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Friday, May 23, 2014

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
Suzanne Vega
Her biggest chart single, it earned her Grammy nominations in 1988 for Record and Song Of The Year, and Female Pop Vocal. It was one of the first pop songs to deal with child abuse, but wouldn’t be the last. In fact, another song came out around the same time dealing with the issue, but it was a terrible, terrible, terrible piece of crap that we’ll get into with our next briefs list … The Worst Songs Of The 80′s.

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

From: Buzz Feed
A Good Movie to Watch
Do you spend all your Netflix time trying to figure out which movie to watch? Problem solved!

Your Nightly Briefing:

 Are You A Prisoner Of CellBlock 13?
CellBlock 13's G-Force Collection is almost too hot to handle.

Classic Television - Prime Time

Monty Nash
Original channel
Original run
September 24, 1971 - December 14, 1971
Harry Guardino
Monty Nash is an American drama series that aired in syndication from 1971 to 1972. It was based on a series of spy novels by Richard Telfair that were published from 1959 to 1961.

The series centered on Monty Nash, a government investigator who went undercover to catch criminals, including counterfeiters and smugglers.

25 Albums Every Gay Guy Should Hear

From: Next Magazine
Janet Jackson
For me, The Velvet Rope was like Janet on sex drugs. The Velvet Rope is like, “I’m into S&M and I’m gonna tell you about it!” It was the same blueprint as Janet, but Janet has softer edges. Sensuality. Sexuality. Becoming a woman. The videos for “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “If”—I think those set the standard for what I see as sensual for most of my life. And I think that in an age where the gay ear is increasingly tuned to a really abrasive EDM sound, the sound that you get on Janet is something that you can put on and open a bottle of wine and learn what being sensual and sexy is again. —RM

Janet (stylized as janet.) is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Janet Jackson, released on May 18, 1993 by Virgin Records. Prior to its release, Jackson was at the center of a high-profile bidding war over her recording contract. In 1991, her original label A&M sought to renew her contract, while others, such as Atlantic, Capitol, and Virgin all vied to sign her. After meeting with Virgin owner Richard Branson, she signed with the label for a $40 million contract, making her the world's then-highest paid musical act, renewing it in 1996 for $80 million.

Due to increasing commentary that her success in the music industry was attributed to being a member of the Jackson family and a producer-dependent artist, she made a concentrated effort to take greater creative control of her new album. Its title, read "Janet, period.", is meant to disassociate her public image from that of her family, essentially dropping the Jackson surname. She wrote all lyrics for the album, in addition to co-producing every song and co-writing each of their arrangements with record producers and long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. While the use of contemporary R&B and rap had been standard in her music, she broadened her compositions by incorporating hip hop, opera, house and jazz, eliminating the rigid, industrial sound found in her previous records.

Although considered to be less innovative than Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) and Control (1986), critical reception was predominately positive. In light of the fact that she composed much of the album's material and took a greater role as producer, Janet has been credited as a truer testament of her independence than Control. While she had once garnered a reputation as an advocate for sexual abstinence with her 1986 single "Let's Wait Awhile", the theme of Janet is sexual intimacy—an abrupt departure from her well-known conservative image. Much of the acclaim for the album was centered around her lyrics that emphasized the female perspective on sexuality, as well as the demand for practicing safe sex.

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with the largest first week sales in history for a female artist at the time. It became Jackson's third consecutive album to top the chart, as well as reaching the number one position in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Certified sixfold platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and is one of the world's best-selling albums. It cemented her as an international icon and sex symbol, and is listed by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the 200 Definitive Albums of All Time.

It produced six top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. "That's the Way Love Goes" became her most successful single in the United States, staying atop the Hot 100 for eight weeks, as well as topping the singles charts in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It received two Grammy Award nominations in 1994, winning Best R&B Song. Her ballad "Again"—written for the feature film Poetic Justice—also topped the Hot 100 and garnered nominations for the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song. Academics have noted that the erotic imagery in her music videos released to promote the album's singles have contributed to a higher degree of sexual freedom among women. The MTV-sponsored Janet World Tour supporting the album received critical acclaim for Jackson's elaborate stage performances, reinforcing her reputation as one of the preeminent artists of the MTV generation.

Friday May 23, 2014 Hunk of the Day

From: Daily Hunks

2013 Hot 100

From: The Backlot

BORN: May 27, 1990 (age 23) Clovis, CA
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″ (1.79 m)

Hats off to Chris for being out from the very start of his career and flawlessly portraying his groundbreaking character on Glee. Not only was there no one like Kurt before he came around; there was no one like Chris! Singing, acting, screenwriting, a series of children’s novels… is there anything he can’t do?



From: Manhunt Daily
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
east european guy
single 33 6.0 180 31w , fit and fun guy in Hamilton/Toronto looking for friends and maybe more .

41st Daytime Emmy Awards - Outstanding Special Class Animated Program

And the nominees are:

Dan Vs.

Peter Rabbit

The Clone Wars

Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters

Shake Your Flag For Jor Countries Swimwear

From: The Underwear Expert
 Jor Countries Swimwear is now available in briefs and shorts ($39.90) with flag motifs. Russia, Union Jack, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, and France’s flags just for you. Whether you’re actually showing off the same country as your passport, or just feel like an homage to the romance of the old country — you can’t go wrong with these.

 One part Olympic, another part chic, a third part national fetish — most men can find a way to wear these not just with confidence but pride. And let’s face it, some of these flags are pretty damn cool. Made out of 84% nylon and 22% spandex for all your comfort needs.

 The Jor Countries Swimwear collection is available in sizes S-XL. 

 Which flag fits your bum? Let us know in the comments.

CellBlock 13 G-Force Collection

From: The Underwear Expert
 Premier underwear Los Angeles based-brand, CellBlock 13 has done the unthinkable by successfully combining fashion with fetish, with the debut of their newest collection, G-Force.

 The collection is inspired by locker rooms that everyone has spent time in, modeled after Jr. High and High School gyms, where jocks ruled in their jockstraps. The brand new collection is comprised of three styles: jockstraps ($28), shorts ($44) and singlets ($69). The jockstraps are made out of a black stretch sports mesh that is surrounded by a contrast color binding in four different colors to choose from: yellow, red, blue, and grey. Both the shorts and the singlets are made with high-density spandex and stretch sports mesh in the four different color patterns.

 While the brand is notorious for appealing to those in the fetish scenes, this new collection appeals to the masses for its fashionable colors and construction along with its versatility. Every item in the collection comes with a removable plastic athletic cup that can easily be inserted or taken out. Pair them with a pair of CellBlock 13 Crew or Renegade socks and your favorite leather harness and you’ll be set for International Mr. Leather!

 “Gear is the most important thing to people who attend fetish events with the kick off of the season at IML (International Mr. Leather) leading into Folsom, Dore Alley, LA Leather Week, Folsom Berlin, Fetish Week in London,  Claw, and all the leather pride events throughout the year all the way through to MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather) in January,” said Timoteo Ocampo, Chief Creative Director and Co-Owner of CellBlock 13.  “Our clients take these events very seriously and they want gear designed for them that take into account the heritage of all things leather and fetish.  Gear Nights are a popular events at clubs all across the world and we are at the center of some of those events.” 

Along with the launch of the G-Force collection, we are happy to share the exclusive premier of the G-Force video. Directed by Timoteo Ocampo and starring model Israel Zamora, the video showcases the G-Force collection, which is set to be the hottest gear seen at any of the IML events this year! Sticking to the brand’s natural aesthetic, the video was filmed in a darker, grittier setting to resemble an actual cellblock. Israel shows of the functionality of the removable athletic cup by modeling the looks with and without it,  all while wearing a puppy mask to invoke a growing fetish known as puppy play. See the video in full view below!

Oh Idris…

"I ask guys to pick a name for me to use – and so often it’s a real struggle to find something fitting.
When that happens I suggest thinking of an actor, first crush – someone that really gets you going.
Meet Idris.
(it gets exponentially hotter as he wears fewer clothes)" -- Marlen Boro


From: Manhunt Daily
 There are vicious rumors (perpetuated by my own behavior) that I’m exclusively interested in fuzzy dudes with thicker builds, facial hair and perhaps most widely known, hairy asses. These are lies, all lies! Some of the best sex I’ve had has been with guys who have shaved or naturally smooth holes, just going down on them for hours before sliding my stiff cock deep inside.

 I’m bringing this up, because I want you to know how much I genuinely want to fuck Manhunt member niord. This 29 year-old fellow from Madrid has a tight, lean body and a smooth ass I could devour ’til we both collapsed. He’s on the shorter side at 5’6″, which only makes him appeal to me even more! It would be an honor to throw him around and make him cum. Preferably, multiple times.

Ripon, Catalonia, Spain

 In Barcelona
Good! Barcelona boy living in Madrid would like to meet people to ... depends what inspires me ... and q if you want to know what we could get you and me ... I do not know, write a little message and you see. 
Porfa, healthy, young and good vibes guys. I am well and not asking less than what I offer. If you are one of those, tell me something and see! 



Kyle Krieger - INSTINCT - July 2014

From: kenneth in the (212)
Kyle Krieger Covers INSTINCT

Hard to believe celebrity hairstylist and budding photographer Kyle Krieger claims he doesn't like to have his photo taken. (I like when he does.) Read HERE.

Jason Varitek

 Jason Andrew Varitek (/ˈværɨtɛk/; born April 11, 1972), nicknamed 'Tek', is a former American Major League Baseball catcher for the Boston Red Sox. He currently works for the Red Sox as a "Special Assistant to the General Manager". After being traded as a minor league prospect by the Seattle Mariners, Varitek played his entire major league career for the Boston Red Sox. A three-time All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner at catcher, as well as a Silver Slugger Award winner, Varitek was part of both the 2004 World Series and 2007 World Series Championship teams, and was viewed widely as one of the team's leaders. In December 2004 he was named the captain of the Red Sox, only their fourth captain since 1923. He was a switch-hitter.

 Varitek is one of only two players, along with pitcher Ed Vosberg, to have played in the Little League World Series, College World Series, and Major League World Series. He additionally participated in Olympic Baseball and the World Baseball Classic. His Lake Brantley High School baseball team won the Florida State Championship his senior year in 1990 and was named the number one high school baseball team in the nation by a USA Today poll. Varitek caught an MLB-record four no-hitters.

 Varitek has three daughters from his first marriage, Kendall, Alexandra and Caroline. He and his first wife, the former Karen Mullinax, divorced in 2008. Varitek married Catherine Panagiotopoulos on November 26, 2011 and their first child, Liv Jordan Varitek, was born on May 27, 2012. Varitek's brother Justin Varitek is a member of the Rollins College baseball team coaching staff. Varitek is a Christian.

 Yes, our “We Need A New Feature” poll(s) resulted in our expansion of Hot Rugger to The Locker Room! You guys wanted it, you guys are getting it. We’re going to highlight the hottest jocks from any sport you can think of! From synchronized swimming to that awesome event where you ski and then shoot something. That’s my favorite.

We’ll start off with baseball, and a local favorite – Jason Varitek. He’s the burly catcher for the Boston Red Sox. The multiple World Series-winning Sox had a DISMAL season last year, and are under  criticism for pretty much phoning it it. This season – we’re sure things will improve. If they don’t, at least we have Varitek’s big round catcher’s butt to admire. He squats for a living and it shows.
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