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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Colton Haynes Launches Merchandise Line, Including “Daddy” Hats

You can get the actor to autograph the items for an extra $25.
From: NewNowNext
Fresh off coming out as gay earlier this year, Colton Haynes has released a new line of merchandise, including t-shirts and hats that say “Daddy” on them.

Along with a revamped fan site, the actor released a line of “super limited edition stuff” that is not to be confused with his upcoming apparel brand that is set to launch at the end of the year.

A photo posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

You can also have many of the items signed by Haynes for an extra $25, although many critics are complaining that the merchandise is too overpriced to begin with.

You can head to Haynes’ site to shop for yourself, and check out his introduction to the line in the video below.

Boxer De-briefed

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Thanks to Reks over at DC's, we get to enjoy English Bantamweight professional boxer Ryan Farrag having a wee struggle at a recent weigh in. Just a hair over the weight limit...what's a boxer to do? You can guess, removing those tiny, and certainly not very weighty black boxer briefs seemed to do the trick. Ryan looked a little nervous at first, but as soon as qualified flashed a huge adorable smile!


It's safe to say the critics wouldn't have been divided about THIS.
From: Attitude
Batman v Superman might have divided the critics, but a scene that didn’t make the blockbuster movie’s final cut might have gone some way to getting the naysayer’s on side.

Why? Three words: Ben Affleck’s butt.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition DVD contains 30 minutes of deleted scenes, one of which shows Affleck’s Bruce Wayne stripping off for a typically brooding shower.

Affleck’s no stranger to disrobing in the name of his art, having famously gone full-frontal for his role in 2014’s psychological thriller Gone Girl.

Why is was cut from the final edit, we have no idea. But we’re understandably grateful that Batman’s behind is finally being given the airing it deserves.
A video posted by #DC Extended Universe (@dcextendeduniverse) on

Obviously, the real question is whether Affleck’s shower scene tops Henry Cavill’s bath scene…

Belarus’ leader accidentally tells the country to strip at work… And they did

It’s the Full Monty on a nationwide scale.
From: Gay Times
We’ve all been there. A slip of the tongue, a wire crossed in the brain and we’ve said what were thinking rather than what we were meant to be saying – A basic Freudian slip if you will. These are pretty harmless in day-to-day life unless you’re the leader of… let’s say, a country.

Belarus’ leader Alexander Lukashenko said during a recent speech: “Innovations, IT technologies, privatization — it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them. But all our life is in simple things, we should get undressed and work.”

Now what he was meant to say was “we should develop, and work…” But evidently his dictatorial pecker got the better of him.

CBC News explain that in Russian, the word “raz-VI-vatsa” means “develop,” while the word “raz-DE-vatsa” means “disrobe.”

So, after hearing that, the country – which has been described as “Europe’s last dictatorship” by some Western journalists – obliged and stripped down to their skivvies… And a whole lot less in some cases.

A photo posted by Кавер-группа Гомель, Минск (@sunnydaysband) on

A photo posted by Alex Ciba (@cibaalex) on

Australian Elections Too Close To Call, Marriage Equality Vote Up In The Air

"It's clear that the Coalition doesn't have a mandate to proceed with the plebiscite," said Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome.
From: NewNowNext
 The results of Australia’s parliamentary elections on Saturday are still too close to call, leading to questions about whether Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberal Party will still lead the nation next week when the final tally is counted.

To date, the Liberals won 65 of the 76 Parliament seats needed for a majority, while Labour has won 67. More than a dozen seats are still uncalled.

“I remain quietly confident that a majority coalition government will be returned at this election when the counting is completed,” Turnbull told reporters.

But Labour Party leaders says the tight race means Turnbull will have to revise his agenda, including the planned plebiscite, or public vote, on marriage equality.

While an overwhelming majority of Australians support same-sex marriage, many feel putting it to a national referendum is dehumanizing and will encourage hateful rhetoric from opponents.

A hung parliament with broad representation from minor parties may now have the numbers to pass same-sex marriage without a public vote.

“It’s clear that the Coalition doesn’t have a mandate to proceed with the plebiscite,” said Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome.

A number of anti-marriage MPs have lost their re-election bids, while several new LGBT members were voted in—including gay MP Tim Wilson, representing the suburbs of Melbourne.

Anthony Castonzo - ESPN - The Body Issue - 2015

After 50 Years, Iconic San Francisco Gay Bar On The Verge Of Closing

Save The Stud!
From: NewNowNext
San Francisco could be losing another legendary gay bar.

Following a rent increase of 300%, the iconic gay bar The Stud could be forced to close its doors revealed owner Michael McElhaney this past Sunday at an emergency meeting with the club’s employees.

“Throwing an anniversary and Pride with all that shit going down was really difficult,” McElhaney said, stating that the building was put into escrow to be sold on June 20. SFist reports that “between the rent increase and health concerns for his mother, he (McElhaney) is returning to his home state of Hawaii and relinquishing The Stud.”

The rent increase will go into effect on September 1.

Within hours of the meeting a community co-op was formed with intentions to buy the bar, and possibly move locations to avoid the rent hike.

“In addition, bartender Brian Feagins offered to pay The Stud’s increased September rent of $9,480, an offer that drew cheers from the assembled crowd and would potentially buy this effort one more month,” reports SFist who was present at the meeting that mostly consisted of employees, promoters and performers of the club.

The Stud is two weeks away from celebrating its 50th anniversary. Opened in 1966, the bar, The Stud is the oldest continuously operating South of Market gay bar, and the last bar from the Folsom Street “Miracle Mile” gay take-over of the neighborhood in the 1960s.

Go Bang DJ Steve Fabus told SFist:

“The Stud has always been a place of inclusion where you can fly your freak flag high. Crowds have been tripping on sounds there from psychedelic 60’s rock to disco and punk of the 70’s, to New Wave, house, industrial, acid and techno of the 80’s and 90’s to the present time.”

The club moved to its present location in 1987, and McElhaney bought the bar in 1996, enjoying great success with popular parties such as Trannyshack and visits from celebs like Lady Gaga.

“This bar has never belonged to me. It has belonged to the community,” said McElhaney at Sunday’s meeting.

If you want to be involved with the movement to save The Stud please email houseofhorseface@gmail.com.

Adidas, Nike Team Up To Sponsor World Gay Soccer Championships

"It just shows how sport and community can bring people together."
From: NewNowNext
Sports gear giants Nike and Adidas have teamed up to co-sponsor the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) world championships next month in Portland, Oregon, where both corporations are based,

“It’s rare to see the three stripes and the swoosh on the same program, in the same stadium, or at the same event — but this tournament, this year, is a little different,” said IGLFA rep Kimberly Hadley.

 “[I’m] so happy to be able to make this happen!” posted Quinton Hawks, Nike’s Finance Manager for Global Brand Marketing, on Facebook. “Great moment in the sports world for the two biggest sport companies to come together to support the LGBT community!! ‪#‎BETRUE‬.”

 “We are thrilled that Nike and Adidas are both at the table for the LGBTQ community, for the nonprofit sports community, and for soccer here in Portland,” said Max Wedding of the Portland Netrippers. Other teams include the New York Ramblers, San Diego Sparks (left), Seattle Scandal and the Twin City Jacks

“It just shows how sport and community can bring people together,” said Wedding. “This is a proud day for Portland.”

Both Nike and Adidas have upped their LGBT marketing in recent years, launching special capsule collections to coincide with Pride.

The championships will run from August 6 to 13 at Providence Park, home field of both the MLS Portland Timbers and NWSL Portland Thorns. More than 400 players are expected to participate.

George Unda

Bernardo Velasco

  Brazilian Model And Actor
Born January 30, 1986
Niteroi, Brazil


Anatoli Goncharov by Artem Subbotin

 Loving this gorgeous male model Anatoli Goncharov photos and that bulge in yellow undies is effin sexy! His sexy eyes, handsome face and ridiculously attractive body, we’re totally in love with him. These shots were captured by Artem Subbotin.

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