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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Federal Immigration Agents Arrest Transgender Woman Seeking Protective Order Against Domestic Abuser

From: Towleroad
 Federal immigration agents have arrested an undocumented transgender woman just moments after she obtained a protective order against her abuser who allegedly tipped off the agents.

Documents filed last week state the woman went to the El Paso County Courthouse in Texas on February 9 to seek a protective order against her boyfriend. According to the El Paso Times, they also reveal that someone contacted authorities on February 2 to inform them the woman had filed this order and was staying at a domestic violence shelter.

Think Progress reports that although the documents – which refer to the alleged victim by a male name – do not specify who sent the tip, local officials said  it was the woman’s live-in boyfriend, who had previously been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Immigration lawyers say the woman’s arrest signals a disturbing new precedent for ICE. The agency is not supposed to solely use information provided by an abusive partner to make decisions about whether to detain someone. Lawyers have voiced concerns that the case will make undocumented domestic violence victims too scared to come forward.

Speaking to the Huffington Post,  Stephen Legomsky, a professor at the Washington University School of Law and the former Chief Counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said:

“I’ve never heard of targeting a person in that way before. It’s possible there’s facts we don’t know, but if this is the whole story, it seems like this is a coldblooded way to go after somebody.”

The woman is now being held in El Paso County jail.

Shepard Smith On The Warpath Over Trump's FAKE-NEWS Fake Press Opp

From: Boy Culture
Oh, Shepard Smith is DONE ...

During Florida Rally, Trump Appears Make Up Terror-Related Incident in Sweden

From: NBC News
Donald Trump, after a chaotic month of governing that included the botched roll out of his travel ban and being forced to fire his national security adviser, held a rally Saturday in which little was changed from the campaign trail.

Reveling in the crowd of 9,000 in Melbourne, Florida, Trump once again attacked the press, renewed his pledge to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, and seemed to invent a terror attack in Sweden in order to illustrate the need for his executive order that barred travel from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Trump complained about the appeals court judges who refused to reinstate his executive order, which critics have called a "Muslim ban," something Trump denies. The president called the judges' ruling "very sad" and read part of a statute giving authority to the president in matters of immigration and national security.

"If you have a college education, you can understand it. If you have a high school education you can understand it, if you were a bad student in high school you can understand it," Trump said of the statute.

Trump then said, "look what's happening last night in Sweden," alluding to past terrorist attacks while critiquing Europe's refugee policies.

But the remark left Swedes scratching their heads, because no attack had occurred.

The Aftonbladet newspaper listed in English some events that had happened Friday in Sweden, including a man being treated for severe burns, an avalanche warning and police chasing a drunken driver.

The former Swedish Foreign Minister later mocked Trump's comments in a tweet.
Despite the fact that November has long come and gone, the phenomena of the Trump rally felt as if it had been frozen in time, nearly perfectly preserved since the last time the then-candidate strode to the podium and told thousands of his cheering supporters about the woes of the country and the battles he planned to fight — with one of his loudest wars being waged against the news media.

"They just don't want to report the truth," Trump said. He assailed journalists as "part of the problem" and "part of the corrupt system" in a continuation of the attacks the president lobbed Thursday during a fiery, wide-ranging press conference from the White House and reiterated Friday in tweet that called many news organizations, including NBC News, "the enemy of the American people."

Trump earned applause for saying he'd repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, a line that consistently ushered in some of his loudest praise from crowds across the country in 2016.

The president promised a new health care plan to replace it "in a couple of weeks." It would be "great," he said, but did not expand further as to what it might entail. Republicans in Congress have struggled to move forward on this issue, however, weighing the political realities of repealing the health care law that insures millions without a plan to replace it. Trump has vowed repeatedly to "cover everybody," though the GOP plans floated thus far would not do so. Delays and uncertainty have made insurance companies nervous and given rise to protests throughout the country, while Republicans remain divided over how to proceed.

The White House has also been in turmoil. Trump's decision to hold a campaign-style rally, surrounding himself with cheering supporters, came at the end of a turbulent few weeks in which, among other things, he attacked a private company for no longer carrying his daughter's clothing line, lost an appeal to reinstate his travel ban, and saw his pick for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, withdraw from consideration amid intense scrutiny around his business record and past allegations of domestic abuse.

In a key staff shake up, Trump was forced to fire his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, after it was reported in the news that Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials about the nature of his conversations with Russia's ambassador to the United States. The White House had also been warned that Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail.

Still, Trump told the crowd gathered in a hangar at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport that his administration was on the right track.

"I hear your demands, I hear your voices, and I promise you I will deliver," Trump said. "And by the way, you've seen what we've accomplished in a very short period of time — the White House is running so smoothly, so smoothly."

Trump once again claimed that he "inherited one big mess" in order to defend his performance.

And although Trump told the crowd that our nation must "ignore the tired echoes of yesterday's fights," Trump rehashed the election that ended with him in the nation's highest office.

He reminded the crowd that the November election was supposed to "the greatest defeat in the modern history of American politics — and it was, for the Democrats, not the Republicans."

Trump brought up, as he did often during the campaign, that he did well with women and that the polls conducted by the media that showed otherwise were "phony."

After the rally, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that Trump authored his own remarks. 

Drew Takes A Turn At Giving Head, His Warm Wet Mouth Working The Length Of Wes’ Uncut Cock!

Drew’s Warm Wet Mouth Working The Length Of Wes’ Uncut Cock!……
From: Guys Love Guys
 Active Duty says: Drew and Wes quickly shed the fabric and get to the action, their jockeys around their ankles as Wes bends over to blow Drew’s impressively thick shaft.

 Wes sticks his smooth ass teasingly out towards the camera as he sucks his pal, and if that’s not the sign of a bottom-in-waiting I don’t know what is.

 Next Drew takes a turn at giving head, his warm wet mouth working the length of Wes’ uncut cock, and his own dick getting a nice rubdown by Wes in the process.

 The guys get into a 69 so both can blow their buddy at once, and Mike is sure to give us lots more footage of Wes’ smooth cheeks and hole, no doubt preparing us for the eventual sight of it getting plowed.

 Drew climbs on top of Wes and pushes his big cock straight up Wes’ chute. The two go at it for a while until Drew can’t hold it in any longer and shoots a sizable load all over Wes’ gorgeous round cheeks.

 Then Drew edges on Wes with another blowjob, some encouraging verbal and a warm hand moving across his chiseled chest and abs until Wes gets his well-deserved orgasm.

Don Lemon Goes Off On Gay Trump Apologist: “Stop It With That Stupid ‘Fake News’ Talking Point”

But why was Paris Dennard on in the first place?
From: NewNowNext
 Don Lemon has sometimes been taken to task for his on-air commentary. But in a CNN segment Friday night, the out anchor let a Trump apologist have it for sounding the “fake news” trumpet.

Lemon was discussing the cost of protecting the extended Trump family with commentators Maria Cardona, Andre Bauer, Karine Jean-Pierre and Paris Dennard, who has been making the rounds defending the president (and getting paid for it).

 While the other panelists all questioned Trump profiting off business trips by his adult children, Dennard simply called the issue “fake news.”

“I think this is fake news. This… this is not a news story,” he said as the others clucked. “The president is not breaking any laws, and he’s not doing anything.”

Frustrated, Lemon cut Dennard off to school him on what “fake news” actually is, and to defend his colleagues in mainstream media. He then asked Dennard—a former staffer for George W. Bush and director of Black Outreach for the Trump campaign—to “please stop it with that stupid talking point, that it is a fake news story.”

Lemon added that, if he thought CNN was disseminating falsehoods,”don’t come on [this network] and participate.” When Dennard tried to start up with the same line, Lemon ended the segment early.

While we’re glad Lemon didn’t let Dennard’s inanity go unchecked, the conservative lackey has come on CNN many times before to defend Trump. And we doubt last night will be the last.

Just last week on Lemon’s show, The New York Times’s Charles Blow shot daggers at Dennard when he claimed Trmup wasn’t being racist by asking an African-American reporter to “set up” a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Maybe instead of blowing up at Dennard, Lemon should just stop keep inviting him on?

Dish of the Day #89

From: Deep Dish

Holding Hands For A Life Time

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Cute Handsome Hetero Boy Fred Wants To Be A Porn Star

From: Rough Straight Men
 Fred belongs to the newest, so-called “heteroflexible” generation – although he considers himself straight, he wants to try it all while he’s young and perpetually horny!

 Although his most daring experience with another man never went beyond kissing or getting a blowjob from a dude, Fred quickly realized that he is perhaps more heterosexual than he thought, and that he’s actually attracted only to women. However, Fred is very much in love with porn and he really wants to try his luck in it, so he thinks that his personal sexuality doesn’t have to be of the highest priority when he’s in front of the camera.

 After some deliberation Fred decided that he wanted to have his first real sexual experience with another guy. Dave showed him how to rim a guy’s arsehole, how to fuck a guy and how to get fucked! Fred’s gag reflex is still very strong and Dave’s sizeable stiff cock definitely provoked it from time to time, but Fred’s determination to succeed in porn was stronger than any occasional unpleasantness.

 Fred’s cock is really nice and big and actually reminds me of Dave’s! This hetero boy definitely doesn’t have to worry about the size of his cock, and it’s perfectly acceptable for his future porn career.

 So we get to see Fred fucking Dave, his big balls slapping against Dave’s ass. And also we get to watch him taking Dave’s big rod up his arse! I can tell that this boy does have a future in porn!

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