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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jack Falahee's New Gay Scene In 'HTGAWM' Is So Hot

From: Fleshbot
Jack Falahee in How To Get Away With Murder
Here's my relationship with all of those hour-long network television dramas. At first I think they're the dumbest thing ever (a mystery writer helping an NYPD detective solve murders? Castle you're so stupid), then Hulu directs me to one of them via some rando like Brooklyn Nine-Nine which came to me via Bob's Burgers, which is what I originally set out to watch. Because I'm so fucking lazy I can't get up to grab my Roku remote, I watch the episode of whatever hour-long think they're shoving down my throat. At first I resist, but before you know it I'm deep throating that shit like a pro. I throw in the towel and start from the beginning, and in sadder times go to Prime and BUY (BUY) the episodes that they're wickedly withholding from me. It's a trap! If my life was The Truman Show it would be a ratings disaster. 

Last year it took me about three seconds to become a complete binge whore for ABC's How To Get Away With Murder. In addition to the story which is great, there's a certain someone who I am scarily obsessed with like a lot! His name is Jack Falahee, and things recently became pretty serious with us because I started following him on Instagram. Now I play the waiting game. 

If you think that the handsfree orgasm is reserved for porn stars and grainy amateur footage on Tube 8, then get ready to believe because Jack will take you there, and on network television no less! I already did a post about last year's cream-worthy scenes, but even though we're only three episodes into the current season producer Shonda Rhimes has already upped her game with this insanely hot exchange. 

In case you don't watch HTGAWM, Jack Falahee's character Connor is a former man whore who stopped dicking around after meeting Oliver (Conrad Ricamora). Well he stopped for a while, and then cheated on poor Oliver, who we later find out went out drinking to forget about the heartbreak and ended up getting HIV from a random hookup. After getting back together this season, Connor gets all the details and feels that he's responsible for Oliver's reckless night out. Meanwhile they decide to make it work and Connor starts taking PrEP so the two of them can get back to doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. So good, right?! Now watch as the boys tear each other's underwear off and Oliver gets ready to penetrate Jack (at least that's where it looks like things are heading).

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