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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Money Shot:

Kelly Kilpatrick by Gordon Nebeker
From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 The money shot has several different meanings depending on the genre. In adult films it is usually used to describe the final climax shot, in more mainstream film making it is used to define the 'big' scene, the most sensation and memorable sequence in a film. traditionally however, the money shot was simply used to describe the specific scene that cost the most money to produce.
 When putting together a feature for FH, I usually try to pull out two specific 'money shots' for each piece. One, usually my favorite image, I use a pic of the day. I hope this image will encourage viewers of the blog to scroll down and want to see and find out more about the model or artist featured. The second image I choose, I usually save to post as the last image of the piece. often this image is the most provocative, often showing the most nudity but more importantly, I want the image has to end the piece with a strong statement about the artist so some might want to click on a link and find out more.
When profiling the work of Boston photographer Gordon Nebeker, choosing the money shots is not as easy to pin-point. With Gordon's frequent visits to Utah, to shoot in one of the worlds truly most beautiful locations, the combination of the naked male form, the rocks and mountains, the sky, clouds and sun come together to create so many breath taking images, that the visual climax is sustained in each and every image.
The naked male form in this incredible set is 23 year old model Kelly Kilpatrick. The images are from Kelly and Gordon's work together during their first shoot in June near the Utah/Nevada boarder, and their second shoot in early October in and around the Moab, Utah area. One of Kelly's motivation's for getting into modeling is to eventually help make life a little easier for his family. Life wasn't the easiest growing up and Kelly appreciates the sacrifices his parents have made on his behalf. Eventually, he would like to get into acting as well as modeling and is also a very talented artist specializing in cartoon and comic book art work.
 'The chance to photograph " en plein air", to borrow a painters' term, is always welcome as so much of my work is confined to the studio.'
 Gordon was in Utah again in early October and says he was able to work in a couple of photo shoots while he was there. Gordon calls it a wonderful challenge to incorporate the male figure into the spectacular landscapes that Utah has to offer. The agreed upon shoot date was auspicious (October 1st) as it was the first day of the U.S. Government shutdown and all the National parks in the area were closed to visitors. Given the Moab area is rich in beautiful scenery, even beyond the national parks, Gordon wasn't concerned about finding places to shoot but what they had not prepared for was the sheer number of tourists(many of whom where foreign visitors) who suddenly had no parks they could visit and who spread out over the entire area. 
 'Everywhere we went there were people present. How then does one photograph the nude male form with so many people around?? The answer is to plan each shot carefully in advance and then when the 'coast is clear' work FAST before the next group of people come along.' 
 Kelly was only spotted once in the all-together by an older woman who was in the back seat of a car that rounded the corner unexpectedly. Kelly says the look on her face was first shock and then laughter as she realized she would have the best story to tell her friends at dinner that night. 

 Kelly first exposure to shooting nude was with Gordon in June, his second, their October shoot. In June, they had the location pretty much to themselves with no visitors to worry about. Kelly recalls it was very a bit nerve racking the first time, but that once trust was established it became much easier. For Kelly, modeling completely naked, especially in the surroundings he and Gordon shot in, was a very personal experience, even spiritual with a deepened connection between himself and nature.
'When we were driving to the first location, I told Kelly that he would have to bring his "A Game" to the shoot in order to be able to compete with the spectacular scenery he would be modeling in that day. But he said it didn't feel like he was competing with the environment but rather was "blending in" with it. He was amazed to notice how the colors of the rocks around him would bounce on his skin. As for the locations, "Each one was super beautiful in its own way" and to realize that most of it was "carved over many thousands of years by the wind and water revealing its unique history" was an "amazing experience" for him.'
'I loved working with Gordon and would do it again in a second! With all the people around we had to work fast and act, rather than spending a lot of time thinking about it. I think many times you can over-think a situation, but we didn't have the couldn't do that. We produced some awesome photographs and I think we work well together, we have developed a mutual trust'.    Kelly Kilpatrick

Gordon Nebeker on Model Mayhem

Fruit Of The Loom Gets Social!

According to advertising blog PSFK, underwear giant Fruit of the Loom is launching a new social media campaign. The campaign is hyper interactive and looks to refresh the perception of the brand by getting in your pants again. 

Fruit of the Loom is teaming up with social media site LinkedIn to give new undies to people who recently started a new job according to their profile. The promotion is dubbed "Fresh Gigs" and is part of their "Start Happy" campaign. The idea is that with a fresh new job, people can use fresh new clothes (especially underwear) to go with it. PSFK reports eligible LinkedIn members will receive a message and have the option to choose their size and favorite style. The free undies will then arrive after a couple weeks with a coupon to go and get more FTL undies. The New York Times reports that the campaign will be offered to 5,000 LinkedIn users a week for five weeks. And of course they are encouraging people to get super social with their new undies by tweeting using the hashtag #StartHappy.

I just switched up my day job recently, so I'm hoping I'll be offered a pair. Let us know if you do receive an offer from Fruit of the Loom, we'd love to learn more about it!

Sound off:
What are your thoughts on this campaign? Would you share your underwear choices on social media? Does this campaign change your perception of Fruit of the Loom?

A VERY sexy ginger trail

"This trail is hot, and not just because of the exotic color.  This is such a beautiful focused straight trail.  I love that it starts in a precise way mid-torso.   Usually trails start or end in a more diffuse way (was there any sculpting?).  And check out the natural bush. 

All the pumpkins around these days made this dude look so spicy and delicious--oh to lick that armpit.    What a body." -- Mark

If you have the hot's especially for ginger, you can see previous listings on this blog by clicking here for more pumpkin spice.

Save 30% at Big Boys!

To celebrate the month of October, Big Boys is offering a 30% discount on all £35.  All you have to do is use coupon code "OKTOBERFEST".  While it last for a limited time, I am assured that this deal will last through the end of the month.  So go check it out!  

A Perfect YOUNG treasure trail

"This is a photo is from TT reader, Chris.  his comment:  "Love this wispy young trail."

I agree completely, but also appreciate the dude's package and his delectable hairy legs.  This is one hot little young dude!

Thank you, Chris for this find!" -- Mark

Shia LaBeouf tweets semi-full frontal still from upcoming flick, Charlie Countryman

Alec Leduc & Félix Brazeau - Men of Montreal


 "Félix Brazeau and Alec Leduc are friends. They hang out together, sometimes work out together and this time they even fuck together. They know each other well and their mutual trust runs deep. So, for this scene they wanted to perform a condom free video. At Men of Montréal, we always test all our performers for HIV and other STIs on a regular basis, so no actor ever performs without having been fully screened. 

For this occasion, we rented out a hotel room and the guys were so horny that they started making out in the red lit hallway before entering the suite. Once inside, they went guns a blazing, kissing and striping each other right behind the entrance door. Alec is usually a pretty quiet and relaxed guy, but we've rarely seen him this energized; he was going full tilt, begging to get fucked. Félix was only too happy to acquiesce. So after giving Félix a nice blow job, Alec turned around and delivered his ass hole to Felix's waiting cock. Alec was tight and Félix was initially struggling to get in, but after a couple of tries he hit the target well, bent his bottom boy forward and started pumping like mad. We could hear his balls slap against Alec's hole it was so intense. And Alec was moaning like crazy, begging for more... and harder. He certainly has come a long way since his first bottom scene a couple of months back.

The guys wanted to get more comfortable and Félix wanted to eat and finger Alec's ass out too. So they moved into the bedroom. Alec got on all fours and Felix plunged in and started rimming and spitting in Alec's now dilated cock trap. Then came his thumb, followed by some two digit finger fucking.

Félix's cock wanted some more attention, so he laid down on his back and got Alec to suck him some more. After licking away for a bit and getting face fucked, Alec started spitting on his partner's cock, then spitting on his nipples, licking it off, then kissing Felix and drooling all his saliva back into his partner's mouth and spitting some more on Felix's face and then rubbing it all over... a lot of saliva was going around and Felix was all smiles. Alec was having fun too and you could tell.

Alec then moved on top of Felix in a 69 position, sucked his partner's cock some more and shoved his own tool down his friend's mouth. Felix started gagging as Alec was going in deep and hard. Not one to miss a beat, Felix started sucking back and forth in quick and deep bursts.

It was at this point that Alec expressed his need to get his bare cock into Felix's butt hole. So his buddy turned around on the bed and offered up his asshole. Alec moved him into position on the edge of the mattress and just plunged in with his bone hard dick. He started to pound vigorously, then slowed down his tempo, only to pick it up his again. Felix was in bottom boy heaven. With Alec's balls slapping loudly against his hole you could hear him moan and groan with pleasure. Alec slowed his pace down and slowly pulled out his rock hard dick which bounced against Felix's balls once it was freed from the warm place it was lodged in. That was hot!

Alec then moved Felix off the bed and into position on his knees so he could get better access to his buddy's ass. Felix felt the change in position and pointed out that Alec's cock was feeling bigger. As things were getting intense, Alec got a little bit dominant and called Felix his 'bitch'. We were a bit surprised but Felix didn't seem to mind this term of
'endearment'. Alec was getting close and pulled out to shoot, as he moved into position near his partner's expanded hole. Not much made it onto Felix's hole, so Alec compensated by plugging his dick briefly back into his friend's chute. The guys switched positions as Alec sat on the chair and Felix ramped up to shoot his load on his buddy's face. Alec looked a bit apprehensive while Felix was shooting. He mentioned afterwards that he was fearful of getting it in the eyes as it burns as hell. You've learnt this from experience, we asked? Yeah, he answered matter of factly, pointing out proudly that he's shot in his eyes before...

Once Felix unloaded his white jizz on his partner's face, he fell back on the bed where he was joined by Alec for a smile and kiss. This is what friendship is all about." -- Men of Montreal



Moving Men

A blond YOUNG treasure trail

"Thank you to Franky, at WilliamHiggins.com, for this hot fella with a really hot treasure trail. The thin wisp starting mid abdomen and then that intense dark hair around his navel. Not to mention the patch of chest hair. Nice indeed.

You can see more of this lad and other William Higgins models, by clicking here:  williamhiggins.com" -- Mark


"Thank you Kevin......what a beautiful pyramid trail.  I love the little wisp of the trail right above the navel and also around the nipples.   Heartbreakingly beautiful!" -- Mark

Brant Daugherty Spotted Shirtless in North Hollywood

 28-years-old Pretty Little Liars and current Dancing With The Stars contestant, hottie celeb Brant Daugherty spotted shirtless, shows that sexy bod and playing football in North Hollywood.

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