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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hot Bod of the Day: March 25, 2009

Carlos Freire
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 The 'oh so hot' Carlos Freire was always a great looking guy and began modeling since he was a teen in his native Brazil. Since 2006, Carlo's has been seen by the rest of the world when he was discovered by 40 Graus Models. Carlo's has graced the covers of countless magazines and recently was signed by Major Models Management. Major knows a star and they have one in Carlos.

Last three pics below are by Rick Day.

Christopher Coe Photographed by the Western Photography Guild

From: Male Model Vintage Beefcake

BosGuy Brain Teaser

From: BosGuy
 A man wants to get into a private club that requires a password to enter.  Listening by the door, he hears the doorman say to someone who approaches, “Twelve” and the person reply, “Six”. A few moments later another person approaches and the doorman says, “Six” and this individual replies, “Three”. Thinking he had cracked the code, when the doorman says, “Ten” he confidently replies, “Five”.
Why was he turned away? What would be the correct response?


From: Badwolf Blog
 B is for…

 Balls – I can’t explain how into a nice, full set of balls I am. If you can fill out a pouch in that jock with a big pair of nuts, we’re gonna be good friends, you and I. There’s just something so close and intimate about being allowed to grab a guy’s sack – so vulnerable and tender. Very cool.
 B is also for...

Brospeak – What I do – virtually all of it – comes just from a place of love. Sex can be a deep and emotional connection that two people share exclusively with each other. That’s incredible.

But it can also just be a physical way of showing a bro that you like him. It doesn’t have to be an entry point to or a punctuator of a love affair. It can live in its own world of “hey dude, I think you’re cool! It feels good to get your dick sucked, doesn’t it? Here, allow me!”  without needing to be more than that. You can love your brother without needing to be IN LOVE with him.

B is most importantly for...

Buddybate – the shared, and connected masturbation of two men who both love their penises and want to share that love with others. Buddybate takes a lot of forms, but the best you’ll encounter is the hyper-connected and pleasure-focused type we talk about here.  It’s a boon to any friendship to be able to masturbate together, but a sign of something very significant if you can achieve this type of bonding.

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
Broadway Stories: A Backstage Journey Through Musical Theatre 
Marty Bell

Covering the time period of September 1991 to July 1992, the book's 16 chapters chronicle Broadway hits and misses as recounted by an actor or member of the creative team, including actor Stephen Bogardus (Falsettos), actress Kay McClelland (Nick & Nora) and actress Faith Prince (Guys and Dolls).

Adolph Pitz

From: Male Models Vintage Beefcake

Cosmo Centrefold Hall of Fame

From: Cosmo UK
Jay Lyon
Guitarist and Singer in the Band Tamarama, also Stared in MTV's The City

Jay Lyon (born Brent Tuhtan on 14 June 1984) is an Australian model and musician in the band Tamarama, and is also a reality TV star who appeared in The Hills and The City, television series.

Jay Lyon started off his career as a model and is a member of the band Tamarama, which take their name from the well-known beach side Sydney Eastern Suburbs area of Tamarama, New South Wales, in Australia. They get their influences from beach side folk-pop artists such as Jack Johnson and G. Love & Special Sauce, along with fellow member Nicolas Pottsy Potts the band released their first Album/EP, Wonderland City on the 7 May 2008, named after the Wonderland City amusement park in Sydney, and on 1 June 2010 they released their first full album titled Tamarama on label Universal/Motown.

In 2008 Lyon appeared in the American MTV teen series, The Hills, and shortly afterwards followed that up by appearing in the MTV spin-off series, The City, playing the part of Whitney Port's boyfriend, with whom he was having a relationship with in real life.

In 2014 Lyon co-founded the Original Meatball Company with Dominic Lopresti, a restaurant specializing in meatballs inspired by Lyon's experiences in New York.

馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 beach daddy

讗诇讻住谞讚专 "讗诇讻住" 砖讟讬诇讜讘

From: Speed o Rex

Alexander (Alex) Shatilov
讗诇讻住谞讚专 "讗诇讻住" 砖讟讬诇讜讘
 Israeli Gymnast

40 Musical Reasons Why Dolly Parton Is A Groundbreaking Genius, In Chronological Order

From: OMG
Baby I’m Burning 

A disco hit and probably Dolly’s gayest song (see also Potential New Boyfriend ).

Trump’s lies are failing him, and it is making him deeply frustrated

From: Washington Post
The events of this week are revealing with a new level of clarity that President Trump and the White House have ventured far beyond unconventional levels of dishonesty. Instead, they are revealing on their part something more remarkable and challenging to our system: a kind of deep rot of bad faith — a profound contempt for democratic process and the possibility of agreement on shared reality — that is wildly beyond anything in recent memory and strains the limits of our political vocabulary.

The precipitating moment is the clash between the White House and the FBI over the ongoing investigation of possible Russia-Trump campaign collusion, and in this context, the New York Times has some remarkable new reporting on Trump’s mental state and the reaction to it of the people around him.

[…] Trump continues to vaguely believe that what he tweeted will somehow be validated later, at least in some form. But at the same time, Trump himself is growing aware that his nonstop lies — or delusions, or self-deception, or whatever you want to call all of it — are failing him. And he’s frustrated by it. This is coming to us according to people close to Trump.


From: Manhunt Daily
This particular item from the Manhunt Sex Shop cracked me up, but then I really thought about it. If you’re a kinky bastard, you want to make your slave feel like the dog that he is. What better way than little dog tags to hang off his cock ring? No, this really is a thing.

Is he an obedient little fuck puppy or a nasty little bitch boy? Is he a well-trained sex slave or a slut that needs to learn his place? Make sure your pet knows exactly what he is and who owns him. This set comes with four dog tags for you to choose from: BITCH, SLUT, SLAVE, and PUPPY. Just pull his junk through the metal ring and label your property for what it is. Ideal for puppy play, each tag is shaped like a bone and dangles tantalizingly from his cock and balls. Collar his cock and make him crawl like the dog that he is!

What if you’re all four? Can you wear em’ all at once? Or is that too much with the ball weights and the Prince Albert? Don’t try to get on a plane. By the way, it’s FREE if you spend $28 at the Manhunt Sex Shop. Just click on this link and use the code “MHRECRUIT2017” when you check out. Oh, and if you do get one – take some pics and send em’ to 0426dpd@gmail.com. I want to see if you’re a bitch, slave, puppy or slut!

Top Ten Most Fuckable Late Night Talk Show Hosts

From: Fleshbot
Late night hosts can achieve a cult-like following here in the United States, and now more than ever, audiences are looking to their favorites for perspective and guidance during the Trump presidency. Also, some of them are so fucking fuckable! The men on this top ten list represent everyone from professional political smack-talker Stephen Colbert to professional Brandi Glanville shit-stirrer Andy Cohen. Check 'em out below!

Jimmy Fallon 
The Tonight Show

First off, I truly think that Jimmy Fallon is a self-absorbed, stage 4 unfunny ass-licker (but not in the good way), but I'm looking at the late night lineup and realizing we have a solid 9, but not 10. Physically Fallon is fuckable, however, and the fact that he's a raging alcoholic makes me feel like he's down to clown.

Paul Ryan’s Freudian Slip Says It All

From: Queerty
This week the GOP was dealt a massive blow in the bungling of its seven-years-in-the-making health care bill.

At the heart of the matter was the fact that Americans flat-out did not want the American Health Care Act to pass. In fact, it polled at just 17% approval.

Why? Because it would effectively destroy the concept of health care for millions upon millions of Americans, and gravely increase the cost for even more.

Which sure makes this 2013 gaffe from House Speaker Paul Ryan seem awfully interesting:

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