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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ABC Afterschool Special

Me and Dad's New Wife
Original Air Date
February 18, 1976
Kristy McNichol 
Lance Kerwin 
Betty Beaird 
Melendy Britt
Leif Garrett 
Alice Playten
Ned Wilson
Alexa Kenin
Susannah Mars
Orlando Ruiz
Me & Dad's New Wife is a 1976 ABC Afterschool Special, directed by Larry Elikann. The film is based upon a Stella Pevsner book, A Smart Kid Like You.

12-year-old Nina Beckwith (Kristy McNichol) does not know how to react to her new stepmother. Co-starring Lance Kerwin, Melendy Britt (voice of the title character on She-Ra: Princess of Power), Leif Garrett and Jimmy McNichol (Kristy's real-life brother). Based on Stella Pevsner's novel, "A Smart Kid Like You".

12-year-old Nina Beckwith starts junior high at a point when she's still adjusting to her parents' divorce and her father's remarriage. She hasn't really met her father's new wife or the children from her first marriage, who will be living with Nina's dad while she lives with her mom and a college student, Merlaine, who'll be boarding with them. Nina soon finds that she will be dealing with her father's new wife every day: she's her math teacher! Nina's friends dive into helping her get rid of this problem. But will that only make the situation worse...like at home?
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