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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bedtime Snack

Trompe l’oeil, An Inappropriate T-Shirt For Most Occasions

The “trompe l’oeil” shirt designed by New York-based Kalen Hollomon is probably one of the most inappropriate shirts anyone could wear to most any occasion. If you love it like we do, he’s got a whole line of shirts and towels decorated with stylized dicks.


10 Lessons Learned From 60s-Era Gay Skin Mags

From:  OUT
(An image from Mr. Sun,
which we ironically had to censor due to penis-phobic corporate overlords.)
These magazines were published in a swirl of censorship and battles for the freedom of speech. It was around this time that Ralph Ginzburg, publisher of the gay magazine Eros, was convicted of violating federal "obscene mail laws."

References to this and similar cases pepper most of the gay skin mags of this era, and in some scenarios, such as Drum's, led to their demise. Two magazines I found, Hombre and Tiger, waded into the debate by
writing complete proclamation on the topic. Or was it a self-defense a la Mr. Sun? Either way, their words are enough to bring a tear to the most anti-gay of conservative patriots.

"[The publishers] hold that all of us, every citizen, have a common ground to defend… Those concerned with freedom have a responsibility of seeing to it that [all publications are] given the freedom of expression granted to it by the First Amendment of the Constitution…" You get the idea.

But even before this creed, both magazines include a message like the one pictured left. In it, they describe their publications as "naturalist" magazines -- we know what that means -- and defend their nude stance as a celebration of "God's handiwork." Again, one wonders what the modern right-winger would say to this: "It is our belief that the ability of man to be at one with himself, to have a high opinion of the portions of his body so long rejected and degraded, will make him strong, not weaker; more moral instead of less moral."

Penises for morality!

jackkrob - CAM4

 Hey I'm Jack, and welcome!

Sexual Preference:Bisexual
Relationship Status:Single
Age: 24
Spoken Language(S):English
Height: 5'10"
Occupation:Playing Call Of Juarez
Body Type:Athletic
Body Decorations:Tattoos
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Short
Body Hair:Average
Eye Color:Brown

Ami Sanzuri men’s swimwear

 As I am a resident in a European nation, where we try to enjoy our “so so” Summer. People from the southern hemisphere may try to warm up and look forward to celebrating summer, which happens later each year. Many people enjoy summer by going to swim or beach…yes when it comes to time of outfit selection, it seems there are hundreds of choices…et voilà…here comes another choice!!
Ami Sanzuri is a contemporary swimwear fashion company based in Los Angeles , California. The collection of Ami Sanzuri defined with mixes of high-end textiles with form fitting shapes and cuts. The designs are sexy & fun, sharp, simple & clean with contemporary accents.

Are you a contemporary type?….maybe this choice would fit you ?….

Big Balls

American Youth by Hans Fahrmeyer

 "The youth of America have always gotten a bad rap. From James Dean through to the present, for the most part, if you were under 20, you were considered trouble. Yet, it is those teenagers who eventually become adults and are the ones making decisions that affect us all. Maybe that is the terrifying thing!
 Although we had a computer when I was in school, we did not have the Internet in our home until I was 19 and had already graduated. At that time we all remember the ringing of the dial-up and how even downloading a few photos from an e-mail might mean having to let them slowing download overnight. I am not sure how I would have done in High School, let alone Jr. High with the net. There was a feeling when I was young that no matter how bad your day at school was, once it was over and you got home, you could forget it... at least until the next morning.

 I am amazed at how well the teens in my family maneuver through their on-line lives, many, do a far better job than most of the adults I know. Although some of us certainly did share erotic photos of ourselves, it was not as easy as today. Although they never asked, I am sure my parents always knew what the reason was when the families Polaroid camera was found in my room....
 I have been documenting the work of New York photographer Hans Fahrmeyer on FH for close to five years now. Sunday's With Hans began with my first post in the series back in August 2009 with model, and now photographer, Rowan Pierce (you can see that first post HERE:) When I first contacted Hans about a piece on the blog, I had mainly known his work photographing for Vista Video and his memorable images of Marcel and Phil Fusco.

 Spending time with his portfolio however, I quickly found out his skill as a photographer went much further with editorial and commercial work that pushed boundaries and made statements creatively. Hans has also documented New York youth and night life for years, creating some of the most erotic, and as well thought provoking images of both the highs and lows of living the good life! With all his amazing imagery, Hans has a signature shot, pants, usually jeans, slid down just enough, which he uses with many of the models he shoots. Those shots remains still remain some of my favorite all time favorites from Hans!
 Hans recently began a tumblr which has begun to fill with incredible images and videos. Be sure to check it out as Hans has included many other images from this series not shown here." -- Tye Briggs

Check it out HERE:

AMERICAN TEENS from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

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