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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mike Douglas - UK Naked Men

 "Deep down in the dark woods, we stumbled across the very sexy Mike Douglas. Straight as he is, he eagerly strips naked and gives us a little nocturnal show, flashing, in turn, his rock-hard, uncut dick and tight, virgin arse hole." -- UK Naked Men
 Incredibly popular British model Adam Coussins appeared in a couple of scenes at UKNakedMen under name Mike Douglas.

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Vintage Bath House

Adam A for Undergear 2013

 Here are images of Adam for UnderGear 2013 Collection. Adam wears Elektrik® Ombre Swim Short and Metal Bikini H.I.M.® Windows Trunk 

Sign Language

With thanks to Luis in Chicago, who writes:
I thought of you and wanted to share a photo of a sign posted in a new pizza restaurant called Pie Hole.

Bad postcard of the week: Life and death in Gladstone, up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

From:  The Grand Rapids Press
Life and death in Gladstone, up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
The first and largest pet casket company is based here in Michigan.
Dear Mom and Dad. We’re having fun in the UP. Sorry to hear about Miss Kitty. I think the one of the left might work.”

Seriously, what exactly would you write on the back of a pet casket postcard?

This week we have a classic that was uncovered by MLive colleague Jonathan Oosting as he prepared to move to the new Lansing Hub.

It was sent in 1991 to former Ann Arbor News Metro Editor Rick Fitzgerald, who must have a soft spot for bad postcards.

The back reads: "Hoegh Industries, Inc. P.O. Box 311, Gladstone, MI 49837, Manufacturer of pet caskets in 6 sizes and 11 styles.

Gladstone is up in the Upper Peninsula, near Escanaba. I discovered the company still exists, and dialed away to learn about the bad postcard.

That must have been from the previous owners,” current boss Randy Carlson explained, wisely distancing himself from what is in the running for the coveted title of best bad postcard ever.

Being a nosy reporter, I just had to know more.

Turns out that Hoegh, which was formed in 1966, was the first pet casket company in the country and is probably still the largest in the United States. He gets orders from every state, and even some other countries.

Carlson explained that the company is a wholesaler, selling pet caskets to pet cemeteries, veterinarians, animal hospitals and some kennels.

The smallest is the No. 10 – because it is 10-inches long – and is suitable as the final home for your beloved hamster or parakeet who has gone on to its heavenly reward.

The biggest box is the No. 52 – you can guess why it’s called that – and is for your formidable Fido.

The big trend, Carlson said, is for caskets to be decorated in camouflage, inside and out.

That’s for your favorite hunting dog?” I asked.

That, and really for people who just love the outdoors,” he said.

What might one of these cost? Carlson said he sells wholesale, but believes the caskets retail for between $90 and $450.

That would have to be one amazing hamster. That would have to be for the hamster who discovers the house is on fire, breaks out of his cage, wakes the family and pulls little Bobby to safety with his little teeth.

I had the company’s website on my browser and was stopped dead in my tracks when a certain phrase caught my eye: Tours available, 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday-Friday.

You give tours?” I asked, incredulously.

Keep in mind; I’ll tour just about anything. We’re planning to stop at a missile silo museum in South Dakota on our way to Mount Rushmore. (We’re going to the Mitchell Corn Palace, too. Everybody goes to the Corn Palace.)

But the pet casket company?

All the time,” Carlson said. “We get some groups. Usually it’s people passing through. Mostly elderly folks who like to travel. People from all over the country. It’s a good tour.

I’m sure it is. And I thanked Carlson for being a good sport and answering all my questions.

So, if Detroit is the Motor City because of the auto industry, and if Grand Rapids is the newly crowned Beer City, U.S.A., what does Gladstone get as a nickname?

Brock & Danny - Active Duty

 "Guest director Mike jumps right into the action, apologizing to Brock and Danny for only introducing them a few minutes ago. Mike says he wants them to do a side-by-side jack-off and "see where it goes."

"Sound like fun?" Mike asks. Danny, who has only shot one scene with another guy, rubs his hands together and says he's "excited!" while Brock chuckles a bit.

Now, in Danny's earlier duo scene, he just laid back and let Bryce do all the work: Danny only got sucked off in that video. Today, things are going to be a little different, as Danny takes a step across the line and gives Brock a blowjob and jerks him off. 

We haven't seen blond Brock and his big dick in a while, so it's cool to see him back in Mike's open arms. Welcome back Brock!

I swear Danny tells Brock that he's "good looking" before he slips a hand onto Brock's thigh and starts to
grope him a bit. Either my hearing is going or Danny mumbles. I, of course, will blame Danny's marble mouth. lol.

Danny unbuttons Brock's shorts and slides his hand in, grabbing Brock's growing dick. Brock then takes it upon himself to undo Danny's pants and soon both guys have their hands in one another's pants. Danny shucks off his shorts, undies and T-shirt, leaving him stark naked next to Brock.

"He's got a nice cock, don't he Danny?" Mike asks, as Danny jerks Brock. "He does!" Danny says. Danny tries to chat up Brock a little bit, but he's really shy and a little awkward, but clearly into it.

Danny leans down and starts to suck Brock, and as soon as he gets his lips around Brock, he shoots his load! Dang, he's a sensitive one. Mike says, "can you give me another one?" Brock nods, so Danny keeps going, sucking Brock down until Brock shoots a second load. Then, Brock leans over and works Danny over with his hand. Soon enough, Danny takes over, eventually shooting his load all over his stomach.

The post-sex chat with Danny and Brock hints that we get a second go-round with the guys . . . We'll just have to wait and see!"-- Active Duty

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Bear Week Provincetown is in 35 Days... #BearWeek

These muscle bears are heading to Provncetown, are you?  Details here!

A sexy uruguayan actor, Martin

Check out these images of an Uruguayan actor, Martin

Kane Turner - Hard Brit Lads

Kane Turner
6' 2"
Cock size
7 inches uncut
Hair Colour
Light Brown
Eye Colour

 Sexy Ex-Army lad Kane Turner is a big lad, 6 foot 2, with very broad shoulders and chest, and strong well muscled legs. His body is smooth and he has a nice uncut dick, a good thickness too. Kane is straight, and keeps very fit with gym and running, and is a very confident lad too.

Caught in the act...

Just Because....

5 Wish List Celebrity Underwear Models

From:  Queerty
Colin Egglesfield – The picture says it all, come on Colin!

Soak in what you see above. Although we cannot discredit Colin Egglesfield’s skills as a TV actor, this picture makes us wonder if he may have been better suited as an underwear model. And he’s not the only one! Sure acting, singing, and playing sports are all important things. But we need underwear models to lust after as well. Take a look at our gallery below of some famous celebs that we think could have settled for a career in the underwear industry instead of pursuing their other dreams, and find more wish list celebrity underwear models here.

Adam Levine – In underwear or completely naked. We’ll take either.

Alexander Skarsgard
The only reason anyone watches True Blood anymore.

Ryan Gosling
Hey girl, we’d love for you to show off that body a little more.

Ryan Reynolds – Yeah that was a given.

It’s Getting Hairy

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