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Saturday, May 20, 2017

24 Obscure Kinks and Fetishes of Gay Men

From: The Advocate
Fetish For Watching Yourself Do Sexy Stuff In A Mirror

Katoptronophilia is arousal from watching yourself get off (solo or with partners) in a mirror. Really, who isn't into this?

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars

From:  Boy Culture
A Ridge too far
Jason Ridge 
Jake Lavelle

This prolific porn star (over 50 films) and massive Madonna fan was memorable in A Matter of Size 2 (2005) and Unzipped (2005) among many others, before starting his own production company in 2007. His flip-flopping scene in his debut, Nasty Nasty (2003), led him to say:
"The whole sexual act...it's a job. Of course, you enjoy doing it."
I respect his process.

Summer Souvenir #2, 2013 Venfield 8

100 Most Eligible Bachelors, 2017

From: OUT
Colby Smith

Colby Smith is a celebrity makeup artist, who's worked with artists like Charli XCX, Lorde, and Tove Lo. he recently released a line of lipsticks for Make Up For Ever with "I Love It" Swedish duo Icona Pop.

Colby is an accomplished celebrity makeup artist based in NYC. He started his career in Los Angeles and eventually found himself in the middle of New York City a few years later. Over the past 8 years Colby has been involved in every facet of makeup. From celebrities like Lorde, Crystal Castles, and Icona Pop to runway shows of Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Oscar De La Renta. He finds himself immersed in it all. His work can be seen in the pages of Vogue India, Nu Mode, Nylon, Flaunt and Lady Gunn magazine and online at Style.com, WWD, and Vogue.com to name a few.

The Secret, Real-Life Lessons Of Each Season Of RuPaul’s “Drag Race”

From: Queerty
Season 2
The High-Stakes of the Competition

With Bebe setting the high bar of what it means to be a winner in this competition and to be a part of the legacy that Ru had created, the second batch of girls have been some of most competitive for the crown in the history of the show.

This strong sense of competitiveness was even broadcast in the first ever season of Untucked, where we finally got to see what conversations take place right before the girls are selected for the chopping block. This season was filled to the brim with talented and charismatic beauties, which in itself calls for cattiness and drama of course. But it was the hunger and the pride of the queens in this season that made it a stand out and many viewers’ favorite season to this day.

With the controversial Tyra Sanchez winning the crowd over audience favorites Raven and Jujubee, this was the season that proved to the world that this was not “RuPaul’s Best Friend Race,” – even before Lashawn Beyond had coined the term – and that first and foremost, this was a competition with a stringent report card.


From: Daily Squirt
Best British Newcomer
Gabriel Phoenix

15 Ways You Can Stay Safe On Grindr And Other Dating Apps

From: Pink News
Tell A Friend What You’re Doing

You don’t need to go all TMI and tell them the exact details of what you plan to get up to, but make sure you’ve told someone where you are. Whether it’s a trusted friend or someone you live with, this means they’ll know how long you’ve been gone and where you are. In the instance that something has gone wrong on the meet-up, someone having this info could be invaluable.

14 Young Artists Who Are Changing The Way We Think Of Gender

From: Queerty

Jinkx Monsoon

Winner of the fifth season of RuPaul‘s Drag Race, Jinkx Monsoon goes by “she” and “her” when performing, but prefers “they” and “them” pronouns when out of drag.

In a March 2015 Facebook post, Monsoon said, “I myself do not identify as cis-gingered. I am genderless.”

They expounded upon this in an April 2017 interview with Queerty:

“I’ve never identified as fully male. I’ve always identified as more gender fluid or gender ambiguous, but I never knew the vocabulary to explain it for myself.”

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
The World According to Garp 
John Irving

Mr. Irving is one of my favorite authors, and his fifth novel about the life of T. S. Garp, the bastard son of Jenny Fields, was adapted into a wonderful 1982 film starring Robin Williams and Glenn Close.

13 Times Katharine Hepburn Was Queer Perfection

From: NewNowNext
She Wore The Pants

 Even today, someone like Ellen DeGeneres eschewing dresses garners notice. In the 1930s, when Hepburn did it, it was downright revolutionary. “I put on pants 50 years ago and declared a sort of middle road,” she told Barbara Walters in a 1981 interview. “I have not lived as a woman. I have lived as a man. I’ve just done what I damn well wanted.”

“She never fit into conventional womanhood,” biographer William Mann told OutSmart. “And certainly because of her body, she didn’t live as a man. So she kind of did live this middle road.”

While never quiet a hard butch, Hepburn also embraced an athleticism usually reserved for men, enjoying tennis, shooting, diving and horseback riding. Golf was a particular passion: She took daily lessons and even reached the semi-finals of the Connecticut Young Women’s Golf Championship.
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