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Monday, January 27, 2014

Drops Of Piss

Clean That Boot

And The Films Played On: 16 Essential Movies About AIDS

From: Queerty
Zero Patience 

Before his short internment in Egypt, openly gay filmmaker John Greyson wrote and directed this musical about alleged “Patient Zero,” GaΓ«tan Dugas, the gay flight attendant linked to the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic in Randy Shilts’ And the Band Played On – he’s played by Jeffrey Nordling in the HBO docudrama, which premiered on the same date as Zero Patience. Greyson’s film refutes the “Patient Zero” theory as the ghost of “Zero” (Normand Fauteux) begins a romance with Victorian sexologist turned modern day museum taxidermist, Sir Richard Burton (John Robinson).

Fat Ginger Cock

Morning Wood

James Jamesson & Dale Cooper

County Bypass

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'It's the pills talking.'

My favorite films are character dramas. I, Like the rest of the world, also enjoy Meryl Streep as one of my favorite thespians to watch light up the screen. Funny then how much I disliked August: Osage County. Streep was great as pill poppin, truth telling Violet Weston, maybe too good. Like the rest of her family, I just wanted to get away from her whenever she was in the room. Watching a character you dislike can often be plenty of fun and can see how Violet would have been a powerhouse character to watch on stage. The play however did not translate to a watchable or worthwhile motion picture experience for me. 

I did not see the play on stage, but Julia Roberts character also did little for me. Roberts and Streep were both great, but their relationship seemed forced, a way to give the two biggest stars in the film a hook together. The most interesting sister was by far Ivy, with Julianne Nicholson the movie's main source of appeal. It is too bad the producers sacrificed giving proper billing in favor of more well known actors. Nicholson was great, and along with Chris Cooper were the main reasons my Friday night out wasn't a total waste. 

I must give the supporting cast their due. Without nearly as much screen time, they all made their characters memorable. This is the first time I have liked Juliette Lewis in a role since Cape Fear and Margo Martindale again reminded me of what a great actress she is, playing a great character, not a caricature, as she does on The Millers. In addition to Cooper, Ewan McGregor, Dermott Mulroney and Benedict Cuberbatch (who I did not catch was in the film) were also interesting to watch and provided a FH type reason to post about the film.
 Chris Cooper, perfecting the ugly/sexy in Adaptation

Dermott Mulroney in Intimate Affairs.

 Benedict Cumberbatch in Last Enemy.

Ewan McGregor classic scene in Velvet Goldmine.

Oral Sex is the answer.....

Last Night...

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Last night I skipped the Grammy's but did keep up on the coverage of Broadway Bares Winter Burlesque which took place at the XL Nightclub in New York.

Host Christopher Sieber (right) seemed to enjoy the event and there were some great shots of one of my favorites, Sidney Erik Wright (below, left). Check out Broadway.com for full photo coverage HERE


Self Suck

16 of the Gayest Action Figures

The Gay Empire

And let's not forget that New York-based artist Sucklord created these art pieces, titled "The Gay Empire." Although they aren't legit action figures and are technically pieces of sculpture, they are resin-cast, and look legit. And could you really have a gay action figure collection without this bit of kitsch?

Cliff Rhodes & Colby Keller in Lifeguards.

In Praise Of Older Men: The 15 Hottest Male Celebrities Over 50

Pierce Brosnan

The Remington Steele star and James Bond icon is dapperness defined—and still turns our head.


From: Manhunt Daily


We wrote
20-year-old Hunger Games actor and straight ally Josh Hutcherson has a dick. And supposedly there are pics! Hutcherson ALLEGEDLY (please refer back to that ‘ALLEGEDLY’ if you’re Josh’s lawyer) went by the name of ‘Connor’ on an online hook-up site (sadly a straight one). ‘Connor’ not only had dick pics up for grabs (I wish) but also videos of him jacking it for the benefit of all the ladies. Fuck, that’s hot. Peeta jacking it.

 I previously swore to my boss that I would never use the term “peen” again, but sometimes it’s too perfect. 20-year-old Hunger Games actor and straight ally Josh Hutcherson has a dick. And supposedly there’s pics! Hutcherson ALLEGEDLY (please refer back to that “ALLEGEDLY” if you’re Josh’s lawyer) went by the name of “Connor” on an online hook-up site (sadly a straight one). “Connor” not only had dick pics up for grabs (I wish) but also videos of him jacking it for the benefit of all the ladies. Fuck, that’s hot. Peeta jacking it. It would be hotter if Peeta and Gale ixnayed the Atnisskay and got after it with each other, but beggars and choosers you know.

 Life of the Rich and Famous posted the pic, and supposedly compares Josh’s tattoo from previous pics with the pelvic-region tattoo in the picture. I’m not seeing it but judge for yourself.

 This is a personal disappointment for Josh. Not a dick pic coming out, but the fact that sexy lil’ Josh (he’s very short and his square face turns me on) has to go online to get snatch. Doesn't he know that once you've done a couple of blockbusters you normally have your pics of shady ladies? Why does he have to go online? Maybe he likes showing it off. If that is you, Josh, please keep it up.




Save some piss for later!

Vintage piss porn…

Drake Jaden & Sean Xavier

Under the Stall


From: Manhunt Daily

 Ever since Sean Cody started offering video previews, I’ve learned to understand the appeal of several models I was too lazy to check out beforehand. Keep in mind, it took me ages to hop on the Jarek bandwagon, so you can hold back your gasps of surprise that I’m finally coming around to Jess and his long-ass cock.

Wow this day has been fun!” Brent said. “Romantic even!

He and Jess had spent the day fooling around in the car, taking a bubble bath, and fucking non-stop!

“I could get used to this!” Jess said with his trademark mischievous smile!

"As I’ve said over and over again, true chemistry can be incredibly difficult to find in gay porn scenes. You can’t (usually) blame the guys! In most cases, they’re being thrown into a room to fuck around with a complete stranger, and anyone who’s ever been in that situation knows damn well that so many things could go wrong under those circumstances. The pheromones could be off, one guy might have less experience, or there might not be any physical attraction whatsoever.

 It’s rare that studios can test sexual compatibility beforehand, and if the connection is lackluster on either end, the performers just have to (or should) do their best to “sell it” and pretend they’re experiencing the best dick massage ever. That’s the nature of the game. They owe viewers that much.

With that said? There are very special occurrences, every now and then, when two men meet onscreen and can’t get enough of one another. Such is the case with Jess and Brent on Sean Cody. These two can’t even wait to get back to the studio’s trademark fuck-couch, as they get down to business in the back seat of the car. They shoot a collective count of four loads by the end of the scene, and you almost get the impression that they would have liked to bust out a few more.

This is pretty much the definition of “true chemistry”, folks."


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