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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Careful The Spell You Cast

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 'Tamper with what is true
And children will turn...'
 I understand the world of the movie musical is riddled with disappointed Broadway actors. It is understandable, it is usually the actor, and their stage version of an iconic Broadway character that usually helps to inspire a movie to begin with. You act and belt your way through hundreds of performances, only to find a less talented, but better known, movie actor gets to take on the role. Such is the case with 2014 release of Into The Woods
 The original Broadway cast (Bernadette Peters, Ben Wright, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien et al) were each standouts in their respective roles. The release of new images from Rob Marshall's film had me a bit angry that another Broadway superstar is being left at the curb. The Witch became one of Bernadette Peters signature roles, a tour de force performance and perfect blending of actor with role. I love Meryl Streep and am sure between Rob Marshall's directing, Sondheim's music and Streep's own incredible talent she will pull it off. I am also sure there will be a fair amount of movie magic to ensure Streep can pull off the witches difficult song repertoire.
Chris Pine.
 Streep has a nice voice, hits all the notes, but having seen her sing in movies and live, she also lacks the power and strength to really do justice to the songs Peter has made her own. Streep is an actress, and therefore will act her way to success as the witch, but most of the witches most powerful moments come through song and I am not convinced for a second Streep can pull them off without quite a bit of help. I know this is not new, happens almost every time a non-singer is cast in a movie musical, but in this case it seems even more unjust. Peters is only 1 year older than Streep and could have pulled off the role without any difficulty. I hate the fact the Witch will soon become a Streep role instead of belonging to the woman who gave such a heartbreaking performance singing Stay With Me. Thankfully, the original cast production was documented for all time on a great DVD production so unlike other past Broadway triumphs, this one will remain with us long after the movie version has come and gone.

Pine with fellow prince Billy Magnussen 

Why Won't She Text Me Back

California Scene - May 1970

Yummy of the Day 10/6/2013

From:  Yummy of the Day
Yee Haw

Body Magazine - January 1977

The Body of the Month
Oscar Navarre
Western Photography Guild

Question of the Day

From:  Hot As Fuck
Do you prefer a hairy ass or a smooth ass?

Beyond “Brokeback” Obscure, Lost, and Underappreciated Gay Movies

From:  The Backlot
If you liked The Rocky Horror Picture Show, then you should check out…
The Phantom of the Paradise 

Two years before his megahit Carrie (and a year before the movie version of cult stage phenomenon Rocky Horror hit theaters), Brian De Palma delivered Phantom, a glam rock opera unlike no other. While its Faustian love story is decidedly more hetero than Rocky Horror‘s, the film does feature an iconic performance by frequent De Palma collaborator Garrit Graham as Beef, a testosterone-fueled rock god who’s actually a flaming sissy off-stage. Watch for De Palma’s campy sendup of the classic Psycho shower scene, years before he would reinvent the moment in his sleaze classic Dressed to Kill.

Best Models

From:  Men in the Alps

Mr. August 2008
born in 1979
Sign: Virgo


 "It’s Chris! I managed to lure him over for a shoot with the promise of pizza and beer and managed to coerce him into a quick photoshoot in between mouthfuls. So happy we did, it’s been an age since he’s been in front of my camera. I wanted to get a look at the fun and silly side of Chris this time so the props drawer was well and truly raided!" -- Lee Roberts

Study Time

Ask QC: Scared of Losing Him

From:  Queer Click

Dear QC,

I have a dilemma that you guys might be able to help me out with. I'm 22 years old, out at college and at home and in a relationship with a guy who's a few years older at 37. Age isn't an issue with either of us, and although we don't actually live together, we see each other regularly enough. I'm busy with college and working part time, he's busy with his work too, but we do see each other several times a week at his place, and the sex is great!

I'm definitely falling in love with him and I really want to take things further, and at least introduce him to my family and circle of friends. But here is my problem, he is still in the closet, and because of this he wont (or doesn't want to) meet my family or friends. At first it wasn't a problem, but now it's starting to become an issue between us. I've suggested he meets up with my family for dinner and I just introduce him as a friend, but he says everyone will know straight away that he is my lover. Do you think this is the case? He wants to keep things just as they are so I'm caught between pushing him into something he doesn't want to do (which I think will be good for him and the both of us) and risk losing him. Have you guys been in a situation like this, and if so, how did you deal with it, got any ideas or suggestions on how to move forward on this? I'm scared of losing him if I push him too far.


What advice would you give Caleb, dear QC readers? Please feel free to share your own experiences and advice to help him in the comments section.

Hot or Not?

You decide...

Ace Young Nude (FAKE)

Ace Young (born November 15, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and actor. He gained national recognition while appearing on the fifth season of American Idol. Young is married to American Idol season-three runner-up Diana DeGarmo.

Daily Package

Adam Huber By Greg Vaughan
From: The Underwear Expert

In today’s Daily Package by Greg Vaughan, Adam Huber lays around on a leather couch in white briefs. Are white briefs your pick for lazy days in your house? 

The All-Time Top 100 Songs

From:  Billboard

"I Swear
Hot 100 Peak
No. 1 for 11 weeks 

When Atlantic's John Michael Montgomery(see video after the jump) took this song to No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, the label's chairman and CEO Doug Morris told the Nashville office he wanted to cut a pop version with a California quartet, All-4-One.

Making Of Beauty and Beast 3

From:  Bear- Rupture
Bear Rupture  is an artistic concept imagined by Luke Darko.
'I created Bear Rupture, because I wanted to go beyond the image of the standard and stereotypical bear...
I present bears in unexpected settings, far removed from the traditional "bear scene".'

Making Of Beauty and Beast 3 from bear rupture on Vimeo.

The 11 Gayest Wins in MTV Video Music Award History

From:  The Backlot
Best Direction

There can be no other. “Vogue” was nominated for a slew of VMAs, but it lost Video of the Year to equally classic “Nothing Compares 2 U.” I’m not mad about it. However, let’s at least acknowledge the layers of gayness to this video: On the surface there’s the Paris is Burning choreography, Madonna‘s unashamed vamping, and her gorgeous and well-tailored klatch of male voguers, but the sheer level of pop iconography (the Marlene Dietrich poses, for one thing) and the undeniable gay command of everyone in this video. For gay kids, this is a transfixing video. For gay adults, it’s a cleverly pop culture-aware spectacle. There will never be another video like this, and we have to thank David Fincher for delivering us so many empowering and cheeky gay visuals here, enough to propel us through the next century.


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