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Friday, October 7, 2016

I love low hangers and mature fit men who love to show off low hangers.

Donald Trump Makes History With Zero Major Newspaper Endorsements

From: Yahoo News
With just a little over a month until election day, Donald Trump has racked up zero major newspaper endorsements, a first for any major party nominee in American history.

While newspaper endorsements don’t necessarily change voters’ minds, this year’s barrage of anti-Trump endorsements could actually move the needle come November, experts say.

“It’s significant,” Jack Pitney, professor of government at California’s Claremont McKenna College, told TheWrap. “The cumulative effect of all these defections could have an impact on moderate Republicans.”

Some conservative papers, which have endorsed Republicans for decades, are now breaking with tradition to endorse Hillary Clinton or, at the very least, urge their readers not to vote for Trump.

Several have taken a stand even at the expense of losing subscribers at a time when newspapers are barely staying afloat. Some papers have received death threats.

But for a growing number of newspaper editorial boards, staying on the sidelines is no longer an option.

The Dallas Morning News, which has endorsed every Republican nominee since 1940, was so appalled by the idea of a President Trump that it introduced its Clinton endorsement with this caveat:

  “We don’t come to this decision easily. This newspaper has not recommended a Democrat for the nation’s highest office since before World War II — if you’re counting, that’s more than 75 years and nearly 20 elections.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s editorial board broke from a nearly century-long tradition of backing Republicans to support Hillary Clinton, telling its readers: 

“This is not a traditional race, and these are not traditional times.”

The Arizona Republic also endorsed Clinton, the first time the paper backed a Democrat since its founding in 1890. Same for the San Diego Union-Tribune, which hadn’t endorsed a Democratic nominee in its 148-year history.

After the Houston Chronicle endorsed Clinton, the Texas Monthly asked, “Will Any Major Newspapers In Texas Endorse Donald Trump?”

But why limit that question to Texas?

The Chicago Sun-Times reversed a 2012 decision to stop making presidential endorsements, explaining to its readers that “the best way to avert a train wreck is to wave a warning flag as soon as possible.”

USA Today, which had never endorsed a presidential candidate, did not actually endorse anyone this year either, but did publishing a non-endorsement: “Resist the siren song of a dangerous demagogue. By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump,” the paper urged its readers.

And on Wednesday The Atlantic endorsed Clinton, marking just the third time in the magazine’s 160-year history that it has made a presidential endorsement.

The last time The Atlantic took sides in a presidential election was in 1964, when it endorsed Lyndon Baines Johnson for fear of a Barry Goldwater presidency. The other endorsement was 104 years earlier, when it backed Abraham Lincoln.

And it’s not just the papers but also writers who are taking a stand. Last month, a member of The Wall Street Journal’s traditionally conservative editorial board endorsed Clinton, calling Trump the candidate of “white supremacists and swastika devotees.”

Trump did receive four endorsements during the primary, including one from the New York Observer, which is owned by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and the National Enquirer.

But so far Trump has gotten no general election endorsements, a stunning development considering even Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, known best for his head-scratching “Aleppo moment,” has scored a few.

The fact that so many conservative bastions are willing to go out on a limb, experts say, could eventually convince moderate Republicans to break from their own traditions of voting for the GOP.

“Even Michael Chertoff, the man who led the Whitewater investigation against Clinton has endorsed her,” Pitney said. “That should tell you something. This is the first election where I’m not voting Republican.”

Hot Heeb of the Day - October 7, 2103

From: Hot Heebs
Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Boynapped - 1975

"The most interesting thing about the 1975 erotic film Boynapped? For me, it’s the inclusion of disco star Dennis Parker, who appears in the movie under the name Wade Nichols. It’s sort of hilarious to watch him in the goofy music video for “Like An Eagle“, then see him aggressively face-fucking a tied-up blond twink.

The flick also features openly bisexual performer, director and AVN Hall of Famer Jamie Gillis (credited as James Rugman), who joins Parker/Nichols in kidnapping, fisting and abusing Michael Hardwick‘s hunky college athlete character.

Dwayne Carter rounds out the cast for an S&M adventure you don’t want to miss (if you’re into that sort of thing). Bijou’s remastered version contains scenes that were cut from later versions of the film, and you can grab a copy here (if you’re into that sort of thing)."

Complicated relationships between men and lovers are explored in this film with a strong story (about kidnapping, gay sex, extortion, revenge, and more), mature models with body hair, narration, and finger-fucking. The story revolves around a hunky athlete of a wealthy background and his college roommate getting into sex when they are kidnapped, held for ransom, and fucked silly. What follows is a sexual free-for-all that caused New York's Michael's Thing to accurately predict
Boynapped would become “one of the classic gay films.” A “straight” man massages a furry buddy and shoves his uncut cock down his throat; and playful kink turns raunchy as another duo share a joint and spew cum into mouths after shoving uncut, big cocks down throats. Another couple kiss, 69 and fuck ass. Later, one of the kidnapees gets his butt spanked with a belt, has his mouth filled with a hard-on and get his ass fingered. Features spanking, stripping, long-haired hippy types, “real” men who aren't clones, bondage, and plenty more! This seems, overall, to have been a vehicle for good-looking singer and actor Wade Nichols (a/k/a Dennis Parker), with his good acting ability and rugged, masculine body. This remastering contains the episodes of S & M and fisting in the original version, edited out in later versions. Michael Hardwick appeared in Adam & Yves and Spread Eagles, both available from Bijou Video.  Jamie Gillis has a reputation as a straight porn star. Dennis Parker, who starred in both gay and straight porn films, actually made a disco
record which included the hit single, “Like An Eagle.” 
There's every kind of combination in this erotic wonder; even some heavy action. … You'll see men who can dish it out and men who can take it all; and all of them love it.... There's no doubt about the star quality in this feature. Add to that one of the best known hungry men in films, Michael Hardwick, and the talents and good looks for Dwayne Carter, plus straight porno star Jamie Gillis in a rare all-male appearance, and you have a first-rate cast.Torso, October 1987 
The script by Spencer Logan (who also directed and co-edited), is fairly well-developed, except for some needlessly telescoped 

exposition at the beginning. But once the story gets going, it plays economically and still allows plenty of logical detours for sex scenes. It also appears that some care has been taken on production values, using two cameras plus indoor and exterior locations.” Newswest, August 8-21, 1975

Year: 1975 
Cast: Michael Hardwick, Jamie Gillis (James Rugman), Wade Nichols (Dennis Parker), Dwayne Carter, Bobby Niles 
Length: 70 minutes 
Studio: Hand in Hand; Bijou Video 
Director: Spencer Logan
 To purchase your copy click HERE!

Colby Keller: I’m Voting Trump To “Escalate The Problem”

From: Queerty
"I’m going to vote for Trump! I think he’s a destabilizing force. I’m skeptical of him, too, and who exactly is behind Trump. But given that there’s eternal dissent in the Republican Party, that leads me to believe that whatever he represents might be a destabilizing force. And he’s made a lot of overtures to Russia and China, which in some ways could be thought of as an encouraging thing. I don’t support or endorse any of Trump’s policies. I just think it’ll escalate the problem, which is the best we can hope for. I hope at the very least he’d turn the White House into a reality show. America would tune in, right? And then he could do something nice, like give the money to the National Park Service, because they’re trying to defund it."
— Adult film performer Colby Keller, in an interview with Office Magazine

Centric TV Airing “Same Difference” In Celebration Of National Coming Out Day

"If you take on the ‘masculine’ lesbian role, you're expected to uphold that persona forever."
From: NewNowNext
 Coming out is a lifelong process, even within the LGBT community, where people who don’t fit easily defined roles can be stigmatized.

 In honor of National Coming Out Day on October 11, Centric TV is airing The Same Difference, Nneka Onuorah’s award-winning documentary exploring homophobia and gender discrimination within the African-American lesbian community.

“Often in the lesbian community, especially in the African-American lesbian community, there are rules and roles that come with your lifestyle,” says Onuorah.

“If you present, dress, and take on the ‘masculine’ lesbian role, for example, you’re expected to uphold that persona forever—it can be frustrating to be stereotyped in that way.”

Without passing judgment, the film presents various viewpoints on policing identities, and includes interviews with out actors Felicia Pearson (The Wire), Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black), and AzMarie Livingston (Empire), among others.

Breaking down stereotypes and empowering women of color is a passion of Onuorah’s: In September, she launched “We Are All Women,” a campaign to encourage black LGBT women to vote.

Below, watch a trailer from The Same Difference , airing Tuesday, October 11 at 11 pm on Centric.

Out West

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Are gay slurs a cause for Odell Beckham’s on-field meltdowns?

Trying to figure out why the receiver has become a headache for the Giants.
From: OutSports
Odell Beckham argues a call against the Vikings.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
Something is eating at New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

He’s having the worst four-game stretch of his career, hasn’t scored a touchdown since last season, regularly gets in verbal scrapes with opponents, argues with officials and has become a major distraction for the Giants.

“Football is my sanctuary. It's where I go to escape. It's where I'm most happy. I'm not having fun anymore,” Beckham said this week.

A lot of theories have been bandied about for Beckham’s emotional outbursts, with the consensus being that opponents have figured out how to get inside his head. What hasn’t been explored is whether this includes Beckham being called gay slurs this season like he was in 2015.

This is speculation on my part, but it’s rooted in history. Beckham’s current slide started last Dec. 20 when he melted down against the Carolina Panthers, his actions being so egregious that he was suspended a game. Afterward, it came to light that the Panthers were swinging a bat in his direction during pregame warmups to unnerve him and also engaged in what several witnesses said were gay taunts against Beckham:

—Deion Sanders, a Hall of Fame corner back now on the NFL Network, said he heard Panthers defensive players using gay slurs at Beckham before the game, along with other taunts. “Then you start talking about his hairstyle,” Sanders said. “Then you start talking about his sexuality. So now when you’re talking about things like that of that nature, it goes way off the field into something because now this is personal.”

—Michael Irvin, a Hall of Fame receiver and also with the NFL Network, said Beckham told him the Panthers were trash-talking at him with gay slurs. It was apparently nothing new, with Irvin telling the New York Daily News he was “dealing with it every week.”

“He deals with it a lot,” Irvin said. “For some reason, everybody goes after him with gay slurs. He’s a different kind of dude. He has the hairdo out, he’s not the big muscular kind of dude. The ladies all love him. He’s a star. I wonder why people are going in that direction. It blows my mind. I told him he can’t let stuff that people say get to you.”

—Irvin’s comments were echoed by Cris Carter, another Hall of Fame receiver, who said of the Panthers: “There were some things, some gay, homophobic things that were said to him ... Now, that is not just report, that's true. I can confirm all that being true ... I think that was just part of the trash talk.”

—Unnamed Giants officials also insisted that Beckham was subjected to gay slurs by the Panthers.

While the Panthers denied any gay slurs were used, there were too many witnesses that make that claim hard to believe. Beckham telling Irvin that he heard gay slurs all season is evidence that the Panthers game was not an aberration.

This brings us to this season. I watched the last two Giants games — losses to Washington and Minnesota — and Beckham seems awfully agitated when he’s jawing with defensive players. I have wondered what they are saying to him and if any have used a gay slur.

While I have no evidence slurs are still being used against Beckham, it would not be a surprise if it still occurs. The NFL is a cutthroat sport and players will use any ammunition against an opponent that they think will work. While the NFL has a 15-yard penalty for any gay slurs uttered on the field, referees have to hear them first and it’s easy for an opponent to utter them out of a referee’s earshot. The Panthers game and its aftermath clearly have lingered and affected Beckham’s play this season. With no openly gay players in the league, a gay slur can still have an impact and I can see it causing a player to lose his cool, especially one who seems so easy to bait like Beckham.

I don't have any knowledge about Beckham's sexual orientation but it’s immaterial in this case. For whatever reason – his hair style, his love of dancing, his being in a hot tub with a teammate -- he's apparently been labeled as gay by some players. One Bills player said that during their meeting last season, Beckham "generally acted like a bitch." The use of "bitch" and other feminizing words against Beckham are telling; the Bills player could easily have called Beckham a whole host of gender-neutral slurs.

Beckham said the Panthers game “tarnished his image” and he’s clearly not been the same player since then. He has scored zero touchdowns in his last five games and one report has the Giants thinking of benching him if he continues to act out and hurt the team.

Giants offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, without being specific, lashed out at defenders for what they say to Beckham: “They're afraid to match up against him one-on-one, Mano-a-Mano. If that's going to be the approach, you can put that when you're ranking and say, `Obviously the guy's not courageous enough or brave enough or not man enough to go ahead and play it straight up.’ If they need those types of tricks, OK. We're going to rise above that.”

For his part, Beckham late in the week said he will reign himself in. “I think I just have to control what I can control,” he said Thursday. “I can control myself. I can't control anything else but what I do. I definitely know I can do a better job at that.”

I am not defending Beckham's actions on the field. He is clearly hurting the Giants with his antics and with a lack of concentration and production. He is not innocent. But if gay slurs are being used against him by some opponents, as they were last year, it at least makes his reactions understandable if not defensible. Sadly, gay slurs might still be fighting words in the NFL.

23-Year-Old Adult Film Star Maxent Houillon Has Been Missing For Five Days

From:  Queerty
Adult film model/performer Baptiste Garcia (real name: Maxent Houillon) has been missing since Monday, October 3.

The 23-year-old, best known for his work with “French Twink Studios,” was last seen in the Perpignan region of France. He was dressed in slim jeans, grey pullover, black basket sneakers, and a dark blue backpack.

According to a flier that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, Garcia was last seen around 1pm at the bus stop “Roussillonnais.”

He was supposed to visit friends at the Place Francois Arago, and then was scheduled to work in Elne.

He never showed up to either appointment.

Those with any info are encouraged to call +33 6 27 70 01 50.

By The Sea with Hot Brazilian Reporter Diogo Menezes

From: Speed o Rex

 Diogo Menezes

  Diogo Menezes is a Brazilian model, who has worked as a reporter for Brazilian television, and has also worked a Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  He lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 

Brazilian Telenovela Airs Country’s First Gay Sex Scene

“[It] will have a climax—that explosion, that feeling. Something intense," teased "Liberdade Liberdade" star Ricardo Pereira.
From: NewNowNext
 A Brazilian soap aired a steamy gay scene for the first time, sending Christian groups into a tailspin.

On the telenovela Liberdade Liberdade (“Freedom Freedom” in English), Andre (Caio Blat) and Colonel Tolentino (Ricardo Pereira) have long been attracted to each other—but as the show is set in the 18th century, they’re constrained by laws and social mores.

 But on the episode, reports O Globo, their relationship is finally consummated—reportedly marking the first gay sex scene on Brazilian TV. (A kiss between two men was previously featured on the telenovela Love of Life.)

 Religious groups were protesting—one linked to the Catholic Church claimed the show “wanted to take the devil into viewers’ homes,” and evangelicals have called the sex scene “a sexual assault on the Brazilian family.”

 The show airs on TV Globo at 11 pm, but opponents complain some kids might still be up at that time—or see the episode online. (Apparently the soft core heterosexual scenes that blanket Brazilian television are fine.)

Synchronized demonstrations were reportedly being planned in various cities across Brazil.

Despite the controversy, the show’s stars stand by the story line.

“I am very happy to be representing this story,” said Blat. “It adds to the feeling of the show, addressing various forms of prejudice and discrimination.”

“This is a mature telenovela,” he added. “People realize these are contemporary issues that are being addressed in a historical context.”

Pereira says today’s intimate encounter has been building for some time.

“What they have for each other can be seen in the show,” he says. “A feeling that has been explored within [the confines] of what one could do in society at that time.”

“The love that is there is beautiful and brings forth much what the show is about—the fight against prejudice, intolerance and for equality among all people.”

On the episode itself, Andrรฉ and Tolentino finally give in to their desire and embrace. After stripping and making love, they lie naked on the bed holding hands.

Tolentino: “My only friend is you. You, Andrew. A sensitive man. Can you understand the mysteries of life. The turns that the world gives. The surprises that life holds.”
Andrew: “Surprises about ourselves.”
Tolentino: “Yes. You said one day that we all have a second nature. Sometimes it remains hidden.”
Andrew: “But not forever.”

“It was a very real scene,” actor Kelvin Torres told Mei Ahora. “The actors managed to convey the anxiety of the characters.”

Gay Brazilian YouTuber Victor Larguesa said “the more networks naturalize the way I experience my body, my feelings and my sexuality, to me, is a win.”

Homophobic violence against LGBT people has reached epidemic levels in Brazil, with one gay or trans person murdered nearly every day.

Brazilians take their soaps very seriously—even more than they Olympics, which the country is hosted in Agust.

Hopefully Liberdade Liberdade can help demystify and destigmatize gay sex, even if just a little.

Barcelona Football Club Steps Up for Gay Referee Harassed by Fans

From: Towleroad
Last week we reported that Spain’s first openly gay football referee, Jesรบs Tomillero, returned to work after quitting in May due to anti-gay harassment from fans.

Unfortunately, he immediately began receiving anti-gay threats, the Guardian reported:

Jesรบs Tomillero, 21, was refereeing a game between CD Lasalle and Atlรฉtico Zabal in Andalusรญa’s second division on Saturday when a Lasalle supporter told him to “get off for being gay” after he awarded a penalty to Zabal.
The game was stopped and the man was removed but he managed to get back in and shout “You fucking faggot” at Tomillero.
Following the match – his second since returning – the referee started getting death threats on social media. “You son of a bitch. You messed with the club. We’ll kill you with AIDS, you faggot,” read one.
Another message, featuring a photograph of a handgun and bullets, said: “Not long left to live, faggot.”

Tomillero said that the threats began after he posted about the match on social media.

Now, Barcelona FC is stepping up to support him, ESPN reports:

Spain’s first openly gay referee will be invited to attend a Barcelona game in the coming weeks as the Catalan club look to lead the fight against anti-gay behaviour in football.
Barca confirmed to ESPN FC that they have already been in touch with Jesus Tomillero, but they are yet to pencil in a date for him to visit Camp Nou. They anticipate it will be sooner rather than later, though.
As well as the presence of Tomillero, Barca also plan to organise other acts to take a stand against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) prejudice in sport, although the details of what exactly that will entail will be confirmed closer to the time.
A photo posted by Jesรบs Tomillero Benavente (@jesustomillero) on

Devils & Satyrs - Advocate Men - January 1985

  Advocate Men 
January 1985

Romero Davis (Nude inside and also appears as the centerfold) photographed by Bisonnes

Shaved Swimmers
Devils & Satyrs
Grease Hunger
Rex & Donelan

Olaf Odegaard 

 I was born a man with two talents, one for the theater and one for art. I pursued both of these arts from the time I was very young. I started drawing in kindergarten. I was working with oils by the time I was in fifth grade and had my first exhibition at that time.

 When I reached puberty I became entranced by what was happening to me sexually and I drew hundreds of drawings of my erect cock. While I had been drawing men since I was five, I now began to draw them with less clothes and more visible genitals.

 In the seventies, I saw the Satyr as the perfect symbol of gay men in that period. In Greek myth, satyrs bring joy and love into the lives of men.

 I praise the beauty of masculine men in my art, of their grace, of the passion of their sexuality. Of the peaks and valleys of their fleshscape. Of their raw power. Of their gentle kindness. Of love between men. Of their hardness of body, the wealth of hair on their chest and bodies, of their sense of companionship.

February 1996

(from  Beasts & Beauties: The Erotic Art of Olaf )


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