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Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 Dangerously Suave Tattooed Underwear Models

From:  The Underwear Expert
 We all know there is nothing sexier these days than a stallion covered in ink. Since the dawning of the dinosaurs, mothers and fathers have been trying to keep their children away from the bad boys with tattoos. Okay, not the dawning of the dinosaurs, but, you get the picture. The stigma has been around for quite a while. That said, there may be some truth to this.

We’re sure the men we are listing today are all great guys, but, if you follow them on Instagram or see some of their photos, these tattooed underwear models aren't afraid to take risks, light up a cigarette, and, frankly, not give two cents about what anyone thinks.

Bradley Soileau 
Oh Bradley Soileau. Known for his appearances in Lana Del Rey's videos, his tats keep him edgy (perhaps he'd be too pretty without them). With his gages and completely covered body, he is one sexy rock n' roller. 

Dean Ashton

aka miserablespice

A.J. Hammer

 33-year-old A.J. Hammer (aka Andrew Goldberg)
Gym Magazine
October 1999  
A. J. Hammer (born Andrew Goldberg on October 31, 1966) is a television and radio personality who hosts CNN the HLN evening entertainment show, Showbiz Tonight.
From 2001 to 2005, Hammer hosted Court TV's Hollywood Heat, a program focusing on crime and justice in the entertainment business. He also hosted several programs on Sirius Satellite Radio.
Hammer also was a correspondent for several programs including: the daily morning program Good Day New York, the entertainment news program Extra and E! channel's News Live.
During most of the 1990s, he was a host of VH1's Top 10 Countdown.
Hammer is a 1984 graduate of White Plains High School, White Plains, New York. He graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Hartford in 1988. He was involved with the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. AEPi is the only official Jewish fraternity in America.
Hammer began his broadcasting career at the age of 15, at WNBC radio in New York City. While in college he worked at WTIC-FM (Hartford, Connecticut). He later worked for WPLJ radio and Z-100 (WHTZ) radio, both in New York City.
Hammer appears as a model in the book Heartthrob: A Hundred Years of Beautiful Men (in which he is described as possessing "almost-too-good-looking-for-words attractiveness") and the October 1999 issue of Gym magazine. He also appears in The Mane Thing, a book by stylist Kevin Mancuso.
Hammer also was the spokesperson for Milton Bradley's promotional tour of the Planet Hollywood board game.
Hammer was also a model in the Debbie Gibson's "What You Want" music video (2001) which involved a bathtub scene. The two were wearing clothes and the tub was filled with cold water 1/4 of the way up (no hot water available) and bubbles to the top.

Peter Berlin - Foxylady - August 1975

August 1975

Contents / Models:
Peter Berlin (Jeremy Sungaard)
Cal (cover/center – Dino)
“Stood Up” [Barry Hostetler] (Dino)
 Peter Berlin
 Armin Hagen Freiherr von Hoyningen-Huene (born in 1942) is a photographer, artist, filmmaker, clothing designer/sewer, model and gay sex symbol best known by his stage name Peter Berlin. In the early to mid-1970s, Berlin created some of the most recognizable gay male erotic imagery of his time. Serving as his own photographer, model, and fashion designer, Berlin redefined self-portraiture and became an international sensation.
His two films, Nights in Black Leather (1973) and That Boy (1974) (credited in the latter as Peter Burian), played to packed houses for years and, along with other pioneering erotic filmmakers such as Wakefield Poole and Jack Deveau, helped bring gay male erotic films artistic legitimacy.


The Noll Dynasty

 Kip Noll
 Bob Noll
 Jeff Noll
 Marc Noll
 Scott Noll
Chip Noll

Cal - Foxylady - August 1975

August 1975

Contents / Models:
Peter Berlin (Jeremy Sungaard)
Cal (cover/center – Dino)
“Stood Up” [Barry Hostetler] (Dino)
Cover Model/Centerfold

History's Hottest TV Actors

From:  Boy Culture
 Oh, Ricky, he's so fine
Ricky Nelson 
Lots of guys are hot, lots of guys are sexy, but very few are so blindingly beautiful you just want to put a drop cloth over them until you can figure out a way to charge admission to gaze upon them. Ricky was all that and more on The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, and damned if he couldn't sing, too. He was the first teen idol and remains one of the best. A side-by-side comparison with Justin Bieber would not be advantageous for the latter. Sumbitch looked great up until he died, too, at age 45 in a tragic New Year's Eve plane crash. Here Come the Nelsons (1952), The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952—1966)

Barry Hostetler - Foxylady - August 1975

August 1975

Contents / Models:
Peter Berlin (Jeremy Sungaard)
Cal (cover/center – Dino)
Stood Up” [Barry Hostetler] (Dino)
 “Stood Up” 
Barry Hostetler






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