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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Because...

Your Nightly Briefing

A previously unpublished image of out Olympian Blake Skjellerup. The boy's got an A+ ass and stems to match. Drumstick, please! - See more HERE!

Ahhh… remember when I was a sub?

"Good times." -- Noodles and Beef

Jordan - ChaosMen

 Age: 25

"Jordan has a day job doing upholstery, and a couple nights a week, he dances at a local gay club (Atlanta). He is straight, but with all the guys coming on to him, he is getting to be a bit more flexible in his thinking.

He has had been with the same girl for a year, and  I think they might be married. She is the one who put him up to dancing, and she also seems flexible in her thinking. I love it when these guy's girls pimp them out!

I did wait a bit to have him grow out his pubes for Ginger fans. Like most straight guys and dancers, he shaves it all off. Of course he found after growing it out that it was indeed a lot more popular while he was on stage. Pretty sure he wont be trimming the carpet again.

This is a dang good solo as he is very comfortable being naked and showing-off for the camera. I tossed in a FleshJack to give him something new to play with, and his fat cock looks amazing going in and out. He had to slow down a couple times or risk nutting too soon.

I even like his cumshot, cool angles, and he nuts in such a way we get a nice clear shot of his dick spitting up DNA.

Jordan will be back next week to play in G:hOle with Aries, and it is likely he will be back to do more with a dude." -- ChaosMen

 See Jordan Nude After The Jump:

Matt Striker

 Matthew Kaye (born June 26, 1974) is an American wrestling commentator and semi-retired professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Matt Striker. He is signed to WWE, where he serves as color commentator on WWE Superstars. He is also an occasional actor in film.
After obtaining a Master's degree in educational psychology, Kaye began working as a high-school teacher. He also began a career in professional wrestling, and made his debut in 2000 after being trained by Johnny Rodz. In his first year as a wrestler he won 10 different championships, and went on to become a mainstay on the independent circuit in the New York region. He toured Japan with the Pro Wrestling Zero1 promotion in late 2004 and early 2005. In early 2005, Kaye quit his full-time teaching job at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, when the school board found out that he had been using sick days as a way to pursue his wrestling career.
Kaye signed a contract with WWE in mid-2005, calling himself Matt Striker, and quickly developed a persona of a heel (villainous) teacher. He started out on the Raw brand, where he hosted a segment known as Matt Striker's Classroom,
before moving to the ECW brand in 2006. There he joined the New Breed alliance and was involved in a scripted rivalry with the ECW Originals. After this, he began managing wrestler Big Daddy V until 2008. In August 2008, Striker began working as the color commentator on ECW and, alongside his commentary partner Todd Grisham, won the 2008 Slammy Award for Announce Team of the Year. Striker was then moved to the SmackDown brand where he commentated from October 2009 to January 2011.

Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame Announce First Inductions

From:  Homorazzi

Greg Louganis 
The newly-established National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in Chicago just revealed its first round of inductees. The first-of-its-kind nonprofit’s mission is to preserve and highlight the history of gays and lesbians in sports on all levels, from Little League all the way up to the big leagues. With that being said, obviously the first few to make the cut are some high profile names in LGBT sports history. How else are you going to make headlines?

Not surprisingly, Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis made the cut. Also not shocking are the inclusions of tennis legend Martina Navratilova and Jason Collins who made headlines with his historic coming out in Sports Illustrated earlier this year. Somewhat eyebrow-raising is Ben Cohen’s addition. The former professional rugby player has been a longtime straight ally for gay rights. Do you think non-LGBT individuals should be added to the Hall of Fame? Be sure to sound off below after reading who else is being inducted in the Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.
Martina Navratilova

Also joining the aforementioned names are Glenn Burke, Christina Kahrl, Renee Richards, Billie Jean King, LZ Granderson, Dr. Tom Waddell, Orlando Cruz, Andrew Goldstein, Jerry Pritikin, the Chicago Cubs, Outsports.com, the International Gay Rodeo Association and Anheuser-Busch.

The first induction ceremony will take place on August 2 at the Center on Halsted. That’s the day
Jason Collins
before Out at Wrigley, the nation’s largest gay day at a major league sporting event. If you think the organization erroneously omitted someone, nominations for inductions will continue until July 1 at www.gayandlesbiansports.com.

What do you think of the first round of inductions? Who else would you add? Who do you think doesn’t deserve their spot just yet?
Ben Cohen

 Glenn Burke
Christina Kahrl  
Renee Richards  
Billie Jean King
LZ Granderson
Dr. Tom Waddell  

Orlando Cruz
Andrew Goldstein
Jerry Pritikin
The Chicago Cubs
The International Gay Rodeo Association  

Favorite Sports Guy of the Week:

 "If you have not watched the Stade France DVD's your missing a lot. I now love RUGBY! You should know I am not into porn, I have no desire to see anyone going at it except myself, but a great pic of a great guy, that is a different story. Current fave is Sergio Parisse, but it changes weekly, so stay tuned!" -- Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Sergio Parisse (born 12 September 1983 in La Plata, Argentina) is an Italian rugby union player. He was the first Italian rugby union player to be nominated for the IRB International Player of the Year. He has captained French team Stade Français and is current captain of the Italy national rugby union team.


 "Jack Deveau's last film brings an authentic story with the its real characters to the screen. Life is rough and the sex is steamy, from glitter to the gutter, the Times Square's Gaiety Theater displays the real world of male burlesque.
Cock and ball dance numbers are introduced by the costumed M.C; shots of butch men and drag queens intertwine with sex scenes. Like the Adonis Theater and the infamous Mineshaft, the world of Times Square is gone forever.
Darryl (Buddy Preston) is an Iowa farm boy who lands a job as a dancer at the Gaiety Male Burlesque in Times Square.

Dance numbers are interspersed with sex scenes, and three attractive Latin young men warm things up. Darryl performs a long strip routine for an audience in his underwear, shaking his nice cock and balls once he is nude.
Jack Moore (a boyish Latino with a big, uncut dick), joins Tony West (curly haired and tough) and has sex on the sofa. Tony's big dick is cockringed, and he fucks sexy Jack, fast, up the butt. Both men jack off and cum.
Meanwhile, redheaded Jerry Overton is fucked over a stairwell, doggie style, by a short-haired leatherman. They mutually jack off an explode cum loads. More strip routines are performed: an SS officer, a female impersonator, a unicyclist, and a couple of black men, and then, two men on roller skates – with hard-ons.
Jerry and Tony couple again for an oral session – with good closeups. Darryl later couples with a macho and well-defined black man. Larger-than-life closeups are presented as he sucks the man's uncut meat.
Darryl with Tony and more stripteases are also featured. 
"This film, Jack Deveau's last, features an attractive and diverse cast, and an exciting musical score. “... his passion for preserving sexuality and sensuality on screen goes unsurpassed with this near-perfect production.” – Torso
“Times Square Strip is, then, something of a hybrid – a cross between a straightforward (gayforward?) sex film and a plotted narrative. Those who have clamored for more depth in their porno movies should definitely see it. Those for whom plot is secondary to the 'action' will see plenty to satisfy themselves.” – Gay Scene
“There is a lot of dialogue, mostly backstage gossip about dates and clothes, the same kinds of conversations you would probably hear in the Rockette's dressing room at Radio City Music Hall. The actors handle this pretty well. Several of the guys in Strip are Hispanic, which is a nice change from the usual all-WASP lineup in gay porn movies, and at least one is hung well enough
to satisfy you size queens out there.” – GayLife Erotica, August 25, 1983


 Holy scrotum! I’m still sort of reeling from the e-mail I just received about the new apocalyptic flick This Is The End. It’s not considerably surprising to hear that the film is super, super gay—James Franco is involved after all—but I didn't think they’d take it beyond a few jokes about Seth Rogen getting titty-fucked. This, honestly, sounds like it might be the most homoerotic movie of the year. Gayer than gay porn.

The basic premise of the film? James Franco throws a party and invites all of his cool celebrity friends like Rihanna, Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Jonah Hill, Aziz Ansari and, well, basically everyone. The end of the world happens, and hilarity ensues! Also, as one Manhunt Daily reader revealed to me, things get very, very, very gay. Huge spoilers ahead:

I know you do movie reviews and mention all the hot naked men, homosexual undertones, etc. Well, last night, I went and saw the comedy This Is The End. I thought I would tell you to check it out for a few reasons. The movie is basically a comedy about the Biblical apocalypse featured in the book of Revelations. In this movie, there is MAJOR homosexual undertones and hints that James Franco is in love with Seth Rogen and totally wants to fuck him. There are hints all over the movie saying that Franco is a big ol’ homo. He even has a statue of giant penis in his house.

“There are also some hints of gay undertones between Rogen & Jay Baruchel. There is some nudity. Like a scene where Jay Baruchel walks in the bathroom to find Michael Cera having his dick sucked and his asshole licked by two women. No dick shots, but a nice good look at his ass. Not bad. There is also a scene where Jonah hill is raped by a demon. A demon with a HUGE dick.

“But here is the best part. The kicker that makes going to see this movie worth it. Near the end, Danny McBride shows up with a group of followers, and he has a “pet” on a leash. It’s a guy in a jockstrap wearing a pink luchador mask. The guy under the mask is revealed to be… CHANNING TATUM! Danny says that Channing is his bitch, and he fucks him whenever he wants, and Channing positions himself, ass up and face down on the ground, doggy style!! It’s worth watching the movie, just to see that. There is also an appearance by Satan with a big ol’ fire dick. It all ends with a sing-along and dance number with the Backstreet Boys, singing “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)“. All in all, it’s worth watching and reporting on. If only just to see Channing Tatum as a slave, bitch, bottom boy.

Sorry! I have no more words to type. This description got every ounce of blood in my system flowing to my dick, and I can no longer think.


Watch the trailer (which features none of these seemingly amazing scenes) below:

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 13th

Raditty by LucidPic

Your seat is ready!

With his ass in the air: Javier Antón

 From Spanish comedy series 'Con El Culo Al Aire', which Google Spanglish roughly translates as 'With the Ass in the Air'.
Follow the jump to see Javier Antón wearing a safety helmet on his 'down there' head, and with his NSFW ASS IN THE AIR!


Ready to for work

Ben Baur in 'Hunting Season'

 Ben Baur played Alex in Logo TV's 2012 web series 'Hunting Season' where in webisode One  he snags a bulge on the underground in the form of Ben Andrews. Said bulge joins Alex in couch romp where said bulge them becomes said bigger bulge and all sorts of bulge-centric activities ensue.

You can see caps of the bulge-fest after the jump, and read Baur's piece he wrote for The Huffington Post entitled 'Being an Out Gay Actor' HERE.


Shirtless Four

Classic Television - Weekdays

The Best of Everything 
Original channel
Original run
March 30, 1970 – September 25, 1970
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Gale Sondergaard
Patty McCormack

The Best of Everything is an American daytime soap opera which aired on ABC from March 30, 1970 to September 25, 1970. The series was a spin-off of the 1959 film of the same name and the novel that spawned it.

The show focuses on the young secretaries and their lives of an intense publishing firm: Linda, April, Kim, and Barbara. They were tormented by their ruthless head of editor, Amanda Key, and counseled by the warm and loving Violet Jordan. Although the soap opera was short-lived, there were several plotlines, including Kim being brutally attacked by a man who turned out to be Squirrel. The series also revolved around Barbara, who had become depressed since her marriage failed.

HOT OR NOT? : Is this Dylan from "Noodles and Beef"?

Found the photos above, and I sure think they look like Dylan from Noodles and Beef( Right).  
What do think?  
Yes, it is him or No, it is not him?
Hot or Not?
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