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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bedtime Snack

Your Nightly Briefing

From:  Boy Culture
Troy Wise shoots Jonathan Ackley for JON Magazine,  with styling by Rick Guzman and underwear by ES Collection, N2N Bodywear, aussieBum and Gucci.


Basket Practice - Nova Studios - Part Four


Quinn Jaxon's First Book is only 10 bucks.

 This is a fundraiser to help build my website, rent locations for filming and to travel to different booking locations. This is also for my FANS. Bacchus Stuart - my manager and photographer - has just completed a book called THE FIRST BOOK OF QUINN - the first in a series that he plans on doing. Before the book goes up on Amazon for sale, he has agreed to make it available in ebook form (PDF) for all my fans for $10.00 (that is half what it will cost on Amazon!) This book is a compilation of our favorite shots from 10 different photo shoots. The book is 143 pages in length with over 280 photographs. All the photographs are hi-res and can be zoomed to your hearts content! Bacchus has also edited a Behind-the-Scenes video from one of my recent photo shoots that is very revealing (LOL!).The video is HD 1080p. THE VIDEO WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS FUNDRAISER!! It will not be posted on vimeo or anywhere else.This is a culmination of over 23 hours of photo shoots, as well as many, many more hours of photo selection, adjustments and then the creation of the book. So this is really a great deal!
We have tested the format of the book (PDF) and the video (Quicktime) on both Mac and PC, as well as on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. Both look amazing on all devices!
How this works? You make the $10.00 donation here. We receive an email once you have made your donation. We will send you a Dropbox link. You follow the link and download the book (222MB) and the video (684MB). If you don't have Dropbox, when you go to the link you will be directed to download the app (for free) for your computer or your mobile device. Dropbox is an excellent app and there are no worries about spam or any spyware.
Once you have opened both files, you should download both the book and the video to your computer or your mobile device.
It's that simple!!! Please let me hear from you. We'd love to know what you think of the book! And please, PLEASE, don't give the book or video away to others for free. Bacchus is letting me try this format as a fundraiser and is really wonderful for allowing this to be sold for such an amazingly low price. Anyone should be able to afford this great deal!

I really hope you enjoy both the book and video!!!
Quinn C Jaxon

Beautiful Men

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