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Friday, January 3, 2014

For The Love Of Watersports:11 Openly Gay Swimmers And Divers

From: Queerty
Dan Veatch

Though he may not have medaled at an Olympics, Veatch competed at the 1988 Games in Seoul. He was 23 and later recalled that he “had not dealt with my sexuality yet.” He missed the 1992 Games thanks to a pulled hammy but Veach went on to win nine medals at the 1998 Gay Games.


From: Manhunt Daily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I don't take myself too seriously and neither should you.

If I wink at you, it doesn't necessarily mean I want to have sex with you, but you know, maybe it might.

Classic Television - Prime Time

Wall Street Week
Original channel
Original run
November 20, 1970 – June 24, 2005
Presented by
Louis Rukeyser (1972–2002)
Karen Gibbs (2005)
Wall Street Week (WSW) (styled Wall $treet Week [W$W]) was an investment news and information TV program that was broadcast weekly each Friday on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States. It had a host (or hosts) and guest experts participating in discussions on the stock market and focused on forecasts. The show debuted on the entire PBS network on January 7, 1972.
The program, created by Anne Truax Darlington and produced by Maryland Public Television (MPT), aired from 1970 to 2005 and was officially titled Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser during the 32 years he hosted. Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser was announced by Alec Webb.
In June 2002, the show was modified, dropping Rukeyser and changing the name to Wall Street Week with Fortune. Rukeyser went on to host Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street on CNBC (cancelled on December 31, 2004 at Rukeyser's request due to continuing ill health), which was also distributed to PBS stations. Wall Street Week with Fortune, which was hosted by Geoff Colvin and former Fox News business correspondent Karen Gibbs, ended its PBS run on June 24, 2005.

ABC Afterschool Special

William: The Life, Works and Times of William Shakespeare
Original Air Date
January 3, 1973
Original Network
John Gielgud
Ralph Richardson
Lynn Redgrave
Special introducing William Shakespeare to young people through sketches, readings and music.

Bad postcard of the week:

Taking toll of the New Jersey Turnpike
From:  The Grand Rapids Press
You remember that magazine cover showing a New Yorker’s view of the world, with Manhattan, New Jersey and other places that we don’t all the way acknowledge?
That’s pretty accurate. I'm not sure some of my relatives really know where I live, and pointing to a spot on my palm doesn't help them.

I thought about that this week when I traveled back to the homeland and even spent some time in New Jersey.

New Yorkers generally acknowledge New Jersey. It’s kind of hard to deny because it is right there in plain view across the Hudson and both the Jets and Giants play there, though that is a very sore subject.

We don’t know a whole bunch about Jersey other than that Bruce Springsteen lives there and many residents describe where they live by telling you where they exit the New Jersey Turnpike.

Now neither of those things might be true – though we’re pretty confident about Springsteen – but remember the magazine cover.

That leads to this week’s bad postcard.

We piled on the folks up near the Mackinac Bridge for showing us postcards with tollbooths, but they’re amateur tollbooth celebrants compared to our friends in the Garden State.

Look at our green-bordered card. The bottom photo shows us the majestic tollbooth spread out wide with motorists making their contribution to paying off turnpike debt and upkeep.

Then, in the upper right, we get an aerial view of a tollbooth. Could it be the same one? We just don’t know. They all look similar.

Then, you might be wondering, “Where do they collect, count and disperse all of those quarters?” Well, wonder no more, because the upper left corner allows us to take in the New Jersey Turnpike administrative building!

It’s a somewhat distant view, I grant you. But the photographer must have wanted to include that tower in the background.

Because I know you are wondering, the Jersey Turnpike is 122.4 miles long and is the sixth-busiest toll road in the country.

It is famous for its rest stops, named after famous people who were born in New Jersey or worked there, including Clara Barton, Walt Whitman, Woodrow Wilson, Vince Lombardi and Grover Cleveland.

Wait, “The Boss” doesn't even get a rest stop?

Picky, Picky, Picky

"It's hard to meet women as a dad," Juan Pablo lied.

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis, hyped as the most stunning creature since ever, tells People (January 6, 2014) he looks for women who are Latinas with dark hair, sporty and Venezuelan.

But he's open.


From: Manhunt Daily

We wrote
If you missed JD Phoenix‘s scene with Pierre Fitch in the January 26th edition of The Cock Buffet, then we feel sorry for your poor unfortunate soul… Oh, we’re just pulling your leg!  It’s no secret that this boy has a damn sweet hole. However, it should be recognized that it’s even sweeter when stretched to full capacity by a rock-hard shaft… And Jake’s shaft definitely does the trick.

 Hooker Stories 2

If you missed JD Phoenix‘s scene with Pierre Fitch in the January 26th edition of The Cock Buffet, then we feel sorry for your poor unfortunate soul.

Oh, we’re just pulling your leg!  It that this boy has a damn sweet hole. However, it should be recognized that it’s even sweeter when stretched to full capacity by a rock-hard shaft… And Jake’s shaft definitely does the trick.

 Would you take that ass for a spin? The correct answer is “yes”.










Patrick Mark : 2014 Calendar

January 3rd is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Just in case you haven’t indulged enough over the festive and new year periods, Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is an excuse to break open another box of cherry liqueurs and dig right in.


Reichen Lehmkuhl

Reichen Lehmkuhl, (born Richard Allen Lehmkuhl; December 26, 1973) is an American former reality show winner, model, and occasional actor. A former United States Air Force officer, he is best known for winning season four of the reality game show The Amazing Race with his then-partner Chip Arndt, and for his much publicized 2006 relationship with pop singer Lance Bass.

2014 Oklahoma Firefighters Calendar

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