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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Male Nude Photography | Semele

Jet Blake and Jem.  Something mystical and mythical.  Like the story of Semele… 

John Wayne Racy? Guys In Sweatpants Makes Evil Clown Porn

Happy Halloween from Guys In Sweatpants
From: Fleshbot
 Trick or treat, smell my feet, put on a scary clown mask and choke me and fuck me in the ass. Guys in Sweatpants is taking Halloween back to a simpler time, before all the $100 costumes and Halloween greeting cards (honestly, who in the world buys those?) by giving us some good ol' fashioned gay evil clown porn. I know, I know I know, when most of you think of clown porn you think of this, but Guys In Sweatpants ups the ante of the usual drill by giving us two sexy guys who fuck like rabbits. After starting the vid with a terrifying clown face that flashes on the screen (thanks a bunch), we see our two creepy men in the woods - one who plays around with a machete and a yoyo and the other who licks a lollipop.

It's hard to tell whether their romp in the woods is post coital and we're getting flashbacks to their fuck fest, or if the fucking is in real time and their forest time was freaky foreplay. Either way, the only plot you'll most likely care about is the one involving that gorgeous dick that jams into the bottom clown's ass like a damn piston. Both evil clowns have thick cocks and balls with perfect bounce. After fucking in a couple different positions - all with equally rapid thrusts - the bottom clown slips out his dick to cum on the bottom's junk while riding reverse cowboy. The boys' grunts are muffled by the masks, and it's great that without seeing their expressions you just assume that they're giving / taking it with the delight of that evil grin.

Is this doing it for you? Is clown porn you're favorite way to get off? Maybe I'm fucked up, but I'm into it.

Hunk Roundup 10.28.15

From: Fleshbot
 Welcome back to the Hunk Roundup, the column that reminds us no matter how many hunks we manage to acquire each week, optimists like us should always round up. 
 Did you "Spy" Daryl Sabara's Cock in The Green Inferno?

 Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara may not be on Dancing with the Stars like his co-star Alexa PenaVega, but he gave the few dozen people who went to see Eli Roth's latest film a nice look at his cock, pubes, and even a little sac. Also, if you haven't seen him as Robin Williams' foul-mouthed asshole son in World's Greatest Dad, I highly recommend checking it out.

 Who Wears Short Shorts? Zac Efron Wears Short Shorts

 I'm not sure why he's wearing a shirt in the Neighbors sequel though. It's disconcerting to say the least. I thought this was going to be exactly like the first film. Also, this movie has been shooting forever. It's a sequel to a shitty dick and fart joke movie, why has it been filming for three months?
 Russell Tovey Shows Off His Dog, Bulge

I know that Russell was only trying to give us a look at his adorable dog, but he's clearly bulging out those sweatpants of his. Something tells me it was all part of the plan to get back on the Roundup this week. Well played, sir. Via Instagram
 Marine Turned Underwear Model Alex Minsky Hangs Out

I mean, I know that the woman is technically the one hanging out, but I fretted over this headline for too long. Via Instagram
 Steve Grand's Most Daring Act Yet: Swimming in a Speedo

It couldn't have been easy for Steve Grand to be the first openly gay male country music star, but I'm willing to bet it's a lot more acceptable to the vast majority of that genre's fan base than wearing a Speedo. It's kind of amazing to me how wearing a Speedo is complete and total fashion faux pas in America. Via Instagram
 X-Factor UK Finalist Lloyd Daniels Poses Nude on Twitter

To be honest, I'd never heard of Lloyd Daniels before right now, but seeing his furry little body leaves me wanting to know more. Via Twitter

Speaking of Furry... Daniel Radcliffe is Shirtless

It's been a few years since we've gotten a proper shirtless look at the Boy Who Lived, and it looks like he's filling out quite nicely on his chest. For his sake, I hope he gets to hang on to his hair because most hairy men end up bald in their 30s. 

That just about does it for now. We hope to see you again real soon...

Hillary Clinton Soars Past Bernie Sanders with 41 Point Lead in New Iowa Poll

From: Towleroad
In the first poll taken in Iowa since Hillary Clinton testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi and since Vice President Joe Biden announced he would not enter the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton opened up a commanding 41 point lead over Bernie Sanders.

Clinton won 65% of likely Democratic caucus goers, leaving Sanders with 24% and Martin O’Malley with 5%. Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig polled at 1%.

Among Sanders’ supporters, a majority of 68 percent said they back Clinton as their second choice, compared with just 19 percent for O’Malley.
In terms of favorability numbers, 88 percent see the former secretary of state positively, versus 8 percent who do not. Meanwhile, 77 percent have a favorable view of Sanders, while 11 percent do not.
Approximately four in 10, or 40 percent, of those surveyed said that they are “completely decided” on their candidate, about double the share of Republicans who said the same in aMonmouth poll released Monday. Another 37 percent said they have a strong preference but are willing to think about other choices, 10 percent indicated a slight preference and 13 percent said they were undecided. Among the 31 percent of Democrats who said they have met a candidate campaigning in Iowa, 21 percent said they saw Clinton in person, while 16 percent said they saw Sanders.

The poll carries a margin of error of +/- 4.9 points.

Here’s Your Chance To Own A Piece Of Rentboy.com

From: Queerty
Things aren’t looking good for Rentboy.com. In fact, they’re looking pretty bad.

In August, the company’s Manhattan headquarters were raided by the FBI and NYPD. CEO Jeffrey Hurant and six others were arrested on suspicion of promoting interstate prostitution and money laundering. 

The company’s bank accounts containing millions of dollars were frozen and its website was seized by Homeland Security.

Now, the company is selling its office supplies and furniture on Craigslist in an effort to raise money to pay for its mounting legal fees.

“We are selling the contents of the former offices of Rentboy.com,” the ad reads. “This sale has loads of goodies.”

Some of these “goodies” include glass desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and video monitors. Other items for sale include cables, software, books, magazines, artwork, lamps, a copy machine, and “a lot of special, one of a kind rentboy.com ephemera.”

“We are trying to raise funds for our legal defense,” the ad explains, “so please consider your purchases as going to a good cause.”

Check out the ad to see what’s available.

He’s naked: SCREECH from Saved By The Bell, aka Dustin Diamond

From: OMG
 I know — I know! You didn’t bring a pair of spare underwear with you! I’m sorry to unleash these on you so unexpectedly, flood your basement etc.! Check out Dustin Diamond AKA Screech!

Guys with iPhones: 90s Boy Band Hair

From: Fleshbot
Also, did he just sit there for three hours? 

Freddy's Homoerotic Revenge

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
'Personally for me the movie was a nightmare, After it was released I was living in a world where homosexuality was a career killer. As my teacher once told me, I do not need to play vulnerable, I am.'

Jesse Artwork by Lee Howard
 I had always heard and read that the follow up to A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1985's Freddy's Revenge had a gay sub-plot. Sub-plots however are supposed to be secondary to the main plot, subtle even, something the gay themes in the film certainly were not. (Just check out this scene of Mark being pants by hottie Robert Rusler) I just finally watched the film last month and could write a lot about it, instead will let the visuals from the film, and it's three male leads tell the story. I will say this was one of my favorites from the series, not the gay themes, but it was one of the better character driven stories from the franchise. 

For the real story, I am looking forward to star Mark Patton's upcoming documentary Scream Queen, an upcoming film that Mark has been raising funds on Kickstarter for over the past while. If you do quick search on the film, there are already a few interviews with Mark describing his time on the set, dissatisfaction with some who worked on the film, and his struggle for roles after the films release.

 'A documentary film focusing on the gay experience in Hollywood horror, Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street explores how that experience has changed in the three decades since Mark Patton’s controversial portrayal of Jesse Walsh, the object of Freddy Krueger’s latent desire in Nightmare on Elm Street 2. Scream, Queen! examines the infamous homoerotic subtext and the special place the film holds in the Nightmare franchise as well as the gay film canon.'

GIF Of The Day: The Hottest High Five Ever?

From: Fleshbot
Sup brah! Now let me stick my dick in your asshole.

Stu & Blake: Bareback at Sean Cody

Classic Television - Prime Time

Original channel
Original run
September 24, 1968 – May 19, 1970

James Stacy
Wayne Maunder
Andrew Duggan
Elizabeth Baur

Lancer is an American Western series that aired on CBS from September 1968, to May 1970. The series stars Andrew Duggan, James Stacy, and Wayne Maunder as a father with two half-brother sons, an arrangement similar to the more successful Bonanza on NBC.

Get Spooked With The Ultimate Cult Classic And Free HBO. For Free.

From: Queerty

It’s just a jump to the left, and then a free midnight streaming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to the right.

So if your version of Halloween mayhem is locking the door, lowering the blinds and pretending not to be home, now you can pass the time with a screening of the best damn thing to come out of 1975 (or was that Queen’s A Night At The Opera?) — Tim Curry slaying it as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Susan Sarandon discovering her bad side as Janet (dammit) and Peter Hinwood’s perfect gold booty shorts.

The event also lines up with the films 40th anniversary, and fans are encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters and to think creatively about how they can translate the film’s iconic participation cues for social media.

So bust out the rice and prepare to yell at your TV screen.

Fans who want to participate can tag #RHPS40 on Twitter Halloween night and the @HBONOW handle will retweet the best posts throughout the night.


From: Boy Culture
A reader wondered if this painting of U.K. grime rapper Stormzy
secretly contains the largest bulge ever smuggled into the pages of the Los Angeles Times.

Frisky Frolic: Imaginary Heroes

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
'I'm loyal to nothing, General.. except the Dream.'
Captain America
 Captain America

Further to the point that Frisky Frolic doesn't have a type I bring you JayBee's Imaginary Heroes. Imaginary because JayBee's versions of these two iconic characters come from his creative mind, his camera, two willing models and a few cans of paint. There may have been a time a black Captain America or a male Wonder Woman may have been unthinkable, but today... except for those actually thinking of voting for Trump, both are not only possible, but wonderfully real.

 Wonder Woman

'Just wondering... If my body was the last thing you saw, ever, would it be worth it?'
Diana of Themyscira

 I have featured many Superheroes over the years, but given my 'hunk' theme, JayBee's is my first Wonder Woman. The detail of the painting, down to her/his feet is incredible. This Diana Prince, with the exception of a couple of props, was created almost entirely by JayBee's shots, some paint, and the enthusiasm of the man underneath it. 


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