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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dish of the Day #1858: Spring Cleaning Week

Today's Dish is Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan
From: Deep Dish

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
The Serial: A Year in the Life of Marin County 
Cyra McFadden

This satirical novel about life in Marin County, California, was originally serialized in the Marin County alternative weekly newspaper, Pacific Sun, in 1976. And in 1980, it became a film starring Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld and Sally Kellerman.

Cosmo Centrefold Hall of Fame

From: Cosmo UK
Swedish Dance Act

Jonas Erik Altberg (born 22 December 1984 in Halmstad), better known by his stage name BassHunter (Swedish pronunciation: /ˈbeɪs.hʌn.tər/) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ. He recorded five studio albums: LOL <(^^,)> (2006), Now You're Gone – The Album (2008), Bass Generation (2009), The Early Bedroom Sessions (2012) and Calling Time (2013). According to 2014 Extensive Music label figures, more than six million BassHunter records have been sold. In addition to his own music, he has written and produced for a great number of artists. He also took part in the seventh series of Celebrity Big Brother, the British edition of Fort Boyard and the Weakest Link in 2010.

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars:

From:  Boy Culture
Get Bentley
Jim Bentley 

As ubiquitous in the business as someone's face covered in the stuff of life, Nordic blond Bentley worked for at least 20 years, starting in 1983 as a scrupulously versatile performer. Perhaps most famous for the various Splash Shots (1985) installments, he's known as a hearty presence in every scene. He's also an open book, having written the memoir Last Time I Drew a Crowd. In 2008, he addressed a Yahoo! group devoted to his fabulousness thusly:
"I am alive and well and living in California. I am really looking forward to hearing from all of you. I am single and still gorgeous."
Considering the fate of so many of his contemporaries, bitch had a right to be braggadocious.

40 Musical Reasons Why Dolly Parton Is A Groundbreaking Genius, In Chronological Order

From: OMG
It’s All Wrong, But It’s Alright

It is overtly sexual and raised a few eyebrows at the time. We love the line “could I use you for a while?”.

Happy Birthday today March 22nd

Happy 58th to actor Matthew Modine!

Check out my visual flashback to Vision Quest's weigh in scene with Matthew 
& Michael Schoeffling HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 21, 2016

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Craig by studio MG photography


From: Brent's Auto Wall

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