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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The Bear From Ipanema

"Recently traveled to Rio de Janeiro and spent and afternoon at Ipanema beach. While laying out getting some sun I realized I had an admirer, a hot smooth boy probably in his late 20s. He kept stealing sideways glances at me. I love to show myself off, so I gave him a bit of a show, stretching out, rubbing my chest and the bulge in my Speedo, even reached into my Speedo once or twice to adjust myself. He was looking at me but trying not too and grabbing a bit at his crotch.
 Since I wanted some pics I asked this boy if he'd mind snapping a few of me playing in the water. While he took them I could see his hard cock pressing against his swim trunks. He was obviously excited by me and I must admit it got me excited and I was getting hard. Unfortunately he seemed kind of nervous and rushed off after giving me back my camera. Would've liked the chance to thank him properly for helping me out. "-- Brent Cage

Third Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors

From:  OUT


Want to make a move? Check out his Facebook page. 

Just Because...

Holiday 1991

Playgirl's Real Men of the Month
John Chandler, Rik Morocco, Bill Lutz, and Larry Peterson

Jon Londono (Nude inside and also appears as the centerfold) photographed by Robert Cunningham

PLAYGIRL's Best Buns of '91: Who's Got 'Em?
Share The Joy Of Giving: The Gift of Sex
Love For Sale: The Bizarre World of Sexual Therapy
The Parent Trap: Can Your Man Get Out Alive?
Some of this year's best shots snuck up from Roasted behind. Finally, PLAYGIRL brings up the rear...
 Thomas James

 Mark Simon

 Don Masters
 Al Chandler
 Damian Achilies

 Joe Almeida
 Peter Romero
 Marco Dollenz

 Costas Boxikis
Keith Rivera

The Best of a Mouthfull

The Book, page 4, Randy Spears

 "And now one of my favorites of all time: Randy Spears 
 "This top photo is Randy West and Tori Welles. Randy W. is looking reasonably hot and buff, but below is my boy Randy Spears, who makes many more appearances in "The Book". The two photos together have some nice symmetry i guess, but it's really all about Mr. Spears for me. The way he's grabbing the girls ass while staring down at her in this photo seems...convincing I guess? He at least seems caught up in the moment. Also note the cigarettes on the bedstand...nice touch huh? Randy always kinda seemed like that guy who got all the girls and you'd be jealous of, but he was also so normal looking...very guy next door. I thought he had a perfect body: muscly, but natural looking too. And that awesome hairy chest....I still think about him in the shower..... Randy Spears was one of very few straight male porn stars of the time that had a wide enough appeal that he could appear in solo videos supposedly marketed toward women (he was in two: "Stud Squad" (out of print) and "Straight to Bed" (Catalina). The 6 photos of him I posted are early internet finds from a time where there were no sites dedicated to male porn stars. He stood out not only to me I guess. Now he has a yahoo fan site called "Spear me Randy"." -- Gay Porn Obesession

Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane (born Thomas Elliott III; February 22, 1969) is an American actor and comic book writer, best known for his roles in Deep Blue Sea (1999), 61* (2001), The Punisher (2004), The Mist (2007), and Hung (2009–2011).

i could watch this beardy kissing gif all day…

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