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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Someone just e-mailed me and said I didn't post enough eye candy today...

Well I certainly like to keep you boys happy, so here goes!
From: Wicked Gay Blog



Detroit, United States
Healthcare & Design

fur, beards, beer, sidecars, briefs, kisses, cuddles, whispers

BUTT: Can you please describe your penis in full detail?

Sohrab: a nice package with a tight hood ;-)

'Preppy Rapist' Alex Kelly Wants to Take You for a Ride

From; kenneth in the (212)

With the St. Paul's rape case in the news, it seems fitting that we'd get an update on Alex Kelly,one of the best-looking rapists I have ever seen who terrorized tony Darien, Conn., back in the 1980s. Kelly spent 10 years in jail before being released in 2007 for good behavior. These days, he's starting his own skydiving business -- and while I'd like to say good for him, I read he had been fired for threatening to beat up a colleague at another parachuting firm he had been working at ... which has me wondering if he's still the same entitled brat with the hair-trigger temper he was when he raped two teens in in four days and then fled the country for a decade with the help of his parents. Full story HERE.


Photography by Ines Adriana
Film buff and nature lover Philip from Lisbon wrings his undies in the Minho River, which runs along the border of Spain and Portugal. Over the summer holiday, he and BFF Ines have been running around naked in the picture-postcard landscapes here, trading the responsibilities of their daily lives and social media obligations for a new-found sense of liberty.


From:  Manhunt Daily
Let’s be honest. Advertising asked me if I would push our MH Cams page. Threat to my blogalistic integrity? Yeah, pretty much. But they’re a crazy nice department here at Manhunt HQ and fortunately, there’s a loophole. The dudes over on MH Cams that make themselves available for your voyeuristic pleasure (translation – jerk-off material) are hot. Manhunt Daily is all about us posting the hot dudes. Loophole entered!

This is a selection of guys that were broadcasting this morning on MH Cams. If you’d like to see more, just click the here.

Meet 6-Foot-4, 253-Pound Irish Lineback Jarrett Grace

From: kenneth in the (212)
 The handsome jock just returned from a catastrophic leg injury looking fit and happy -- and sporting a sexy 'stache!

Wouldn't kick out of bed for the beard, either

Jarrett Grace on his return from Irish Illustrated on Vimeo.

Meet 6'2" 240lb. 49ers Long Snapper Kyle Nelson

From: kenneth in the (212)

 His teammates seem to enjoy the full nelson, too.


From: Manhunt Daily
 The world ain’t what it used to be; bigots and fascists are on the run. People who used to dictate to us what we had to be in order to call ourselves men are fucked if they think their evangelical attitudes and morally right upbringing makes a damn bit of difference in the chaos to come. Besides most of these naysayers are first in line at the gloryhole.

 Who are they to tell me that I can’t be daddy’s bitch one night and a man’s man the next? For thousands of years sex has been opposed, repressed, oppressed, and ostracized; however here in the new age that history of intolerance is going to be fucked out of memory.

 Politicians, professionals, celebrities and all the tight asses that profess to know what fucking normal is don’t have a damn say in how we view ourselves or how others should perceive us. In the new age we decide what’s normal and we get to decide what masculinity means in the 21st motherfucking century. Do you agree?

Hold Still:

 Siemansdrean by Finexposure
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'Some may shock, some amuse, but hopefully all will cause you to celebrate the beauty of the male body.'

The statement above, from photographer Allen Beauvisage is on the front page of his site Finexposure welcoming viewers in to enjoy his work. When I first profiled Allen's work last month, (Preferential Treatment) and his images of Amadeus, I was struck by how authentic Allen was, both with his images, and his attitude towards his passion for photography and the male form.

 I remember in my first few years working on FH, when I was often greeted by photographers and models who welcomed appreciation and respectful compliments about their imagery, but seemed sort of uncomfortable acknowledging that people actually enjoyed it. It was as if there was a belief that their nudes of the male form couldn't be considered art if they actually brought joy to the viewer.

 We all know the truth is art is subjective and to me if it it doesn't bring joy, what's the point, for either the viewer, or the artist behind the camera. Allen's passion is the male form, especially the energy and beauty he captures of the black male form. When I am choosing work to feature on FH, one of the things I look for is depictions that bring about new and unique ways of looking at, and enjoying the male form. With Allen's work, I think one of the things I love best, is his ability to freeze. 

Frequently when I am describing a photographer's work, I will use the term moment of movement. This to me, describes artists who are able to capture a model mid movement. Although the image captures but a split second, it holds the energy of the entire movement of the body. If you look at the image from New Manhattan Studio's that I used as pic of the day on August 8th, you will see dancer Luca flying in the air. Although the image captured just one split second, the energy of Luca's entire leap into the air is felt within the image.

 So many of Allen's images don't necessarily capture a moment of movement, but a suspended moment as if his models have been frozen in mid pose. This style of capturing the male nude is reminiscent of some of the classic Greek and Roman sculptures such as The Thinker, The Discus Thrower and of course Michelangelo's David. In the first feature, Amadeus was capture stoic and still and although Siemansdrean expresses a wider degree of expression, he still maintains a beautiful stillness, no matter how complicated and difficult his body positions are. 

 It is clear some of Siemansdrean's poses require great flexibility of movement, something his experience as a Personal Trainer no doubt assisted with. Allen skillfully managed to still freeze these moments clearly and cleanly with minimal distraction. The viewer's focus is on Siemansdrean's sculpted form, particularly the way Allen highlights his strength, muscles and body definition. 

Holding still for the camera is not easy, it takes great concentration and physical discipline. Both are attributes 31 year old Siemansdrean practiced during his time in the U.S. Military and during his time in Afghanistan. The American personal trainer and model settled in Germany after his service concluded and modeled for Allen while taking an exam in the UK. I love Siemansdrean's presence in front of the camera, especially how his strong and impressive physique is softened by his face and beautiful and expressive eyes.

 'I am increasingly producing pictures in black and white as I think these show even better the shape and form of the models, and show the effect of light and shade much better.'

I deliberately only chose images for this piece of Siemansdrean wearing... well absolutely nothing! I thought they fit well with the theme of the piece. If you want to see additional images of Siemansdrean, this time wearing a little bit more (well, socks anyway) check out more of Allen's images HERE:

Your Nightly Briefing

From: Boy Culture
 Just about every guy knows black underwear is where it's at. For most of us, they're the first pairs we pull from our top drawers. Why? Because black underwear is simple and classy. But if we've learned anything from our “Boxers Or Briefs?” series, it's that most men still prefer boxer briefs over briefs. But like our latest exclusive photo shoot proves, black briefs are just as equipped to hug your body is casual, classic style. They're also sexier, which never hurts. 

 Jared North models 10 black briefs in Jerrad Matthew's photo shoot. Opting for a pair of black underwear should be an easy fashion choice to make. Make that black pair a brief, and you're wearing a stylish pair of underwear that's both reserved and refined. So for you men hopelessly devoted to your boxer briefs, rest assured a black brief can be just as unassuming. So what if they leave your thighs exposed? The lesser coverage is easier to move in, and shows off more of your physique.

 Almost every black brief Jared North models has a pop of white somewhere in its design, but you get something distinctly different depending on the amount of white. Jared's Cocksox CX76N Sports Brief looks the most athletic thanks to some attractive white trim around the legs. Leave it to the rest to keep it casual, and look like modern classics with a fun sense of style.


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