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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Media Males: Jefferson West

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'Let your colors bleed and blend with mine.'

Now chemical engineer student, oh, and and male model Jefferson West looks pretty amazing with little or no clothes on, but one of my favorite images of Jefferson is the image above. His beautiful face and that sexy smirk of his hits me harder than some of his modeling images, amazing!

Jefferson is incredibly hot of course, but when spending time on his social media sites, I also loved his wit, charm and the quotes he often included with his images. This man has it all and shares it with those who wish tumble with him, tweet him, or enjoy his visuals on Instagram!

'Find what you love, then let it kill you.'

Jefferson by Tony Duran

Jefferson by Scott Teitler

Logo Salutes Harvey Fierstein, The Advocate, At 2016 Trailblazer Honors

"I’ve done a lot but, truthfully, none of it was done alone," says Fierstein
From: NewNowNext
 Playwright and performer Harvey Fierstein is being honored this year at the third annual Trailblazer Honors ceremony, along with iconic LGBT news magazine The Advocate.

Troye Sivan, Tegan & Sara, Matthew Morrison, Jason Collins, Cheyenne Jackson, Alex Newell, Judith Light, Matthew Broderick, Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Edie Falco and Joel Grey will be featured in the special, along with other guests to be announced.

 And for the first time, Logo and VH1 will simulcast Trailblazer Honors when it airs on June 25 at 8/7c as part of NYC Pride Week.

Fierstein has chronicled the LGBT experience for decades, starting with his breakout Broadway play Torch Song Trilogy, and continuing with La Cage aux FollesKinky Boots and Casa Valentina. Later this year, he will reprise his role as Edna Turnblad in NBC’s television special Hairspray Live!

 He’s also been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality, global LGBT rights and the fight against AIDS. Last week, Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper revamped the lyrics to Kinky Boots’ “Just Be” for a viral video attacking North Carolina’s HB.

“In prep for this lovely honor, Logo sent me a bio they’d put together of my accomplishments—YIKES! It looks like I’ve done a lot but, truthfully, none of it was done alone,” says Fierstein.

 “There’s been an unseen army of contemporaries and pioneers who’ve come before me that has made everything I’ve achieved possible. I hope, by accepting this honor from Logo, that I am helping to celebrate our entire community of LGBT warriors.”

 Launched in 1967, The Advocate has chronicled the LGBT experience for more than five decades—evolving from a newsletter to a multimedia mainstay. It was in the pages of The Advocate that k.d. lang, George Michael, Chaz Bono and Melissa Etheridge came out, and President Obama found an open forum to speak out.

The 2016 Trailblazer Honors will be held at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, one of the first religious institutions in New York to champion the LGBT community. Previous honorees including Edie Windsor, Judy and Dennis Shepard, the Obama Administration and Laverne Cox and the cast of Orange is the New Black.

Trailblazer Honors airs Saturday, June 25 at 8/7c on Logo and VH1.

Lesbian Cop Maggie Sawyer Joining “Supergirl” For Season 2

The no-nonsense detective will be a member of the Science Police.
From: NewNowNext
 As it readies to take flight to the CW for its second season, Supergirl is adding a bunch of new characters—including Captain Maggie Sawyer, a lesbian police officer who’s been part of the Superman universe since the 1980s.

 Sawyer was introduced during John Byrne’s run on Superman in the late 1980s, as Captain Sawyer of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, a special branch of the Metropolis police force that handles super-villains.

 She has appeared on Superman: The Animated Series, as well as in Smallville (portrayed by actress Jill Teed). More recently, her character had a romance with Batwoman that nearly ended in marriage but was controversially nixed by editorial mandate.

Newsarama reports that, on Supergirl, Maggie is an “out and proud” detective and member of the Science Police.

Other additions include Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, a diabolical villain named “The Doctor” and Snapper Carr, who was the Justice League’s teen mascot in DC comic books from the 1960s.

Inside The Clandestine World Of Erotic Gay-For-Pay Wrestling

From: Queerty
Gay erotic wrestling. Yes, it’s a thing. And no, not all the wrestlers are actually gay. In fact, most of them are just straight dudes looking to make a little extra scratch.

So say the folks at BG East Wrestling, an online marketplace for DVDs, VOD and downloadable clips of guy-on-guy wrestling matches intended for male self-pleasuring purposes.

“We bring in wrestlers from all over,” Stephen Driscoll, who helped build the brand with founder Bill George, tells Vocative. “House them, feed them, entertain them. We consider ourselves a sort of fraternity.”
 The wrestlers are paid $100 each per video, which run about 10 minutes in length. Most of the videos BG East produces fall into the soft core category, since they don’t actually feature any explicit nudity or sexual acts–just oiled up men in g-strings feverishly rubbing up against one another. Though they do produce some more hard core videos.

Dolph Danner (left) is one of the wrestlers for BG East. The 6’0, 180-pound heterosexual says he really doesn’t mind being viewed as a sex object by gay men.

“It’s not a big deal to me,” he tells Vocative. “It’s gonna happen either way as a professional wrestler. We’re good-looking guys who are in shape, who wear tiny little trunks and roll around with other good-looking guys who are in shape, covered in baby oil.”

Danner, whose day job is working as a personal trainer, says he’s willing to do pretty much anything for a fee. He regularly receives messages asking if people can buy his stinky socks, soiled underpants and sweaty jockstraps. Though he hasn’t sold any of them yet, he’s open to the idea. “If the price is right? Sure!” he says.

Glenn Scott (right) is a former wrestler for BG East. His fascination with the sport began when he was growing up in the 1970s.

“It kind of just fascinated me, as a kid,” Scott tells Vocative, “because it was kinda like… I knew it was like a… I’ll put it in quotes, ‘a bad thing.'”

He first got involved with BG East back in 2002.

“The guy who owns it, he was just, like, ‘Oh, do you want to do a match?’” Scott tells Vocative. “And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ I jumped right out there and I got three matches that weekend.”

Working with BG East opened many doors for him, he says, including being introduced to then-Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank.

“He’s [Driscoll], like, a friend of the guy who owns BG East,” Scott said.
Frank confirmed to Vocative that he was buddies with Driscoll. The two met at a National Stonewall Democrats event several years ago.

“I went to one or two of his tournaments where you do the filming,” Frank says. “And the ones I saw, everybody was clothed.”

Scott credits BG East with giving him self-confidence.

“I wouldn’t have the confidence I have,” he says. “These kind of things have totally given me, like, so much humility and just the drive. I call it a wrestler’s ego. I can get my butt kicked or I can kick butt, but as long as I’m kicking or as long as someone’s kicking it’s given me the drive to do all kinds of stuff.”

And that, he says, has made all the difference.

Head Turner: Charlie by Nick S82

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

You want me to pose completely Neekid?'

'Ok Ok, maybe I can do.... Y

eah, I can do it, I can do it!'

 'Ok, my pants are now down around my ankles. 
Is it workin for you?'

Yeah, I would say it's working Charlie, working pretty damned well! When I first saw Nick S82's images of Charlie, I knew I wanted to feature them on FH. Nick has a knack for choosing incredibly naturally hot and interesting looking men, then letting his camera and skill do the rest. Nick uses minimal props and post editing, and wants to share what he initially see's in his models transferred on for viewers to enjoy.

 'Personality-wise, he's very laid-back and quite cheeky, easy to work with. He also quite a sexual person.'

Charlie is one of those guys sure to turn heads when walks down the street. Great face, hot body and a sexy vibe you can almost feel coming from his images. Originally from Norway, Charlie is a student, and new model that has a clear focus on fitness and maintaining his physique. In addition to wanting to showcase Charlie's body, I also wanted to showcase that cheekiness that Nick referenced. Although I can't be sure what was going through Charlie's head in those first few images, I loved his expressive and hilarious facial expressions, as much as I enjoyed the full body shots, so wanted to ensure to include them. Check out more of Nick's work with Charlie in his flickr albums HERE:

50 Businesses That Have Supported The LGBT Community

From: Huffington Post
Old Navy

In 2011, when Old Navy planned to sell shirts to benefit the anti-suicide, anti-bullying It Gets Better project, the American Family Association urged members to "drop by your Old Navy store in your community and tell them you're not going to shop at Old Navy until they get their minds right."


From: Manhunt Daily
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Is anybody out there???

I have a face pic locked, so if you don't have one don't expect an unlock. Message me if your cute and fit. 30 yo


From: Manhunt Daily

#TBT: Prides Of The Past Live On In This Stunning Collection Of Vintage Photos

"Whatever the public blames you for, cultivate it; it is yourself."
From: NewNowNext
Pride Month is a time for celebration, but before you lace up your rainbow sneakers and head off to one of the many Pride parties around the world, take a minute and look back at moments from LGBT history with the Instagram account you must follow: LGBT_History.

Vintage pics from Pride marches, Gay Games, Studio 54 and much more will have you feeling proud of the history of the LGBT community. 

Confessions from Straight Men Who Watch Gay Porn

From: NewNowNext
 If my generally-useless MA degree in Liberal Studies (with a focus on Gender and Sexuality) taught me anything it is that sexuality is fluid. Everyone has a different relation to their desires and everyone expresses those relations through unique identities, which are far more varied than the categories generally offered to us by society.

That’s all well and good, but it isn’t too often that you hear straight men talking about their love of gay porn. So when a thread asking heterosexual men about their interest in same sex imagery popped up on Reddit’s AskMen page, my interest was certainly piqued. In response to the question “Do any straight guys watch gay porn as a fetish rather than an aspect of your sexual orientation“, a handful of internet users offered up their own experiences.

The original poster had this to say about his own experiences:

It is my guess that a lot of straight guys consume gay porn. It is also my guess that the stigma of doing so is far less than it used to be. Many people today consider transsexual porn to be primarily of interest to straight males. I view it all but do not consider myself gay. I have a very high sex drive and perhaps a smattering of sexual addictions. I am happy with myself and my gf is fully aware of this. So, guys, tell me if i’m the only one.

The responses from other redditers were varied. Some condemned him as a closet-case, while others kept an open mind on the subject. Even fewer straights admitted to their own gay porn habits. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

From user elementality22:

Fuck it, I’ll be the one dude to be honest, yeah I watch some gay porn. I find they are less fake about it most times, a lot less fake moaning and such … I just tend to find a lot of gay porn is relevant to my interests in a way that some straight porn isn’t. I don’t like watching sloppy, gaggy blow jobs and on the whole gay porn has much cleaner bjs at least from what I’ve seen. It’s about 70/30 straight to gay watching. I don’t like twinks or super swole dudes. I generally watch college vids, hazing type deals, straight for pay, nothing with kissing/caressing. Just the sex please. I’ve never had any inclination for a male outside of gay porn, I like many other guys here were totally grossed out by it and it became this taboo in my mind and then I decided to just watch one and saw that it really wasn’t so bad. I’m sort of a voyeur in that regard and just like watching gay, straight, trans, whatever.

From user McTossyPants:

I like it. The problem with the hetero stuff is that too often the women are just used as toys. It’s easier to find gay stuff with two active participants. However, straight stuff where both are active is the hottest thing ever.
But I don’t watch stuff with “masculine” guys. I only watch twinks.
Also, IRL I don’t ever want to actually do anything sexual with a guy. I only think of girls that way.
Edit: I don’t even like hunks or jocks in straight stuff. I like twinkish straight dudes.
Also, I don’t care for anal. Oral only, please.

From user SchizophrenicMC:

On rare occasion, I watch gay porn because my dick tells me that’s what I want to be watching. I’m not gay, I just sometimes get this urge that says “watch a man rail another dude in the ass”.
Normally, though, I watch straight porn or girl/girl.

An Anonymous user wrote:

Sure do man. Not gay, no real intention to do a dude. But holy crap man, a man giving a blow job is so awesome, they just know what theyre doing.

So, what can be learned from the thread? Well, not too much. Some straight men like gay porn, others don’t! And you know what, that’s fine. Keep on keepin’ on, boys


From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

I have always found CNN's Jason Carroll very good looking, but for some reason, this past week he was looking extra hot... It might have been the casual white shirt he was wearing covering the California primaries. It might have been that Jason was given some prime assignments, Trump in CA and the death of Muhammad Ali. It was not a surprise reading his bio, that Jason was scouted by modeling agencies out of high school

 On assignment with Anderson Cooper

‘Broadway Bares’ Kicks Off A Sizzling Summer On Fire Island

The land of sun, sand and surf added some skin to the mix.
From: Huffington Post
 Some of Manhattan’s hottest and most able-bodied dancers dove headfirst into summer at New York’s premier gay resort last weekend with “Broadway Bares Fire Island.”

Conceived by director Michael Lee Scott, the two June 4 performances of “Broadway Bares Fire Island” raised $51,733 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, a non-profit group dedicated to AIDS-related causes across the U.S. The evening, which featured numbers ranging from lusty lumberjacks to a sexed-up, drag take on Marie Antoinette, was an intimate version of the annual “Broadway Bares” extravaganza, which hits New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom June 19.

This year’s installment, “Broadway Bares: On Demand,” will feature a “must-see TV” theme, with saucy vignettes depicting a game show, a sports game and even “The Bachelor.” The show will be directed by Nick Kenkel, who was the associate choreographer on the 2011 musical, “Catch Me If You Can.”

Check out a video of “Broadway Bares Fire Island,”  as well as a selection of steamy photos below.

Sydney Erik Wright, Alex Ringler, Justin Henry and Josh Bates. 
 Tap That
Rebecca Magazine, Adam Pellegrine and Heather Lea Bair

 Pump It
John Paul LaPorte, Tom Feeney, Cesar Abreu and David Baur

Matthew Steffens and Heather Lea Bair

Kristine Bendul and Waldemar QuiΓ±ones-Villanueva

Benjamin L. Horen, J. Morgan White, Lauren Gemelli,
AndrΓ©s Acosta and Dave August.  

Barrett Davis, John Paul LaPorte, Anthony Crouchelli and Rebecca Magazine

Dave August, David Baur, Alex Ringler, Sydney Erik Wright and AndrΓ©s Acosta. 

 We Kiki Pedi
Alex Ringler

Matthew Griffin and company

Matthew Steffens, Judah Frank, Tom Feeney
and the company of “Broadway Bares Fire Island.”

Plowed 1956
Marya Grandy and the company of  "Broadway Bares Fire Island"

Andrew Slane, Adam Pellegrine, Matthew Steffens
and the company of “Broadway Bares Fire Island.”

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