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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Only Half of LGBT People in the US are Covered by Anti-Discrimination Workplace Protections

From: Wicked Gay
A new report says that approximately only half of US employees work in states or counties that are covered by anti-discrimination employment protections for LGBT workers.

The report, produced by theMovement Advancement Project (MAP) says that 51% of the US population is protected by LGBT-inclusive workplace laws, rising to 56% protected by LGB-inclusive laws.

LGBT people living in urban counties are 50 times more likely to be protected than those living in rural counties, and comprehensive employment protections are concentrated in just 30% of the country geographically. Full story here!

Nutscaping: Men Are Taking Photos Of Their Balls In Front Of Beautiful Landscapes

From: Gaily Grind
 If you love photos of breathtaking landscapes with a slight hint of men’s balls, then you will love the latest photo-taking trend called nutscaping.

[“Cowballs” – Nutscapes.com]
 In order to properly Nutscape your photos, you must first drop your trousers, gently place your testicles just above the camera so your balls hang down like a majestic peach in the sky.

[Never Summer Wilderness, Colorado – Nutscapes.com]
 The tumblr page Nutscapes.com has devoted countless hours to capturing the phenomenon, and has kindly shared a handy guide on how it’s done:

[Big Blue Beach. Amorgos, Greece – Nutscapes.com]
 1. Find yourself somewhere awesome
2. Turn your back to the awesome scene
3. Drop your pants
4. Bend over and shoot Nutscape through your legs

[Apache Peak, CO – Nutscapes.com]
The creators of nutscapes advise future nutscapers to wear loose clothing for easy access to your balls and the use of a helpful friend when needed.

[Bryce Canyon, Utah – Nutscapes.com]
The trend first appeared back in 2007, but is seeing a resurgence in popularity, according to Metro.

Andrew Morrill + Hunks of London : 2016 Calendar

From: Homotrophy
 Here are sample images from Andrew Morrill 2016 Calendar and Hunks of London 2016 Calendar  featuring Darius Ferdynand, Theo Ford, and more!

And there will face?

Naked life!

Muse #1 By Urix Zephora

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 – Who’s Your Fave Guy

From: Jack Off Junkie
I’ve been a big fan of America’s Next Top Model for a while now (it’s one of my secret guilty pleasures). Especially during the past three cycles when they decided to introduce some male mojo into the mix. This year’s collection of guys sharing the spotlight with the girls has been the hottest yet in my opinion!

There were some really hot and seemingly talented guys who didn’t make it past the first two or three shows who got the axe to early in my opinion. More than likely because producers saw an opportunity for potential drama-creation from guys like Devin and Bello. I decided to do a post of my favorite four male model contestants before the show nears its end.

 Nyle DeMarco

Top of the list for me is Nyle DiMarco hands down. The guy has a brooding, subtle sexiness that I can’t resist. Despite being the show’s first deaf contestant, he’s proven that he can hold his own in front of the camera.


 Mikey Heverly

A close runner up for top man on my list would be Mikey Heverly. Not only does the guy have that beautiful long blond hair going for him, but he also has this sexy laid back stoner boy energy that I find irresistible. He reminds me of a couple dudes I had major boners for in high school and college!

 Justin Kim

Next up would definitely have to be Justin Kim, the tatted up and very sexy Korean model. He may be a little ‘one note’ in front of the camera, but I really dig his looks and energy.


 Dustin McNeer

Finally the last of my fave list would be the 18 year old Dustin McNeer. I know he’s got the All American frat boy good looks goin’ on, but there’s something kinda generic about him. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick the dude out of bed for hoggin’ the covers or anything, but I like my guys with more unique looks.


Who's Your Fave Stud from ANTM, Cycle 22?

Mark Ruffalo, Ioan Gruffudd, Sports Stars Tweet Nipple Pics For Breast Cancer Awareness

#InTheNipOfTime reminds us all that men are susceptible to breast cancer, too.
From: NewNowNext
 Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, Harry Potter’s James Phelps and other male stars are concerned about breast cancer—not just for the women in their lives, but because it affects men as well. (Some 2,350 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year—and 440 will die from it.)

To get the word out, they’re joining the cleverly named hashtag campaign, #InTheNipOfTime, created by OneForTheBoys as a way to educate men about breast cancer—including how to spot the signs and seek help.

Jackson narrates the campaign’s animated PSA, which honestly makes you sit up and listen. (Do you want to be the one to ignore Samuel L. Jackson?)

Take a peek at #InTheNipOfTime supporters flashing some nip below.

For more information, visit the official website for OneForTheBoys, or tweet them support using the #InTheNipOfTime hashtag.

Aleksandr Dorokhov is ultra HOOOOT

Love these hot images of Aleksandr Dorokhov, shot by Kemuel Valde
From: Homotrophy

Jocks in straps

From: Speed o Rex
Adam Ayash

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