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Saturday, September 17, 2016

‘My Harlem’ is a Gay Romance Set Around the Church of Hate Preacher James David Manning

From: Towleroad
 Director Jeff L. Lieberman is set to take a shot at anti-LGBT Harlem Pastor James David Manning.

Last year, birther and conspiracy theorist Manning hit the headlines for posting homophobic signs outside his ATLAH World Missionary Church. The signs included “Jesus Would Stone Homos” and “all churches and members that support homos cursed be thou with cancer, HIV, syphilis, stroke, and madness.” Earlier this month, “sodomite slayer” Manning said “Everyone who has a penis injected in his bu**hole, when his penis comes out, the flames will start burning cause ain’t nobody gonna stick no penis in that flame. That flame,” he continued, “will be an eternal flame coming out of the bu**hole of every sodomite.”

Lieberman’s new film My Harlem examines important themes including homophobia, gentrification and violence against the LGBTQ community. In the film, the two main characters initially bond over an anti-gay sign outside ATLAH.

In an interview with NBC, the Vancouver native explained:

“The ATLAH sign is something that has been bothering me for a long time — both on a personal level and on a greater level of human rights and hate speech. It’s just an ugly, ugly place of hate in my neighborhood during the 5 years I have lived in Harlem. I think a lot of people are fed up and exasperated with the sign, the church and the pastor and have tried many different ways to combat the hatred. It would be one thing if they were preaching from inside the walls of their church, it’s another thing for it to be seen every day, 24 hours a day, every week — it’s a new level of vitriol. I felt like I wanted to do something, take some kind of stand.”

In January, a judge ordered Manning’s church be put up for public auction because Manning has failed to pay $1.02 million in public debts. Manning said that these debts are mostly related to unpaid water and sewage bills which he believes he doesn’t have to pay because of ATLAH’s tax exempt status. In August, a judge rescinded the court order until it is decided whether or not the church owes the city for water and sewerage use. Manning announced plans to burn a pride flag at the church in celebration of the ruling.

Watch a teaser for the film:

‘Gay Voice’ Donald Trump Gets Distracted by Fantasies About Sailors

From: Towleroad

Sassy Donald Trump, aka Donald Trump with a ‘gay voice’, is back in a new dubbing from YouTuber Peter Serafinowicz. And this time, Serafinowicz focuses on a speech where Trump seems to get a little distracted by the prospect of American sailors who really wanna to give it to…Iran. Yep, definitely Iran.

Said Trump, “I know those captains and I know those people on those boats and boy would they like to give it to ’em.”

‘Gay Bachelor’ Robert Sepรบlveda Jr. Elaborates On What He Did, Didn’t Do In The Past

From: Queerty
A few years from now, Robert Sepรบlveda Jr. will be shrugging off reports that he was once the star of LOGO’s “Finding Prince Charming.” But for now, he’s continuing to come clean about his past — the rumors, the fact, and the (supposed) lies.

In an interview with People, Sepรบlveda addresses a number of topics, from private videos to furniture stores to paying the bills.

On his rumored adult film past:

“There are stories that I did porn. I never did porn.
There is a video circulating out there that I shot privately and sent to an ex-boyfriend. It feels so violating that someone would take something so private and share it with the world. I want to work to make sure there are laws protecting people from similar situations. It’s just not right.”

On how he arrived at his decision to escort:

“The small furniture store I was working at suddenly went out of business.
I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent or my [college] tuition or buy food.
I saw no other way to support myself so I decided to do it too. I had all those expenses, I just knew that I had to do something. I had no other choice.”

On whether he expected his past to come up when he signed on to do Finding Prince Charming:

“I didn’t want to have to talk about that time in my life again. But I’m not ashamed of my past. I own it, and I talk about it with the guys on [Finding Prince Charming.]”

It begs the question: if he didn’t want to talk about his life, why sign on to be the focus of a reality dating show?

Finding Prince Charming airs Thourdays at 9/8c on Logo.

RuPaul Asks Fans To Submit Questions For “All Stars” Reunion Special

Be a part of "All Stars" herstory!
From: NewNowNext
Listen up, squirrel friends. RuPaul needs your help.

Although it will still be a few weeks before the Emmy-winning Drag Race host crowns the winner of All Stars 2, plans for a reunion special are already underway.

Mama Ru released a video Friday, enlisting fans to submit questions to ask her girls at the reunion.

Want to know how the queens felt about being eliminated by their sisters? Curious to see if the contestants who were looking to revamp their images got the redemption they were hoping for?

Tweet your questions to @RuPaulsDragRace with the hashtag #AllStars2Reunion to get the answers from your favorite queens.

Let Ru explain the details in the video below.

Vote “RuPaul’s Drag Race” In Three Categories At The 2016 Reality TV Awards

Let's snatch another major win for Mama Ru!
From: NewNowNext
 Fresh off of RuPaul’s historic first Emmy win for Outstanding Host of a Variety, Nonfiction Or Reality Program last week, the drag icon has been nominated for a Reality TV Award for Best Host.

RuPaul’s crown jewel, RuPaul’s Drag Race, also picked up two nominations this year for Best Competition Show and Best Creative Challenge.

Now in its fourth year, the Reality TV Awards honor the unsung heroes of reality television who are often overlooked by other major awards shows that don’t recognize reality television beyond the most basic categories.

Other notable nominations this year include Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres for Reality Queen, Bindi Irwin for Best Performance on Dancing With the Stars, Netflix’s Making a Murderer for Best Digital Reality Series, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (starring EJ Johnson) for Guilty Pleasure, and surprisingly, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for Best Host of Celebrity Apprentice.

Fans can vote daily for their favorites until October 2 by visiting RealityTelevisionAwards.com and providing a valid email address.

The 2016 Reality TV Awards will be held Wednesday, November 2 at the Avalon Hollywood. Tickets range from $55-$15,000 and can be purchased online.

TROYE SIVAN. Fans go nuts after ‘almost nude’ photo leaks

Keith Olbermann Explains How Election 2016 is Stranger Than Fiction

From: Towleroad

Keith Olbermann’s latest installment of his political web series for GQ, The Closer, looks at the strange and almost eerie parallels between the 2016 election and Hollywood versions of politics.

Olbermann points out similarities between the terror that is 2016 and films such as The Manchurian Candidate (both of them, actually) and also explains why it is so confounding that Donald Trump says his favorite movie is Citizen Kane.

The Groovy List makes a Pass at Russell Tovey

The Groovy List is a weekly Top 10 of recommended videos featuring pop culture and gorgeous guys:
From: Deep Dish

Groovy Actress: Alexis Arquette

The transgender actress, who died Sunday at age 47, first appeared as "boy on the ride" in the music video for The Tubes' 1983 hit, "She's a Beauty". Her film credits include Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), Grief (1993), Jack Be Nimble (1993), Threesome (1994), Pulp Fiction (1994), Frisk (1995), Never Met Picasso (1996), I Think I Do (1997), The Wedding Singer (1998), Bride of Chucky (1998) and Killer Drag Queens on Dope (2003). Below you can watch her in the trailer for I Think I Do and as a guest on the British talk show, So Graham Norton, on February 12, 1999 (beginning at 17:00).

Groovy First Lady: Michelle Obama

While co-hosting Ellen, she visits a CVS Pharmacy to pick up a few things.

Groovy (and Funny) Lady: Carol Burnett

The comedy legend promotes her new memoir, In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Groovy Broadway Guy #1: Andrew Rannells

The actor, who will be starring in the Broadway musical, Falsettos, beginning on September 29, is a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Groovy Broadway Guy #2: Clifton Davis

The actor, who is currently starring in the Broadway musical, Aladdin, reflects on his long career - which includes the TV sitcoms, That's My Mama and Amen - on The Broadway Channel's Role Call.

Groovy Movie Trailer #1: The Pass

Russell Tovey and Arinze Kene play professional soccer players in this gay drama, which will be released in the United States in early 2017.

Groovy Movie Trailer #2: Nocturnal Animals

Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Laura Linney star in director/writer Tom Ford's second feature film, which will be released on November 18.

Groovy TV Trailer: Crisis in Six Scenes

Written and directed by Woody Allen, this new comedy series stars Allen, Elaine May and Miley Cyrus, and it will premiere on Amazon Video on September 30.

Groovy TV Flashback #1: Room 222

Starring Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nicholas, Michael Constantine and Karen Valentine, the ABC series debuted on September 17, 1969, and ran for five seasons. Below you can watch the first two episodes.

Groovy TV Flashback #2: The Ellen Burstyn Show

The Academy Award-winning actress starred in this ABC sitcom with Elaine Stritch (as her mother) and Megan Mullally (as her daughter). It debuted on September 20, 1986, and ran for 13 episodes. Below you can watch the first episode.

How Alexis Arquette Helped Make “Wigstock: The Movie” Happen

Alexis and filmmaker Barry Shils discussed the seminal documentary this spring at DragCon
From: NewNowNext
 Alexis Arquette, who passed away on Sunday, made her last public appearance in April at the second annual RuPaul’s DragCon.

Alexis appeared on a panel celebrating the iconic 1995 documentary Wigstock: The Movie, alongside director Barry Shils and drag icon Jackie Beat.

Shills revealed how Arquette’s prodding helped get the movie made. “Alexis inspired me to make this movie. I remember you were so excited… and it just got me going.”

And Arquette shared what she felt about the 1995 film’s enduring legacy.

“I totally cried today—It’s good to see that people are interested in drag now and that there’s money to be made from drag and there are superstars of drag. It turns me on.” But, she added, she didn’t want people to think they shouldn’t do drag “because they’re not ’good’ at putting on makeup.”

It’s a fascinating discussion for devotees of the film (like us)—Shils even revealed they had to re-dub some musical numbers because of copyright issues.

There’s been a lot written about what lead to Alexis’ death, and what happened in the months preceding it, but we’re just going to celebrate Alexis’ life. (You know where to find those stories if you really want to see them.)

Below, Alexis’ longtime friend Sham Ibrahim filmed her talking about mortality and the possibility of an afterlife.

Shadows in the Moonlight

Shine on Harvest MoonFrom: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

RuPaul Dishes On Politics, His Emmy Win, “Drag Race” And More On “VH1 Live!”

"We cracked some faces tonight. We snatched some wigs."
From: NewNowNext
With a historic Emmy win under his belt and a nail-biting season of Drag Race All Stars on the air, RuPaul’s has never shined brighter.

The legendary entertainer called into VH1 Live! to talk to Marc Lamont Hill about the latest All Stars elimination and how the political climate has changed in recent years.

Ru also revealed that he was stunned to win the Emmy for Best Reality Host, sure it would go to Ryan Seacrest instead.

“He has made a lot of people rich and he has put a lot of people to work,” Ru said with a smile on his face and his Emmy in his hand.

Watch the full interview below.

The Creative Arts Emmys air tonight, September 17, at 8pm on FX. And watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 every Thursday at 8/7c on Logo.

Happy Birthday today September 17th

Happy 47th to actor Matthew Settle!

Favorite Birthday Guy for September 17th

The hot and under rated actor Kyle Chandler turns 51 today. 
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

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