pond

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Our Man for May is one up and coming actor whose lines we can all appreciate.
 aka: Doug Cory; Doug Corey

 See and read more about Joe Davis after the jump:

Gay Porn Memories: Doug Cory — An Actor’s Life For Me!

Rare is the instance in which a gay porn actor’s offscreen life is as compelling as his onscreen antics.
Blond, statuesque Doug Cory is just such an exception.
Doug personified pretty much everything great about ’80s Era gay porn: a lean, muscular, and unenhanced physique; big, lustrous hair; a collegiate-handsome face; and a mainstream Bon Ton catalog by-way-of Chippendales aesthetic.

Mainstream is the watchword there, because though Doug only appeared in three features, he did in fact have a legit acting career going on at the same time.
Yep, many is the aspiring male starlet who turns to skin flicks for cash or adulation, but far fewer are the ones who have true talent and find their careers wilted by the moonlight.

Fame really is a fucking bitch.
Cory’s — his surname is alternately spelled as “Corey” on some box covers — three credits were for famed director Matt Sterling under the Huge and Falcon banners, and are all today considered classics. The Olympic-themed Sizing Up — headlined by Matt Ramsey and Kurt Marshall — has him passed out atop a bed and set upon by lusty Joe Craig.

He’s one of a pretty spectacular cast of treasure-seeking jungle adventurers in Stryker Force (right), he and Jeff Stryker double-teaming malleable Robert Harris in a rain swept jungle hut. Keen-eyed viewers are likely to spot that Cory is stunt-dicked for his penetrations, though he delivers a typhoon of a climactic gusher that still has people wondering if it was indeed faked as well.
Still, it was an otherwise dispensable loop he starred in that would fatefully become his signature calling card. A virtual rehash of his scene from Sizing Up, Cory’s long and lean (and drunk) suppleness is orally taken advantage of by niptacular Joe Gibbons, who upon having his quarry startle awake with his cock in his mouth, beseeches “Let’s let this happen just this once,” Cory tacitly agreeing by lying back and letting him go to town. This was one of those one-scene titles that could be purchased via mail order back in the day for $19.95.
Now this is where things get apocryphal depending on the source. Some assertions have Cory — real name Joe Davis, a Hollywood bit player just starting out — nabbing a brief walk-on role on the ’80s soap Capitol, his appearance spotted by director John Summers and producers at Falcon, who seized on the opportunity to cash-in on a mainstream crossover. Touting his appearances in both In Touch (as Doug Cory) and Playgirl (under his real name), they pounced, re-titling the aforementioned loop as Celebrity Sex, re-branding Cory as “Mr. Celebrity” or “Mystery Man” — and later, as Biff Bentley in a compilation featured titled The Look — and jacking up the video’s price to a then-inordinately high price tag. “Who is this celebrity stud?,” the box cover inquired. Why, “the star of television and movies!”

Still other claims have producers simply inventing the whole scandal by opting to market Cory as a mainstream actor based on his Hollywood-ready looks and glacial appeal. Regardless, Cory had been and was garnering small roles in features and television series like Who’s The Boss?, Full House, and Married With Children that found him billed as “Good-Looking Man # 2,” “Male Model,” “Mr. December,” “Personal Trainer,” “Buff Hunk,” and “Republican Gladiator” (!), all of which suggest that Tinseltown can give gay porn a run for its money when it comes to trading in stereotypes.
The Midwesterner was also a Chippendales dancer; appeared in ad campaigns for Vidal Sassoon, Coppertone, and Pepsi; was featured in Vogue, GQ, and Tiger Beat, performed at Radio City Music Hall; and incarnated every gay kid’s muscle heartthrob He-Man (among other characters) in the multi-city Masters of The Universe Power Tour, which frankly has me wishing I could travel into time.
Ever-gorgeous, Cory is still visible in blink-and-you’ll-miss-him parts in films and TV. It’s either his brief days in gay porn or Hollywood’s soul-deadening indifference that has kept this man from being a household name.
Gay porn really should have a pension or 401(k) plan for these guys.

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