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Friday, December 6, 2013

Your Hunk of the Day: David G. Kara

David G. Kara by Photography by Rudi
David G Kara
23 years old 
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Your view of my portfolio is deeply appreciated. I am an Australian native of proud Greek heritage. My life at the moment revolves around my passion for fitness. I work full time in an aquatic fitness center. Recently, I started my own business, a series of Stomp Fitness classes. 

I have a sporting background of rugby union play and wrestling. I feel my athleticism significantly enhances my appeal as fitness and print model. I am eager to learn, open to new ideas, great to get along with and great to know. My ambition does not exceed my sense for decency and respect for others. I am available for international assignments and travel. Compensation, though negotiable, is per assignment. I am managed by Crew Models International, USA. 

I look forward to working with you. 


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David Penna
From:  The Backlot
 David Penna
23 years old 
Brooklyn, New York, US

About me
I am a New York City based model with Boss Models NY. Feel free to get in touch for any paid work or cool projects!


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