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Thursday, August 8, 2013

QQ Magazine - June 1975

it’s that kind of day

From:  abeardedboy

Owain Yeoman - Save The Seals

Owain Sebastian Yeoman (born July 2, 1978) is a Welsh actor. His credits include The Nine, Kitchen Confidential and the HBO series, Generation Kill. He currently appears as Agent Wayne Rigsby in The Mentalist.
Yeoman is a vegetarian and was photographed for PETA's vegetarianism campaign. He is affectionately known as "Buzz" by his friends due to his resemblance to the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear.

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MTV’s 10 Most Underrated Series Ever

From:  The Backlot
The Blame Game

The Blame Game could’ve been just a hokey show about feuding exes who wanted to air their dirty laundry in a mock courtroom — and thank God, it was! The petty series pitted a different ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend against each other every episode, and a voting audience selected which member of the relationship was most responsible for the breakup. Smart-aleck “counselors” Jason Winer (who acts as an EP on Modern Family now) and Kara McNamara defended their clients with righteous humor while bro-tastic hottie Chris Reed presided over the “courtroom.” The Blame Game was a perfect blend of everything that rules about MTV: hip humor, bratty Gen X grownups, and even music appreciation (The final round saw both parties choosing appropriate songs that best summed up their arguments). I don’t understand why it hasn't been brought back in several new versions. I’m slamming down the gavel in protest.

What are your favorite forgotten/underrated MTV shows? My runner-up: Next, the traaaaashy dating show where coeds stepped off a bus to meet a mystery man/woman and try to win a date. Sometimes there’d be gay contestants vying for the affection of a gay suitor, and sometimes those contestants would forget about the suitor and just start making out on the bus. Loved. it.

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MTV’s 10 Most Underrated Series Ever

From:  The Backlot
The Jon Stewart Show
Speaking of Jon Stewart: The Daily Show king’s MTV beginnings yielded this charming, sophisticated talk show that was so good, it attracted David Letterman for its final episode. Musical guests during the show’s 1993-’95 run included acts like The Breeders, Belly, and Marilyn Manson, but poor performance in syndication ended the show before it could be recognized as a modern classic. Fortunately, Stewart has been formally lauded a few times since ’95.

History's Hottest TV Actors

From:  Boy Culture
Kissable cousin

Tom Wopat 
Every bit as hot as his TV cuz, Wopat was the brawny brunet to John Schneider's blond pretty boy. Loved him, even if he never really seemed to be having as much fun as anyone else on Dukes. The Dukes of Hazzard (1979—1985), A Peaceable Kingdom (1989), Cybill (1995—1998)

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Gay Sex Scenes That Made Movie History

From:  The Backlot
This film somewhat defies the criterion used for this overview, because it had only the most limited gay film festival release. But its significance is enormous: This is the first feature film about AIDS. It includes a scene in which a hospitalized, dying man and his volunteer “AIDS buddy” have a very simple sexual encounter. It was amazing in what it said about the power of touch at a time when the idea of touching someone with AIDS, especially sexually, was very controversial.

Although other films, such as Parting Glances, Longtime Companion and even the sexually sterile Philadelphia, have endured the test of time much better than Buddies, it was undeniably groundbreaking. It was written and directed by Arthur Bressan Jr., who died of AIDS two years later.

Hotness: 2 
Significance: 10

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Body Magazine - September 1975

 The Body Macho

 The Body Perfect
Drew Burton
By Bruce of Los Angeles

Ugh, more meetings…

"still need a haircut…my coworker said my shirt is too tight, what do you guys think?" -- Noodles and Beef

Men at Work...

Men at Work...

The All-Time Top 100 Songs

From:  Billboard
"Another Day in Paradise
Phil Collins
Hot 100 Peak: No. 1 for four weeks (1989)

Adding vocals to this song was one of Collins' heroes, David Crosby. The two met at Atlantic's 40th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in 1988 and Collins asked if Crosby would add his voice to a couple of Collins' songs.

Actual Famous Gay Georges

From:  OUT
George Nader
Often struggling in the shadow of more famous leading men, such as his close personal friend of Rock Hudson, Nader may be best-remembered for his role as "Roy", the hero who saves the world from the clutches of "Ro-man" in the low-budget 3-D sci-fi film Robot Monster (1953). Nader's life partner was Mark Miller, later worked as Rock Hudson's personal secretary for 13 years. Nader inherited part of Hudson's estate after the actor's death.

Men at Work...

Men at Work...

2013 Hot 100

From:  The Backlot
BORN: April 25, 1986 (age 27) London, United Kingdom
HEIGHT: 6’ 1’’ (1.85 m)

He may alternate between snarling werewolf and adorable grinning cherub as Isaac Lahey on MTV’s Teen Wolf, but he was pure angry hotness as the Greek God of War in Immortals (2011).

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The Year In Public Nudity - 2012

From: Queerty
Couple caught in flagrente on the Love Boat
In March, two gay men were arrested for having sex on the balcony of an Atlantis cruise ship docked on the Caribbean island of Dominica. Witnesses viewed their lovemaking from the piers and summoned police, who charged them with indecent exposure.

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Beating Off Together: 150 Gayest Songs EVER

From:  Boy Culture
E.G. Daily
"Love in the Shadows
"Love In the Shadows" is second single by American singer–songwriter E.G. Daily. It was released in 1986 as the second and final single from her 1985 debut album Wild Child. The song was later covered by CΓ©line Dion in French, titled "DΓ©livre-moi". A new 2013 cover by Circuit21 (Ireland) has been produced, with remixes and an official video for the release.

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