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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Don't you want to be a Pepper too?

Matthew Risch Channels Burt Reynolds

You can meet me in front of the subway entrances

From:  Brent's Auto Wall

REAL men show off how hairy they are. What a MAN!

Take Your Pick...

WOW !!!

Bare Ass On Black

Sexy Otter

Hot Heeb of the Day

From: Hot Heebs
Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Surprisingly Sixty...

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'I know, there's more to me than muscle.'

 Whenever I do a 'vintage' or 'classic' Playgirl post, part of my interest is about the year and decade the image was taken, and how that is reflected in the visual. The fashions, or lack thereof, the body hair and big hair on men of the 70's, the feathered 80's hair, 90's Chippendale look and lack of almost any body hair post 2010. With the blonde and blue eyed David Keith Miller, signs of the times were few and far between.

 Yes, some of the images are faded, older magazines don't generally scan as well. There is that extremely white butt due to the tan line, but other than that, David's look is surprisingly modern. Most of the images featured here are from Playgirl and In Touch from the mid seventies. David was 20 at the time, just out of school and new to California to follow his dreams. 

 The former high school football star described himself as a 'hell raiser', causing enough trouble to have him wanting out of his home town in what he describes as 'corn town' Indiana. I did a bit of research, so not sure how the now 61 year old David made out with those dreams, but it is impossible to imagine those blue eyes didn't break many many hearts along the way. 

Scream, Queens! The Top 40 Horror Films of The 80’s!

From:  The Backlot

Silent Night, Deadly Night

PUNISH! The second Killer Santa movie on the list, it’s also the most infamous. Poor little Billy sees his father shot to death and his mother’s throat cut by a psychopathic Santa, and this … affects his later life. After he gets a job in a toy store and is asked to dress up as the jolly guy, well, you can guess what happens next. SNDN stands out for two reasons. The controversy it caused: Upon its original release in 1984, the film received a generally negative reception. Siskel and Ebert condemned the film and went so far as to read the film’s production credits on air, saying “shame, shame” after each one. Siskel also said that all the money the filmmakers were making off of this film was blood money. Leonard Maltin also denounced the film, calling it a “…worthless splatter film”, giving it zero stars and asking: “What’s next, the Easter Bunny as a child molester?” Large crowds (mostly angry families) formed at theaters and malls around the nation to protest the film. TriStar Pictures, its original distributor, pulled all ads for the film six days after its release (November 15). The film itself was also withdrawn shortly thereafter, due to the controversy.”

The second reason is that star Robert Brian Wilson was one of the hottest horror himbos to ever grace the screen.

Steven Beck

Happy Birthday today March 12th

Happy 24th Clay!
Clay Honeycut by Kinsfather
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Boxers or Briefs: Los Angeles, CA with Colby Melvin

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 12th

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Mike by Quinton Klassic

100 Treasured Chests: Hairy Edition

From: OUT
Brad Goreski
TV Host

Brad Goreski (born August 15, 1977) is a celebrity fashion stylist and television personality. In 2015, he joined Fashion Police as a new co-host.

100 Most Eligible Bachelors 2016

From: OUT
Matt Mckelligon


From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I vowed the Trump Stump would not be appearing on FH, but I will make a shallow exception in order to include 'nacho guy'. Many viewers last weekend noticed during Stumps hate stop in Orlando, two cuties on the right behind him. Former US Marine Marius Loots, who thankfully made it clear he is not a Stump supporter, got a lot of attention for his nacho eating habits.

Loots on right

Male Underwear Photography | Ethan is leashed

"Sitting around.  Leashed.  Waiting for a man.
Or maybe just for a refill of wine…" -- Marlen Boro

The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The New Batch

From: NewNowNext
“Like Flames” 

We need to discuss Berlin. Their EP Pleasure Victim is one of the Snicks Certified Top Twenty Albums Of The 80’s™, and their followup Love Life featured their first top 40 single with “No More Words.” Then came – that song. “Take My Breath Away” was a career maker/killer for the band, who were torn by its success. They would never recover. Their next album Count Three And Pray was a flop, ending the band, and the anthemic gem “Like Flames” would be completely forgotten, peaking at #82 in November 1986.

The 40 Hottest Male Bodies Of 2015!

From: Boy Culture
Gay planner
Seth Fornea

This Colt man, dancer, nightlife personality, blogger and super-ginger is the muscle you'd want at any party featuring go-go dancers. Thick and meaty, he must surely be used to objectification—he's mastered marketing it—but he's also a fun guy to talk to.

In 2015, he blogged about going from a wobbly condom user to going on PrEP, the most important advancement in HIV prevention since the discovery that condoms, when used correctly, were almost always effective. He wrote:

Fast forward to May 2014, Jared and I moved to Manhattan....basically the epicenter of the world. Our sexual options were/are endless...surrounded by constant availability of our idea of "dream guys in the bedroom". If you haven't lived in NYC this is hard to explain, but its one of the sexiest places on earth beside in my opinion Rio De Janeiro.

So, I found myself in bathroom stalls at parties, a orgies, at hookups edging on the verge of not using condoms all the time. Just letting people stick it in or vice versa...you know just the tip...then became the shaft, then becomes a few pumps...before one of us stops and says wait....we should be using condoms.
About the same time I was faltering on my use of condoms the dialogue of PrEP really hit social media quite hard. It seemed like daily there was a new thread or debate on PrEP vs. Condoms as a means of safe sex. I was very adiment that I was to remain a 100% condom user (lying to myself) and why would I want to take a pill when wrapping it up was so easy (again lying to myself). Granted I had not had full blown sex without a condom yet but I have very much been penetrated or the penetrator for brief moments unprotected.
So I began to read theses threads, articles, and debates being shared and discussed about PrEP. Slowly as I let myself understand the science, which being a scientist I now question why I was so slow to evolve, I knew PrEP was the right decision for me.

As sexy as Fornea's body is, his boyfriend Jared's isn't half bad either, and by that I mean: Jesus, their open relationship is a David Geffen-sized grant to the gay community. (Well, at least to the Body 1%ers.)

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Good Life
Original channel
Original run
September 18, 1971 – January 8, 1972
Larry Hagman
Donna Mills
David Wayne
Hermione Baddeley

The Good Life is an American situation comedy which was aired on NBC as part of its 1971-72 lineup. The series stars Larry Hagman and Donna Mills, and was produced by Lorimar, in association with Screen Gems.

The Good Life is the story of a middle class American couple, the Millers (Hagman and Mills), who had tired of their mundane existence. However, instead of following the time-honored premise of "hitting the road" to seek adventure or engaging in a stereotypical period activity such as joining a communal farm, they decided to seek new employment as the live-in butler and cook of millionaire industrialist, Charles Dutton. He noticed that they were not particularly talented at their jobs but found them to be agreeable enough. Their limited skills most definitely were not enough for his stuffy sister Grace, however, and she constantly worked to get them fired. Dutton's teenaged son Nick was the only one aware of what the Millers were doing in their new roles but found great fun in their situation and he began helping them to become accustomed to the social etiquette of high society and the wealthy in an effort to improve their skills in their roles.

This program did not garner much of an audience and it was cancelled at midseason. It was replaced by the action drama, Emergency!.

A decade later, Hagman and Mills were reunited onscreen when he guest starred on Knots Landing, on which Mills had become a series regular in 1980. Being a spin-off from Dallas, Hagman played J. R. Ewing, who was often in cahoots with Mills' character Abby Cunningham. Both series were also Lorimar productions. David Wayne would also reunite with Hagman on Dallas where he originated role of Willard "Digger" Barnes.

The British television series released as Good Neighbors in American syndication was originally titled The Good Life in the United Kingdom, but changed its name for American audiences to avoid confusion with this earlier series.

Groovy Flashback: TIME Covers 1960 - 1969

From: Deep Dish
Julie Andrews (Hawaii) - December 23, 1966

Bare Beginnings: Mike by Quinton Klassic

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'When I was in the service, (Army) I saw a lot families and friends who either lost loved ones, or were not able to have a final goodbye. While I know that sounds a bit morbid, I can honestly say, that's what really sparked my interest to be able to capture something people could have forever.'

 One of the questions that I like to ask photographers and models is about their beginnings. Maybe it's because of my own beginnings, and ending with shooting that I am always fascinated with how an artist's journey begins. There are some photographers who simply want to capture a naked body. Most artists that I profile however, didn't necessarily begin with that as their focus. For most, it began with capturing, saving, and savoring the moments that visually impact them. In addition to making families happy, Quinton shares that another thing that really inspired him was a movie called, The Bang Bang Club. 'If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it for all photographers to take a look at. I say that because it shows that not all photos and prize winners are full of glitz and glamour. The photos that tell a true story and capture the hearts and imaginations of others are the ones that I really like. To be honest, I'm not a fan of my work personally.'

 There are a lot of thoughts, fantasies and also falsities surrounding nude shoots. We tend to sensationalize them in our minds, which I guess is part of the enjoyment of a great image. We often focus on the model, their feelings, their nerves, their thoughts before and during taking it all off for the camera. I am equally interested in that process for the artist, especially the first time. Although Mike was far from Quinton's first model shoot, it was in fact his first time doing a nude shoot. 

 Normally the Florida photographer shoots fitness, portraits, weddings and photojournalism themed work, but with with his shoot with Mike, he thought he'd give it a shot. Having worked with Mike in the past, a friendship had developed on their previous shoots, so when Quinton asked him if he would like to do nudes for his portfolio Mike responded with a simple 'sure'. Sometimes first's don't always end up the way we envision, and nor should they, firsts are about beginnings, not end and beginnings are based in learning, and risk. Quinton thinks many photographers end up being their own worst critique, putting tons of money, and far too many hours into creative idea's, only to feel 'meh' at then end of the day.

'That's kind of how I felt for this particular shoot. I got a motel room by the beach, brought all my lenses and lights, and spent at least 3 1/2 hours shooting. When it was over and I started looking at the files, I think there was maybe one that I really really liked. Even though that's how I felt, the model (Mike) really enjoyed the way they turned out.'

 As my name alludes to, I'm a fan of the classics, and what can be more classic than doing nude photography...? Since the dawn of man, nudity has always been something that's either loved by all or too taboo to deal with, so what better way to embody and capture that kind of moment? I made sure Mike was comfortable at all times, and we never did a pose or anything he felt uncomfortable for. The moment a model doesn't feel right doing something, you have to stop and re-evaluate the situation. If you don't, the discomfort and awkwardness will show on the models face and it completely ruins the photo.

The fact that Mike really liked how things turned out ended up changing Quinton's 'meh' to a sense of satisfaction in the process and with the results.Mike wasn't the only one who enjoyed the results if their work together. The first image of Quinton's that I saw, was his shot of Mike in the shower that I used as pic of the day. Although Mike's body is more than worthy of capturing and enjoying, I am generally pretty perceptive about sensing when a photographer is capturing a body, or when an artist is capturing a moment, and a person within that moment. Hopefully's Quinton's work with Mike is the beginning of many future captured moments. Be sure to check out more moments on Quinton's site HERE:

30 Grizzly Guys (And Legit Reasons) Why Bearded Blokes Are Buff AF

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
They give guys the rough and ready appeal of a bedroom stallion

25 Times White Actors Played People Of Color And No One Really Gave A S**t

From: Huffington Post
 Jim Sturgess 
Jeffrey Ma

"21" (2008) is a film based on true events that follows the story of a brilliant MIT student who is trained, along with other students, to become an expert card counter in blackjack. 

Character's Background
The protagonist of the film, Ben Campbell, is actually based on real-life MIT card counter and blackjack player Jeffrey Ma. Ma is an American of Chinese descent. In fact, most of the real-life blackjack team was of Asian descent but were portrayed in the film by white actors. 

Actor's Background
Jim Sturgess is a British actor, who required a dialect coach to master an American accent for the role. While Sturgess' role in "21" was completely whitewashed, the actor is also known for having worn full-on yellowface for his "Cloud Atlas" character in 2012.

17 Days of the "Luck of the Irish"

11 Ways To Prepare For The “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Super-Marathon

From: NewNowNext
Choose your catch phrase

If you’re watching every episode of Drag Race ever, you’re no longer just a viewer, you’re an honorary contestant. Contestants need a catch phrases—whether it’s “Party!” “Absolutelyyyy!” or “Echa pa lante!” Keep it simple, don’t over use it and deliver it with confidence.

Ours is “gΓΌ,” instead of “girl.” Let’s make it happen.

Bill Cookson - Playgirl - September 1973


From: Manhunt Daily
 The gay media machine has a fucked up perspective on the “ideal” body type. Here at Manhunt Daily, we would never perpetuate the idea that you need to have a six pack to get laid, find love or fit in socially with the elitist A-List types. Muscles are muscles! Some people have ‘em, and some people don’t. Some people work hard at the gym for ‘em, and some people were just blessed with the right genes… And you know what? Some people like looking at them!

The forty-eight real Manhunt members you’re about to see aren’t all rippling bodybuilders destined for the cover of Men’s Fitness, but I would venture to classify them as “in shape” or, at the very least, “in much better shape than my twiggy, misshapen ass”… See what I mean about the gay media fucking with our perspective? I should be able to masturbate to these dudes and eat a bacon cheeseburger afterward without any guilt, but nope, the world is cruel and wants to punish me for my bony shoulders and inability to lift something as light as a 40 pound box of kitty litter.


Auchinleck, East Ayrshire, Scotland
hi guys x
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