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Monday, October 7, 2013

Your Nightly Briefing

From:  Boy Culture
We have hot pictures of the dancers of the Adonis (L.A.) showing off in their FU Underwear during an event for the fledgling undies brand.

31 Days of Halloween Men

Alex Minsky, quite possibly the world’s sexiest amputee.

The CAPTION THIS Contest For October 7th!

From:  Dlisted
 After the jump, check out the winning caption for October 4th!

Photo for my bday invite.- 2010

From: Noodles and Beef

Alan B. Stone and the Senses of Place

 This historical exhibition  that was at  SF Camerawork, a few years ago,  examined the social and cultural conditions affecting the life and work of Alan B. Stone, a gay photographer who worked prolifically in Montreal, Canada from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Writer, historian and curator David Deitcher, (Affectionate Men) who also grew up in Montreal, presented Stone's work as a means of exploring some of the ways in which Deitcher himself subjectively experiences, uses, and is affected by photographs.

Stone (1928-1992) considered himself a commercial photographer, not an artist. His photographs of postwar Montreal reflected the period of economic and social repression. His early photos scouting photos are subtly erotic, reflecting an oblique sexual point of view that carries through much of his work.

Beginning in 1953 under the name Mark One Studio, Stone was marketing male physique photos. "With their dubious claims to athleticism and/or art, such magazines offered a dime-thin veneer of deniability to closeted customers."

Deitcher goes on to observe that: "The photographs made under the Mark One name also document Stone's personal connection (or lack thereof) to a sense of gay community." Living at home with his Mother until her death, he photographed short models in the basement, tall models outdoors.

"Whats it like being a nudists?" -- Anonymous

"Here’s a photo of me at Bonny Doon beach, one of my favorite nude beaches in Santa Cruz. Weather permitting, this is where my family would spend weekends.

I don’t really consider myself a nudist.  I was just raised in a clothing optional family and that feels more normal to me than wearing clothes.  Especially at home or the beach." -- Noodles and Beef

Al Parker

"They don’t come much bigger than Al Parker. His huge personality, massive cock and balls dominated the pre-condom gay porn years.

Born in Massachusetts, he epitomized the clone look, signed on to do porn with Rip Colt, went on to form the legendary Surge Studios and even had his foreskin restored!

During his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in the business and appeared in such classics as The Other Side of Aspen as well as other movies for the great Falcon outfit.

Now, looking at the pic… if you were heading to jail, wouldn’t you mind seeing him standing there waiting for you in the cell?" -- Vintage Gay Stars

One Direction's Liam Payne has underwear stolen, then seen going camando, shows lack of "manscaping."

A group of fans attempted to break into Liam Payne's hotel room and stole his boxers causing commotion outside while the star was asleep.
He wrote on Twitter: 'Strangest way I've ever been woken up, When ur in bed butt naked an sum1 is trying to force open your balcony this is gunna be a strange day.
'So happy I woke up cuz that s**t would have been so unfair (sic).'
Liam later revealed that while the fans hadn't got into his room, they had managed to get their hands on some of his underwear.  
He wrote: 'Hmmm somebody stole my boxers I'm so embarrassed. 
'So how this happened... I went in the sea in those hotel staff put them outside to dry sum1 climbed on and stole them just to set the scene.'
Managing to laugh about the situation, Liam added: '#breakIntoSomeonesHouseAndStealThereUnderwearDay right I'm off to scarlett johansson's house.'

Later that afternoon, it seems that  Payne may have had only one pair of underwear with him,  as he revealed more than he may have intended 
As the topless 20-year-old star admired the view from his hotel balcony on Jonah's Whale Beach he almost gave his fans an extra thrill.

 The star was topless and was wearing minimal clothing in the heat

 Already he had  attracted considerable female attention at his Sydney hotel

 Payne almost reveals his assets as his jogging pants drop dangerously low

 Payne pulls up his sagging jogging pants and saves his modesty

 Now he ties them up to make sure that they stay up.  I guess we now can assume that Payne travels with only one pair of underwear and that he is not  much of a "manscaper".  Neither of which are a bad thing.

Guess His Dick #21: Reveal

From:  Queer Click
Well? Have you taken some time to mull it over? What kind of heat is this fleshlight-loving kind-of-sort-of twink packing?





The verdict
 6.5 inches, cut.
The fleshlight pictures suggest that this guy is a bit of a freak, so we wouldn't be shocked to learn that he's done some porn. He certainly has the cock for it. Does anyone recognize him?

Akemi - Straight Fraternity

 "This is the Straight Fraternity audition tape for 25-year-old Akemi, a straight Puerto Rican and Japanese guy with a really upbeat personality and a thick and veiny uncut cock.

 Akemi gets comfortable on the couch and answers some questions about himself, school and being a Marine. He tells me about a fight he was in, then strips down to his boxer briefs and brightly colored ankle socks...

 I know Akemi is strong and flexible, so I make him show me some tricks. He's really good at controlling his body! Akemi lies back on the couch naked and jacks his uncut cock while he tells me about having sex with girls...

 Akemi remembers the first time he ever jacked off, and he keeps stroking his big cock in front of me. After a false start, he finally releases his two-day load and explains how it felt..." -- Straight Fraternity

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