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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yummy of the Day 5/6/2014

From:  Yummy of the Day
 I Love Your Smile


From: Manhunt Daily


From: Manhunt Daily


 We wrote
 “Sadly, Cody Cummings has left us before he (actually) bottomed on camera. The performer, real name Kevin Lengyel, parted ways with Next Door Studios after they refused to let him film more bisexual content (as reported by our dear friends at The Sword). Cody Cummings, as a brand, is officially dead. There will be no future updates on the site.”

 Cody Cummings isn't just a performer, he's also a talented artist BEHIND the camera! Today he's pulled out his camcorder to shoot some of his own material. This is a very exclusive look at Cody the director.

 He's brought in two very hot boys, James Diesel and Tex Ranger, to perform in his film. When it comes to making the action hot, Cody has enough experience 'under his belt' to ensure the final product will be amazing. Watch him as he shows the guys exactly how to position themselves in order to make the sucking and fucking really pop. But as Tex services James's fat, hard cock, Cody's own massive dick begins to plumpen. Soon the director is becoming part of the scene himself as Cody gets in tight for the shot AND to stick his dong into Tex's mouth. James doesn't mind sharing a mouth with the illustrious Cody. And while Cody's down there, he's using his own hand to position James's dick so Tex can really do some nice ball work. When it's time for the hard fucking, you'll see Tex go deep inside James, with Cody himself using his own body to properly thrust Tex's hips. This is a very different scene that will have you craving more from this cinematic artiste! 


From: Manhunt Daily
 Can anyone end Paul Wagner‘s reign as the “Sexiest Man of The Moment“? Reality TV star Dan Osborne was 43 votes away from taking the title this week, coming just a smidgen closer than war veteran Alex Minsky in our last round. The top three remains the same—aside from Osborne and Minsky switching spots—rounded out by former Sean Cody model Saul Harris and dark-haired pretty boy David G. Kara.
1. PAUL WAGNER (LW – 1, W6)
Handsome, great body and a furry ass to die for.

The other David, David Picard, missed the cut by a whopping 153 votes after six weeks on the countdown and one week as champion. He’s joined in an extremely attractive loser’s circle by Willie Gomez, Adam Wirthmore, Prentice and Shawn Ashmore. All in all, you guys are pretty insane for not putting in enough votes for those guys! They’re all winners, as far as we’re concerned.
2. DAN OSBORNE (LW – 3, W3)
Enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame without any clothes on.

Check out the  pics of all ten contestants and cast your vote here:

3. ALEX MINSKY (LW – 2, W3):
Afghanistan war veteran making waves as an international underwear model.

4. SAUL HARRIS (LW – 4, W7)
Would you still vote if you’d never seen his dick?

5. DAVID G. KARA (LW – 10, W2)
A man who looks good in a skimpy yellow speedo.

A sexy, muscular track star who’s been kissed by fire.

Versatile gay porn star, smart guy and avid nature enthusiast.

Stunning facial features and a sculpted, lean build. Yes please!

He’s an oddball artist who’s, coincidentally, adorable in every way.

A college lumberjack who doesn't mind showing off his wood.

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
I Miss You
After the minor hits “The Men All Pause” and “Meeting In The Ladies Room,” Klymaxx hit it huge with “I Miss You,” which peaked at #5 in January 1986. They would later have one of the greatest (and dramatic) episodes of VH-1′s Bands Reunited.


Garrett Neff Instagrams his new couch

Dish of the Day #1355 (in glorious black & white)

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Finch’s jeans | Male Boudoir Photography

Today we’re heading to Nevada to Black Rock Desert –
it’s where they hold Burning Man each year – but we’re going to create our own fun.
Probably won’t have even a hint of internet service, so I have things queued up for tomorrow.
Have fun!

Day 2: Columbia River to Bend

From:  Marlen Boro
 We drove along the Columbia River this morning – pretty gorgeous – parts were canyon-like – wisps of clouds lingering halfway up steep hills.

But before the river was the tree farm. GreenWood Tree Farm (here’s a link). 31,000 acres of precisely planted trees. It was so amazing. Totally unnatural – but absolutely beautiful. Imagining the orderly forests beyond our field of vision.


Jen turned the camera on me.

I paid her back in-kind.

After we left the Columbia River we traveled along the Oregon’s scenic byway, “Journey Through Time“. For lunch we pulled off the highway and tromped through a deserted farm. And took more photos.


We’re south of Bend – it’s been raining all evening.  I’m not a fan of rain.
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