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Saturday, March 15, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote
 “He’s like Jimmy Fanz‘s younger brother with a dash of Adam Levine‘s swagger. More importantly? He’s one of the first Czech Hunter subjects who’s down to fuck from the very beginning. Sure, there’s the brief hesitation about his girlfriend and everything, but as soon as the wads of cash come out, he’s basically spreading his cheeks and begging to get rammed like a bitch.

 When we started our homepage project we realized how it is possible to talk straight boys into gay sex. Step by step. A little money here, a small bonus there and you can soon put your dick into their virgin asses. But this time I wanted to try something new. I wanted to find a guy who would agree on having sex with me for 25.000 crowns – right on the spot. And to even make the game a little bit more demanding he had to also find another guy from the street willing to join us for the same amount. I was finally able to persuade a guy who really looked like a fashion model. He insisted that he would do it because he was bi-curious. I insist that it was the money ;-).

Sumptuous: Tyler by James Spada

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Whenever I spend time with the work of James Spada, I am always impacted by the richness and texture he manages to capture. Although the models he captures are beautifully modern, through the artist lens, there is an rich and classical feel, a regal elegance that is usually reserved for dignitaries and royalty. 

 I love that although his images are clear, they are not overly lit which adds the texture in each shot. James incorporate lush fabrics and patterns which surround his subjects adding to sumptuous vibe. James is a master at draping the human body on, and over furniture in both an erotic, distinctly designed way. The men are not just posing for a photographer, they are sending a message to the viewer. With their eyes and with their bodies, they send a clear invitation, and RSVP that is impossible not to respond to. 

James Spada's depictions of the lavish and opulent is not restricted to only his imagery. James is a well known internationally best-selling biographer of the rich and famous including; Barbra Streisand, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford, John and Caroline Kennedy, Princess Grace, Bette Davis, Peter Lawford, Bette Midler, Jackie Onassis, Julia Roberts, Ronald Reagan, and many others others. You can check out his books, including his photography books on Amazon HERE:

Sumptuous and plush certainly describe Tyler Brown, the subject of this series from SpadaPhoto. Tyler is a multi-sport athlete with a natural physique and an all-American appeal. The 23 year old Southern California model has perfected both the come hither look, and the come hither pose. Tyler indeed has the look of the all-American guy, but behind his sexy grin, and behind those beautiful eyes, a sexy mischievous Tyler side is also keenly present making him even more appealing.

You can check out more of SpadaPhoto's work with Tyler, and many of the other men James has shot on his ebay page HERE:
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Perfect Combination Of Thick And Long...


From: Andrew Christian


A Cute As Fuck Otter

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