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Friday, September 4, 2015

Just Because:

Joe Mcintyre
September 4, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I have never been a fan really of any 'boy band'. But that being said, I defy anyone to say they have not had a NKOTB song running through their head whether they wanted it there or not. Recently with The New Kids on their comeback (Which I chuckled at when I first heard it) I have been actually impressed with their performance abilities. Never on my radar before, as some New Kids get older they lose some of their appeal, but Joe Mcintyre seems to get hotter and hotter. 

Favorite Pic Series Of The Day:September 4, 2008

Who knew Soccer was such a risky sport...
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Junk Underjeans Labor Day Sale!

From:: The Underwear Expert
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Get ready to take advantage of this special Labor Day sale! Take 50% OFF every style from their site when you use promo code “EXPERT50″ now until September 7th! (Friday 9/4 through Monday 9/7) This includes already reduced sale items!

Are you excited to stock up on sexy underwear at a great price this Labor Day weekend? What part of your undergarment wardrobe needs the most attention?

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 4, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for September 4, 2008

 Rob Shanahan
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Loved Loved Rob Shanahan's layout from August 1994.

15 Things You Need To Do Before The End Of Summer

From: NewNowNext
Soak up the sun

Most people in northeastern America are woefully deficient in vitamin D–making them more prone to cancer and bone disease. Seriously. Your body can actually store up enough vitamin D to get you through the winter. But not if you’re inside watching Netflix.

The 11 Most Flawlessly 90s Images of Cort Stevens

From: Gay Porn Fanatic

A&E Fails, Fox And ABC Family Score High Marks, On GLAAD’s Network Report Card

From: NewNowNext
 GLAAD released its ninth annual Network Responsibility Index (NRI) this week, examining how major television networks represented LGBT characters and story lines in the past year.

Top marks went to ABC Family, home to inclusive shows like The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars, and to Fox, the first major broadcast network to receive an “Excellent” rating. It’s particular noteworthy considering the channel received a failing grade in GLAAD’s inaugural report card, back in 2006.

 GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis said Fox’s growth, “highlights real change across the media landscape.”

On the lower side of the scale, A&E and the History Channel both received failing grades, the latter having essentially no LGBT representations to grade.

The NRI looks back on programming that aired between June 2014 and May 2015 on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the CW, as well as 10 major cable networks including FX, HBO, MTV, Showtime, TLC and ABC Family.

 Overall grades of “Excellent,” “Good,” “Adequate,” or “Failing” were awarded based on the quality and relative quantity of LGBT representations in each network’s original programming.

Noteworthy findings included:

· With shows like Empire, Brooklyn 99 and Glee, Fox featured the highest percentage of LGBT-inclusive original programming hours, coming in at 45.4%, the highest percentage GLAAD has tracked on a broadcast network since the NRI’s inception. Additionally, the network also had the second-most racially diverse representations on broadcast, with 36% of its LGBT impressions made by people of color.

  The CW, home to Flash, Arrow and America’s Next Top Model, led in racial diversity of its LGBT characters—with 38% of impressions being made by people of color and had the second-highest percentage of inclusive programming hours, with 44.8% of its original programming hours including LGBT people. The CW also had the highest percentage of LGBT impressions; however, GLAAD deemed many of the impressions to be “minor” rather than “major.”

How to Get Away With Murder helped ABC produce the highest volume of LGBT-inclusive content, with 258.5 hours or 32% of its original programming. Only 17% of the network’s LGBT impressions were made by people of color, the lowest of any broadcast network.

· ABC Family posted the highest-ever percentage of LGBT-inclusive programming for any network tracked in the NRI previously. Not only did 74% of its original programming include LGBT impressions, but 79% of those were lesbian characters, 49% were people of color, and the network also featured a transgender character played by a transgender actor.

This will be the final edition of the Network Responsibility Index, as GLAAD will turn its focus toward encouraging diverse LGBT representations on TV through its annual “Where We Are On TV” Report.

The 10 Hottest “Star Trek: Voyager” Guest Stars

From: NewNowNext
Michael Reisz

Episode 6.20, “Good Shepherd,” was a change of pace for the show, as Janeway took three misfit crew members under her wing. Michael Reisz played the cute but easily frightened hypochondriac Tefler, reminiscent of TNG’s Reginald Barcley, and like Barcley, found himself in his worse nightmare – invaded by an alien parasite.
Michael Reisz went on to a very successful voice-over career in video games and anime, and is also currently the voice-over for E!

12 Grindr Fails To Avoid If You Actually Want To Get Lucky This Weekend

From: Queerty

Classic Television - Prime Time

Nanny and the Professor
Original channel
Original run
January 21, 1970 – December 27, 1971
Juliet Mills
Richard Long
David Doremus
Trent Lehman
Kim Richards

Nanny and the Professor is an American fantasy situation comedy created by AJ Carothers and Thomas L. Miller for 20th Century Fox Television. During pre-production, the proposed title was Nanny Will Do.

Playing upon the popular successes of Mary Poppins and other magical nannies of literature, this TV series posited another ostensibly magical British nanny taking care of a family in need of direction. Unlike the candid "magicality" of its forebears, this Nanny's paranormal nature was less overt and only implied. The Nanny's young wards, as well as the audience, were left intentionally unsure of the nature of Nanny's "powers," if any.
The series starred Juliet Mills as Nanny Phoebe Figalilly, Richard Long as Professor Harold Everett, and Elsa Lanchester in the recurring role of Aunt Henrietta. Figalilly was apparently psychic, and had regular flashes of what was often more than intuition; she frequently knew who was ringing the doorbell before the bell even rang. There was the vague suggestion that she may have been at least several hundred years old and more than human, which the children thought they discovered in an episode after they saw a photo of Phoebe that looked like it was taken a century earlier.
Figalilly watched over Professor Everett and his three children: Hal, the intellectual tinkerer, played by David Doremus; Butch, the middle child, played by Trent Lehman; and Prudence, the youngest, played by Kim Richards. Patsy Garrett had the recurring role of nosy neighbor Mrs. Fowler. Midway through the brief first season, a yellow 1930 Model A Ford, "Arabella," was added to the series.
In character, Mills sometimes wore a navy blue Inverness cape and cap that resembled a deerstalker; the program's opening titles showed animations of both.

“Fashion Police” Remembers Joan Rivers And Her Favorite P-Word

The legendary comedian passed away exactly one year ago today.
From; NewNowNext
It’s been exactly one year to the day that the legendary Joan Rivers passed away. Her presence is sorely missed in all corners of pop culture (can you imagine what she’d have to say about Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump’s presidential run?!), but nowhere more than on E!’s Fashion Police.

The late star was paid tribute on a special episode of the show last night, hosted by her daughter Melissa.

“Not only did I never know what was going to come out of my mother’s mouth, neither did the stars who were brave enough to sit in the hot seat,” said Melissa, introducing a clip of her mother’s most outrageous Fashion Police moments

The show also touched on Justin Bieber’s new haircut, and what Joan probably would have thought of it:

And best of all, a very Joan-appropriate tribute to her favorite word, “pussy”:

Space Beefcake! The 10 Hottest “Star Trek: TNG” Guest Stars

From: The Backlot
Tony Todd 
“Sins Of The Father”

Episode 3.17 Tony Todd has been acting for over thirty years, and shows no sign of slowing down (his IMDB profile currently shows ten projects either filming or in post-production), but one of his most memorable turns was as Worf’s brother Kurn in three episodes of TNG (and one more on Deep Space Nine), starting with “Sins Of The Father.” Unlike most “Forehead Of The Week” aliens, Tony’s magnetism and personality were able to shine through the makeup, and he made Kurn into the hottest Klingon in Trek history.

Trivia: Tony hit the Trek Trifecta. In addition to his role as Kurn on TNG and DS9 (and he also played the adult Jake Sisko on one of DS9‘s finest hours, The Visitor), he also was a guest star on Voyager

9 Reasons We Wish We Went To Eastland Academy With “The Facts Of Life” Girls

From: NewNowNext

Eastland Women Follow Their Hearts

Because we’re independent ladies of the ’80s, and we’re doing it for ourselves. Like When Tootie and Natalie moved into a studio apartment to work on acting and writing. Or when Mrs. G got married, joined the Peace Corps and moved to Africa—all on a whim. #Goals

“Can I Lie To My Father About Being Gay So He’ll Keep Paying For College?”

The Times' "Ethicists" column weighs on being closeted to protect your future.
From: NewNowNext
 One New York Times reader is facing a moral dilemma that may hit close to home: Can he lie about his sexuality in order to get his homophobic father to continue paying for college?

 Writing to the NYT Magazine’s Ethicists column, he explains:

I am a young gay man in college. My father generously pays for my tuition and rent. The problem is that he does not know I am gay.
He has made it very clear that if I were, he would not only withdraw all financial support but also cast himself entirely out of my life. His suspicion arose in high school when he found love letters between me and another male student. I swore they were meaningless and have since been defending my heterosexuality.
Questions about my sexuality are inevitable whenever I come home. My father has demanded I produce archives of all emails and text messages for him to review, although I have successfully refused these requests on the grounds that he has no claim to my adult communications.
Is it ethical for me to continue accepting financial support for my education and my career that will come from it? Could I continue to lie to accept the support and one day disclose my sexuality and pay him back to absolve myself of any ethical wrongdoing?

While the three columnists, all queer, agreed it was the writer’s father who was truly unethical, their advice varied.

Writer-psychotherapist Amy Bloom:

Lots of people keep these things from their parents, and you can do that in a completely honorable way. The letter writer can, in his position of dependency, lie to his father and know that although he is not taking the bravest or most admirable stance, his lying is understandable. You can certainly forgive yourself for the lying in this circumstance and maybe be mindful of the fact that this will not last and that you won’t have to keep lying.

 Ghanaian cultural theorist Kwame Anthony Appiah took an even stronger stance: “Not only is this young man entitled to conceal the truth from his father, but he doesn’t owe him a repayment later when he can afford it.”

Kenji Yoshino, a legal scholar at NYU, doesn’t think it’s unethical to lie, either—but he suggested the writer seek out alternative funding so that he no longer had to rely on his bullying father.

He recommended the Point Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships for LGBT students, who are often in precisely this situation.

“In a sense,” Yoshino wrote, “the organization has ethically anticipated the letter writer’s dilemma.”

Do you agree with the columnists? Got your own opinions? Leave your answers in the comments section, below!

7 International LGBT Activists You Need To Know About

From: NewNowNext
Monica Shahi
This month Monica Shahi made history as the first person to receive a Nepalese passport with designation “O,” or “other”—the status given to those who identify outside of the male/female gender binary.

“This recognition in the passport is the result of a long struggle and today we are proud that our country has taken this step,” Pinky Gurung, president of LGBT group Blue Diamond Society told IndiaTV.

Nepal is now one of seven countries to legally recognize more than one gender, and Shahi played a huge role in getting the South Asian country to adopt this new policy

Six Tips For Getting Your Man In The Mood

From: Queerty
Grab the massage oil

Who doesn’t love a good erotic massage? Or even a mediocre one, for that matter. AdamMale’s bestselling Uberlube Luxury Lube doubles as both a massage oil and a super slick personal lubricant so that once the rubdown heats up, you can take your explorations even deeper. Plus the smooth sleek glass bottle keeps the evening classy!

Top 6 Hottest Male Nude Selfie Leaks of 2014

From: The Gaily Grind
Bodybuilder Michael Hoffman

 Amateur bodybuilder Michael Hoffman leaked several wickedly hot x-rated videos back in September, one of which featured the muscled hunk stroking himself to completion and then enjoying his own goods.

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