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Saturday, January 4, 2014

BEST OF 2013

From: Yummy of the Day
 Say Cheese
Photographer: Justin Violini

 "The "Say Cheese" posts are my personal favorites. I love showcasing the work of creative and artistic photographers. Especially when their subject matter is delicious men." -- Mac


For The Love Of Watersports:11 Openly Gay Swimmers And Divers

From: Queerty

Johan Kenkhuis

As one of only eleven openly gay athletes at the 2004 Olympic games, Kenkhuis snatched a silver medal in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay, adding to the bronze he won four years earlier in Sydney. The Dutchman retired in 2006 but along the way this happened:

Yummy of the Day 12/31/2013

From: Yummy of the Day
Room With a View



We wrote Ever since Manhunt Daily‘s favorite porn pup Josh Long announced his early retirement, we've been forced to find solace between the fuzzy cheeks of Jimmy Fanz. Sure, he might not possess the same boyish “cute neighbor mowing the lawn” look that made Josh so damn appealing, but he makes up for it in other ways. In particular? Hairy ways.”

 "Jimmy Fanz and Downtown LA are a good match. This fuzzy fucker flew into LaLa Land and melted our hearts instantly. We took him to a rooftop, and Jimmy looked awestruck by the beautiful LA landscape. He took off his shirt, bathed in the California sun and started to get hard right then and there. 

 We took him indoors, and he started to paw at himself. As his cock grew bigger, his jeans and briefs were too constricting. They had to go. As he finally lay there naked on the couch, he starts to stroke his hard cock with one hand, and run his fingers through his chest hair with the other. He looks into the camera and smiles. 

 He loves that he is being watched. He loves that you are about to shoot a load watching him. He gets up and turns around to show his hot hairy hole. He finger fucks himself for a while until he just cannot take it anymore. He turns around and starts to furiously beat his meat in the middle of the room. He wants to cum and he wants you to watch. Finally he shoots a gushing load all over the floor, taking the last few drops on his finger and lapping them up. His eyes lit up as he tasted his hot jizz. Jimmy Fanz had a good first day in LA, and we are sure as hell glad he came. Literally." -- Randy Blue

Orest Daszo by Les Demi Dieux

Artist Re-Imagines Disney Dudes With Beards

From: NewNowNext
Iillustrator Annie Erskine has given us something we didn’t even know we desperately needed: Disney dudes with beards!
Prince Phillip


The Sultan of Agrabah
 Earlier, Erskine re-imaged some historically bearded Disney characters without their telltale fuzz
The Lion King‘s Scar

The Little Mermaid‘s King Triton


Paris, France

Viewer discretion is advised

BUTT: Does being alone scare you?

Arthur: I'm not alone


Robert Rex

 "Robert Rex is another one of my favorite beefcake models. I am not completely certain, but think he began modeling in the late 50's and early 60's. I like the tattoos he sports in his later photographs." --Mike

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