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Monday, November 14, 2016

15 Thoughts You Have When Browsing Grindr Over Thanksgiving

From: NewNowNext
I’ve been on here for 2 minutes and I already got a “Looking?” message. Keep it classy, hometown.

Roy Ourso - ADVOCATE MEN - November 1984

November 1984

Neal Shaw [Neil Shaw] (cover-center – Fred Bisonnes)
Rick Kennedy (Fred Bisonnes)
Joe Tolbe (Fred Bisonnes)
Roy Ourso (Fred Bisonnes)
Face Man: Trev Michaels (Fred Bisonnes)
Showcase: Tom of Finland
Showcase: Stephen Savage
Donelan Cartoon
Beginning the Saga of Pecky Bunscock” ill: Bisonnes
 “The Taking of Tits Capra” by Art Boyce
 “Transfigured Night” by Geoff Mains
 “Samurai Duty” by Guy Shore, ill: Forbes
 “5 Blonds” by Bill August, ill: Bisonnes

 Roy Ourso

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 14, 2015

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Rex Cameron by Covet Image

He’s Naked: Brandon Myers from ‘MTV’s Ex On The Beach’

From: OMG
 Brandon Myers is one of those tricks from MTV’s EX ON THE BEACH, and Tumblr has revealed some pretty impressive snaps of Brandon this week. It’s nice to see he has a sense of humor too! 

MAN CANDY: Argentinian Rugger & Ginger Bear Andres Enrique Gets his Kit Off

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
 Well, we know we referred to him as a ‘bear’, but does that work if he’s not hairy? Or is ‘rugger’ a separate entity altogether? Hmm, we’re not quite sure (we care). Andres Enrique is the stocky Argentinian prop for Delta FC rugby team; that’s some kind of prop if you ask us… Apparently, Enrique has caused speculation as to whether he posted the nudes himself, as he’s remained quiet over their circulation. They’re onto you! Quick, gurl! Cry catfish! 

Anti-Gay Former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Whines About Being ‘Poked, Prodded, and Probed’

From: Towleroad
Disgraced former Illinois congressman Aaron Schock complained in a press conference last week about being “poked, prodded, and probed” by the FBI during its 19 month investigation into Schock’s criminal corruption.

Schock’s troubles began when it came to light that his congressional office was styled in the manner of Downton Abbey and that he illegally accepted design services for free. Schock, who has long been rumored to be gay and has a history of anti-gay views, resigned from congress in 2015.

Earlier last week, Schock was officially indicted by a grand jury.

Schock maintains his innocence and says that the investigation into his wrongdoing was politically motivated. He also tabbed Hillary Clinton in his response to the indictment, saying, “Unlike some politicians I didn’t delete my emails.”

ABC News reports:

The 52-page indictment accuses the once-rising Republican star, Aaron Schock, of brazen efforts to make money, such as buying World Series tickets with campaign funds and reselling them at a profit. When Schock risked missing a connecting flight for a European vacation, the indictment alleges, he paid a private aircraft company more than $8,000 out of his campaign account to fly him from Peoria to Washington.
Schock spent $40,000 in government funds to redecorate his Washington office, including $5,000 on a chandelier, and asked the House to reimburse him for nearly $30,000 worth of camera equipment, prosecutors allege. The indictment says he ran up a $140,000 mileage tab over six years, reimbursements for 150,000 more miles than his vehicles actually traveled.
The 35-year-old Republican from Peoria is charged in the 24-count indictment with nine counts of wire fraud, five of falsification of election commission filings, six of filing false federal income tax returns, two of making false statements and one each of mail fraud and theft of government funds. A conviction on just one count of wire fraud alone carries a maximum 20 year prison sentence. His arraignment is set for Nov. 21.

Watch Schock make his remarks, below.

ADVOCATE: Pulse Survivors Are People Of The Year 2016

From: Boy Culture
Advocate has chosen the heroes of Pulse as its People of the Year for 2016, commemorating the dead and the survivors with a cover that speaks both of the terrorist attack's attempt to silence us and of our community's defiance and strength.

From the piece:

Most of the club goers were killed or wounded in the first 20 minutes—including Angel Colon, who was shot multiple times in his leg and side.
“The first shots,” he says, “they were super loud—and super hot. We dropped our drinks, and all we could hear was pop pop pop pop.”
Colon evacuated the club early in the standoff between Mateen and Orlando police—but only after Mateen came out to the dance floor and fired once again on the rows of bodies. Colon called over an officer who was 15 feet away. “Please come get me,” he said.
That night changed not only Colon’s life but the lives of LGBTs everywhere. The survivors of Pulse have become unlikely advocates for a community grappling with this tragedy—the worst single-person mass shooting and the deadliest violent act against LGBT people in U.S. history.


From: Banana Blog
Once again, I was on the lookout for a good “fucking” clip to post (I need to post more of those I know!). Here’s one I’d downloaded a while back but never got around to putting it up.

It doesn’t really need much setup. Just think: “Eager bottom wants to get pounded harder.  Top is more than willing to comply!”

A Beefy Mark-Paul Gosselaar Poses Nude To Promote New Baseball Drama

Play ball!
From: NewNowNext
 Mark-Paul Gosselaar is looking beefier these days: The former teen idol is now starring as the captain of the first baseball team to hire a female pitcher on Fox’s Pitch.

 To play catcher Mike Lawson, Gosselaar packed on the pounds, devouring more than 3,000 calories a day and training religiously.

All that hard work deserves to be celebrated, so when risque photos of Ginny (Kylie Bunbury) surface, Gosselaar and his teammates strip down for a magazine spread to help diffuse the PR scandal.

“We were training four times a week when we weren’t working—for three hours a day,” he tells Vulture.

“And then while we’re working, it’s basically any open slot we could get, we were either batting or throwing or catching… It’s been the most intense, physically taxing job that I’ve had.”

As for the beard, Gosselaar says it’s grown on him, literally and physically. His wife is another matter.

“I just think [she] would rather that I had it a little bit shorter. She likes scruff, not looking like a bear.”

We think you look just fine as a bear, Mark.

Joe's Jocks

From: Speed o Rex


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