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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Top To BOTTOM Ranking Of The 24 Best Man Butts In Hollywood

From: BuzzFeed
Tom Hardy

Where you can find the butt: 
Band of Brothers
Apparent butt firmness: 
Overall butt thoughts: 
The sheets are really getting in the way here, which is problematic. But the butt is front and center for long enough to realize that it’s a good butt!

François Sagat

François Sagat (born 5 June 1979) is a French male pornographic actor, model and director who has appeared in gay pornographic movies and mainstream media. He is best known for his rugged looks and scalp tattoo. He has also appeared at times as a fashion model and starting 2009, he also landed on cinematic roles in films for the general public including Saw VI (2009) and lead roles in L.A. Zombie (2010) and Homme au bain (2010). In 2011, he started directing and producing with the François Sagat's Incubus adult film series. In 2013, he launched his fashion line KICKSAGAT and announced his retirement from por

Knud Ole - Go Naked - March 2014

 Knud Ole’s Selfs

 Artistic Male Nude Self Portraits

 Knud Ole's Artistic Male Nude
Self Portraits present male
nudity and identity in an
entirely new way: Vulnerable,
sensitive, open, natural,
thoughtful and sublimely

 Knud Ole has been working
on his Self Portrait Series since
2011 and a book will be
published by the end of 2014.
All his other works can be
seen at his website, where you
can also purchase Signed
Limited Edition Originals from
the Male Nude Selfs series:








Squatting naked in the streets

Fernando - Go Naked - March 2014



Jonathan - Go Naked - March 2014


WNBR 2012 Bristol

Jack - Go Naked - March 2014



Jean-Pierre Leclerc - Go Naked - March 2014

 Naturist Aquitaine

 This naked tour guide wants to show you France

 I'm Independent tourist gay guide in Aquitaine, France. Aquitaine is THE naturist destination par excellence.

 Not only does it have the Atlantic Ocean and 250 kilometres of ocean coastline with its mild weather, fabulous
heritage (Lascaux cave, etc.) and endless gourmet delights (vineyards making fine wines...), but it is also bordered
to the south by a vast range of mountains: the Pyrenees.

 Aquitaine, France’s third-biggest region, has a multitude of protected natural zones and offers a
great variety of sites dedicated to green tourism. Aquitaine is a particularly attractive
region for eco-tourism.

 Come and discover this enchanting destination!!

Download my entire brochure by clicking here:

Vintage Black Beefcake

Mike Parks - Go Naked - March 2014


I sincerely regret that I
forgot to include Mr. Mike
Parks’ (aka Brock
Webster) email address.

Show him some love by
sending him a quick
thanks! I saw you in
GoNaked Magazine” to:

Nick Horn

Jim - Go Naked - March 2014

Charlotte, NC

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford (born December 19, 1970) is an American fashion model and actor, best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model. He was also the host of both seasons of the Bravo program Make Me a Supermodel.

Justin - Go Naked - March 2014

Victor Ortiz

"Vicious" Victor Ortiz (born January 31, 1987) is an American professional boxer of Mexican descent. He is a former WBC Welterweight Champion.
He was previously in the light welterweight division, where he held the USBA & NABO titles. Ortiz, with a crowd-pleasing, aggressive style, two-fisted power and boyish charm, was made the 2008 ESPN Prospect of the Year.
He was formerly rated as one of the "top three" welterweight boxers in the world by most sporting news and boxing websites, including The Ring, BoxRec.com, and ESPN.
The first loss and the two draws on Ortiz's record are not counted as significant due to the fact the loss came by way of disqualification in the first round for knocking Corey Alarcon cold with an uppercut off a clinch. The first of two draws was a first-round technical draw in January 2007, when Ortiz faced Marvin Cordova Jr., when an accidental head-butt opened a cut on Ortiz's forehead and rendered him unable to continue. The second draw was a controversial one against Lamont Peterson, as ESPN.com and HBO unofficial scorer Harold Lederman both had it 97-91 in favor for the 23-year-old Ortiz.
For his first movie role, Victor will be in The Expendables 3.

Go Naked - March 2014

To read and download the full issue click here:

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
Better Be Good To Me” 
Tina Turner
The second Tina song on the list, it won her the Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal, and helped cement the greatest comeback of the 80′s. It peaked at #5 in December 1984.

Game Changer: Kudos to The Good Wife

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
It wasn't easy, but I managed to avoid spoilers for this past Sunday's The Good Wife until I was able to watch last night. The buzz of a game changer hit the net the second after the scene, featuring Josh Charles and guest star Hunter Parrish, aired. It is quite a coo that that the show was able to keep such a storyline secret under wraps for so long. The element of surprise has virtually vanished from television and movies so a show with the ability to give it's viewers so many jolts this season deserves much credit. 

Wet Wednesdays


Athletic Straight College Jock
From: Sticky


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