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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Equmen Joins the Movember Movement

Yes, you heard us correctly, your favorite supportive underwear brand, Equmen joins the Movember movement to support men’s health around the world. Every undershirt that is sold, $5.00 will go toward the Movember cause.

While you’re at it, you can also get 25% white singlets throughout the month of November by using the code: Movember13 at check out.  Since you’re already here, check out Equmen’s infographic on how to grow the perfect ‘Mo’ band how your mustache can help save men around the world.

Famished… | Male Boudoir Photography

It was a long day and silly Eric had skipped breakfast…  

Jason Saxon

From:  Dudes Exposed
 This is Jason Saxon, a 20-year old straight dude from northern Michigan. In his spare time he likes to play the guitar, get tattoos, smoke and get himself off. He currently has four tattoos, three are on his upper arm & one is above his chest. Jason has a cute face, a sexy, tight body and a nice, thick cock (believe me, he likes to show it off).  

Butter Sold Separately

From:  kenneth in the (212)

B & W

Cory Monteith in Bloody Mary

 Cory Allan Michael Monteith (May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013) was a Canadian actor and musician, best known for his role as Finn Hudson on the Fox television series Glee. Born in Calgary, Alberta, and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Monteith had a troubled adolescence involving substance abuse from age twelve; he left school at age sixteen. After an intervention by family and friends, he entered drug rehabilitation at age nineteen.
As an actor based in British Columbia, Monteith had minor roles on television series before an audition tape of him singing "Can't Fight This Feeling" helped to land him the most significant role of his career, Finn Hudson on Glee. Following his success on Glee, Monteith's film work included the movie Monte Carlo and a starring role in Sisters & Brothers. In a 2011 interview with Parade magazine, he discussed his history of substance abuse as a teen, and in March 2013, he again sought treatment for addiction. On July 13, 2013, he died of a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol in a Vancouver hotel room.

 Bloody Mary is a 2006 thriller-horror film written and directed by Richard Valentine.

The film begins with a group of nurses at a psychiatric hospital daring a fellow nurse, Nicole (Jessica Von), to go into the hospital's basement for a game of Bloody Mary. Playing what the others call "The Mirror Game", she releases the vengeful spirit and is snatched away. When Nicole is reported missing, her writer/reporter sister Natalie (Kim Tyler) decides to investigate on her own.
As the film progresses, more people are killed by the spirit of Bloody Mary (Richard Valentine) in gruesome ways while Natalie uncovers clues about the truth behind her sister's disappearance and Mary herself.
Near the end, almost all of the main characters are dead except for Natalie, who discovers that Bloody Mary is actually her mother

Check out the complete movie below:

Bad postcard of the week:

Plenty of room for ArtPrize entries in the Gerald R. Ford Museum lobby
September 22, 2012
From:  The Gand Rapids Press
Thousands of people are heading to Grand Rapids this weekend for ArtPrize, flooding venues including the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

Luckily they’ll find a lobby that looks a little better than this.

I couldn't resist pulling this classic bad postcard from the archives to coincide with the festival and the apparent new trend of incorporating our native son into some of the spectacular entries.

Yes, good places can produce bad postcards. Let me be perfectly clear, the Ford Museum is my favorite place in Grand Rapids.

It has outstanding exhibits. I routinely bring my journalism students to listen to fascinating guest speakers. And, this presidential history buff fills his Christmas list with items in the gift shop.

But none of those things are apparent in this boring postcard.

There are some pretty neat things in that atrium – somewhere beyond the impressive collection of potted plants.

Looks like one of those ashtray/garbage can things. And take a look at all those hangers! Yes, you can bring your coat, there is plenty of room on that rack. The floor sure is shiny.

The museum has hosted some incredible ArtPrize entries during the past three years, though for some reason, the artwork featuring President Ford has been housed elsewhere in the city.

Take last year’s President Gerald Ford Visits ArtPrize by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul. It was down the block from the museum, at the corner of Monroe and Pearl.

This year we have two. The Unknown Graffiti Artist has an image of the former president and first lady stenciled on the side of The B.O.B.

Then, also at The B.O.B, there is a massive Steam Pig-sized steel bust of Ford by Thomas Moran called Our President. Oh, sure, there are Jerry-3P0 jokes out there. But it was the first one I voted for this year.

Now, pandering is an ugly word and I’m not going to use it. I know that these gifted artists were inspired by 38th president and wanted to pay tribute – and would have done so even if the event was held in Buffalo. I happily hit the big “thumbs up” icon on the iPhone for all of them.

Maybe, when ArtPrize is over and the crowds have gone away, “Our President” can make its way over to the museum. There’s room for it in the lobby, once they move those potted plants away.


From:  Manhunt Daily
The five newest additions to The Ten have their work cut out for them! Last week’s hopeful contestants Landon Conrad, Michael Prince, Jonas, Simon and Dusty St. Amand failed to break the spell of our reigning quintet, as Titan Men model Kevin Lee pushed ahead of previous champions Ben Cohen and Lukas Ridgeston to become the “Sexiest Man of The Moment“.

Alas, the newbies aren't completely doomed! Stuart Reardon will be retired from the charts after today’s round. At least one of the five fresh faces will make it through, and if Fratmen model Gage continues to lose steam after peaking at second place two weeks ago, we could see as many as two (or more) creeping onto the countdown.
See pics of all ten contestants and the cast your vote here:
In the grand tradition of ten words or less…
1. KEVIN LEE (LW – 3, W3)
Here are 21 reasons to cast your vote for him.
2. BEN COHEN (LW – 1, W3)
You approve, even if Chad Hunter doesn't get the appeal…
Oh no! Lukas Ridgeston continues to slip after his comeback.
4. GAGE (LW – 5, W6)
Perhaps we shouldn't count him out? That fuzzy torso’s godlike.
Kiss this ass goodbye! Stuart is retired from the countdown.
Incredible body, incredible mind and just, overall, an incredible man.
Hung, hot breakout star of a recent Caption This competition.
Gay porn’s ultimate silver daddy. He’s nearly won this before.
Someone who should be banned from wearing anything but speedos.
Still skeptical? Take into consideration that he can do this.

Sunday November 24, 2013: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks

7 Must See Underwear Model GIFs

From: The Underwear Expert
 What did we do before GIFs? Stare blankly at still photos, helplessly waiting for them to come to life and repeat the same motions like a record skipping over and over and over and over, until we passed out from dehydration, dizziness, or both?

Well, now we get to keel over on the regular, especially when it comes to GIFs of underwear models hard at work. Showing off brands of all walks, including Calvin Klein Underwear, N2N and ES Collection, these fellas really have the stamina to keep going and going and going on the campaign trail.

Matt Terry gets right up in our face, daring us to think of a better look than black Calvins. We're at a loss. 

9 Worst Underwear GIFs of All Time

From:  The Underwear Expert
When it comes to the interwebs, there’s not a whole lot you can’t find. Everything from models with cat faces to more akward Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball parodies than you can stand, there’s something out there for everyone.

We here at The Underwear Expert love identifying new trends, reviewing our underwear, and catching up with our favorite models, but every now and then it’s fun to take an adventure into the great abysss known as the internet to see what we can find. From thongs gone wrong, to celebrities dancing in their undies on the freeway, we’ve collected the 9 Worst Underwear Gifs of All Time. Some of these underwear gifs are just plain horrible, some are head-scratching, and others are just plain nauseating and dizzying.

We are all about a good thong, and this guy apparently is too!

Favorite Pic Series of The Day: November 24, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Ricardo Villani

Ricardo Villani

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