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Monday, April 22, 2013

Your Nightly Briefing

Darius Goodworth  in FU-SCO Bikini Cut FU e=fu8.

Man in the mirror....

Boys Will Be Boys...

Classic Television - Prime Time

The New People

Original channel
Original run
September 22, 1969 – January 12, 1970

Tiffany Bolling
Zooey Hall
Jill Jaress
David Moses
Dennis Olivieri
Peter Ratray

The New People is a short-lived 1969 American television series on ABC that focused on a group of young college students who were returning from a trip in Southeast Asia when their plane crashed on an island in the south Pacific Ocean. The crash killed several of the college students, and all but one of the adults, who was badly injured and later died. The surviving students were the only human life remaining on the island. The island was unusual in that it had been built up as a site for a potential above-ground nuclear test which never took place, leaving all of the buildings and (improbably) supplies untouched and ready for use by the survivors.
The New People reflected the youth-oriented, counterculture of the 1960's. All people over 30 were now dead, and it was up to the young people to start a new society on the island. The pilot episode was written by Rod Serling.
This program is an extremely rare example of a regularly scheduled network television series with 45-minute long episodes; it aired immediately after The Music Scene, another 45-minute program.

Bill rocks the Pink | Hot Ass Monday | Dudoir Photography

Third Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors

From:  OUT


Clancy O'Connor is an American actor who played Edward Rutledge in John Adams, a 2008 television miniseries.
He graduated from Smoky Valley High School of Lindsborg, Kansas in 2000, then spent two years at the University of Kansas studying drama. He attended the Juilliard School's drama division as a member of Group 35 (2002–2006), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2006.
O'Connor has made television appearances in John Adams (2008), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2011), I Just Want My Pants Back (2012), and Smash (2012).

Want to make a move? Check out his Facebook page here.

Wyatt -- Like-em Straight

Discharged: Wyatt Returns
 "Round 2 shows Brendon at a BIG advantage. Wyatt is the handsome former Navy hunk who did his first blow job with a guy at the studio a few weeks ago, but he`s back!! He knows he`s not going to get off (pardon the pun) that easy this time. Watch as he stutters and stammers his way into the scene, nervous as all hell cause Brendon clearly has the upper hand. But when the clothes come off, Wyatt begins to relax. Brendon`s warm mouth is familiar territory and when Wyatt`s dick gets serviced, he`s happy. But Brendon wants more. He wants to get Navy fucked. Wyatt gets the condom on, but decides to go AWOL when push comes to shove. He can`t fuck a guy.......not yet!" --Like-em Straight

The 50 Hottest NFL Players of All Time

From:  kenneth in the (212)
Doug Flutie
For a little guy, he had a long career -- and even got a cereal named after himself. And the handsome do-gooder is still lookin' good at 50

You like it, Bitch:

 Eric Manchester offers his large penis to 90's size queen Ricky Rhodes

The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film

From:  OUT

Contracorriente (Undertow) 
Dir. Javier Fuentes-Leรณn
A complex tale of acceptance and rejection, this Peruvian film contains a plethora of sex scenes between fisherman Miguel and artist Santiago, who pursue a forbidden relationship that blurs the line between life and death. Of all those moments, it’s their encounter in an ocean side cave that marks the film’s sexiest scene.

Young, Hung, and Full of....

Striking Posers: History's Hottest 100 Male Models

From:  Boy Culture
He's the top, or thereabouts

Danny Schwarz 
(April 17, 1989—)

A model so hot one of his spreads was banned for being obscene...did I mention it was a threesome photographed by Steven Meisel? Schwarz, a favorite of Mario Testino and other A-listers, is one of the most successful male models of all time, and the explanation is there for all to see.


 A scruffy, hairy-chested man positions himself on a desk as if he’s about to get fucked doggystyle. A female hotel employee spreads his ass wide to snap a picture of his low hangers and fuzzy crack with her phone, shortly before she proceeds to finger-bang him (which is a detail you probably don’t need to know). That’s the premise for today’s edition of Caption This!

If you’re up for the challenge, leave a comment with your wittiest (or sexiest) caption for the image above. We’ll sift through the entries for the best of the bunch and post the winner in next week’s post. Think you have what it takes? Prove it, you cocky motherfucker!

To see the Winning Caption This from April 11, 2013 after the jump:

Darren Criss Performed a Twerked Rendition of “Call Me Maybe” at GLAAD Media Awards About DOMA and Prop 8

At this weekend’s GLAAD Media Awards, Glee‘s Darren Criss performed a special rendition of “Call Me Maybe” about the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8

For more information about GLAAD’s work, please visit http://www.glaad.org, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.

History's 150 Best TV Theme Songs:

From:  Boy Culture

"Theme from Petticoat Junction" by ?
 Petticoat Junction 

Adorable, sing-song theme packed with info about the show's set-up and characters. Would fit nicely on a Disneyland ride, maybe playing as we ride a fake vintage train and spot wooden dummies of animals along the journey.

Hair Balls of the Day:

Cats Posing Like Male Models, Meow!

 See Much More After The Jump:

History's Hottest TV Actors:

From:  Boy Culture
 Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned
John Wesley Shipp 
On Dawson's Creek, he became not only one of TV's hottest dads, but if our gaydar wasn't on the fritz, one of those few TV dad you couldn't help suspecting might reciprocate our post-adolescent crushing. Sure was distracting wondering if he ever actually made it up "Dawson"'s creek. But regardless, Shipp's hotness was already well known to avid TV viewers from his days as a stunning soaper and appearances such as a heart-stopping nude sequence on NYPD Blue. Great body, great face—great genes in general.
 Guiding Light (1980—1984), As the World Turns (1985—1986), Santa Barbara (1987), One Life to Live (1989—), The Flash (1990—1991), Sisters (1994—1995), Dawson's Creek (1998—2001), Palmetto Pointe (2005), Teen Wolf (2012—)

31 Hunks From '90s Bands Then And Now

From: Buzz Feed
 Evan Dando, The Lemonheads

The ultimate crush. So dreamy he was voted one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People."

Evan today

Evan, you will be hot always and forever.

Your Hunk of the Day: Adam Parker

Adam Parker by Joe McCormick via Homotography

27 Indispensable Musical Performances In Non-Musical TV Shows

From:  Boy Culture

"Way Out" from The Flintstones 

As performed by "Fred" (Alan Reed)and "The Way-Outs," this song is as evergreen as "The Twist" for me. I was obsessed with the absurdity of those gaps that appeared when the singers leapt in the air. It was kinda scary and kinda funny.
"That's where the fun is/Way out/Way out."

Monday April 22, 2013: Hunk of the Day

“The Karate Master” fucks his student on the dojo

Chad Douglas in Below The Belt, 1985

“I’m Not Gay” Music Video – Funny or Offensive?

Being gay as the butt of the joke is always offensive to me, whether I laughed at several part of this video or not.

J Pee created by Jesse Pepe
Written and Performed by: Jesse Pepe

Dish of the Day #1137: We Like to Make Passes at Cute Guys in Glasses

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. If you haven't yet voted in last week's Deep Dish Pool Party, choose your three favorite hunks HERE.
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