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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peeping Tom:

From:  Next Door Magazine

The CAPTION THIS Contest For September 23rd!

From:  Dlisted
  After the jump, check out the  winning caption for September 20th!


From:  Straight Boy Self Pics
 Remember this sexy mother fucker? Well now he bares all! Enjoy his mammoth cock! 

Dish of the Day #1248: Boxers or Briefs?

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. If you haven't yet voted in last week's Deep Dish Pool Party, choose your three favorite hunks in the sidebar poll here.

Today's Dish is John Cherland by photographer Michael Davis.

another one

"this actually come out better than i though" -- BiG Xinxin

This almost enough to make me a "Michigan"Fan


Jake Butt is over 6 feet tall and 237 pounds of pure muscle. He's a freshman playing a key role for a top-20 football team in the Michigan Wolverines. And he's got a very bright future to look forward to after choosing to play for the Wolverines over a host of national programs, including Stanford and UCLA.

But his last name is also Butt. To make matters worse, he plays the tight-end position — making him, yes, a tight end named Butt.

This has, in the immature world of college sports, predictably led to many sophomoric jokes at Butt's expense. But Butt took a go-to move out of the pubic relations handbook this weekend by getting ahead of the story, and mocking his critics' juvenile humor in one fantastic Twitter post:
Perfect. He even nailed it with the username.





From:  Manhunt Daily
 With you! That’s pretty much all anjinjorio’s profile says. But do you really need anymore? He’s from Rio and looks like that. “See what happens” could mean anything! It could mean let’s have coffee, and then use the lube! It could mean fuck coffee, fuck me! Anything could happen
botafogo guy
Vendo o que acontece...

America’s Sexiest States

BuzzFeed ranked states by how often people there have sex (practical sexiness) and how sexy they are (superficial sexiness). Could be a good reason to move — or at least take a vacation.
From:  Buzz Feed
We figured there are two ways to think of sexiness.

Having that stereotypical Barbie and Ken appearance. Like those pesky Joneses you’re always trying to keep up with. Or the mean girls. Kinda what Abercrombie & Fitch is going for, but with shirts on.
Or the frequency and competency with which you actually have sex. Closing the deal is probably the most important part. I mean, let’s be real — sex is the root of the word.

So we collected some state-by-state data and mapped it out.

For superficial sexiness, we gathered stats on looks and success in life. The looks include obesity rates and media-driven superlatives (Miss Americas, People’s Sexiest Men Alive and Most Beautiful, Playboy Playmates, and GQ cover men born in each state). Success includes household income, education level, and unemployment rate.
For practical sexiness, we looked at birth rate, STD rate, and penis size. Really wanted to get condom sales too, but they’re not available at a state level.
Each stat was weighted equally within its form of sexy. See the results in the matrix above.

States on the right side of the matrix above tend to put out a little more often while the left is a bit more prude, and the top is where the beautiful people live. We weighted both ranks equally and tallied them up for our most and least sexy.

The Top 5 Sexiest
1. Hawaii
Hawaii is the sexiest state in America by our standards. They have the second-lowest obesity rate in America. Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been featured on multiple most beautiful people’s lists.

2. New York
New York comes in at No 2. A total of 48 different men born in New York have had the honor of being on the cover of GQ Magazine. Robert Downey Jr. was born in Manhattan.

3. California
Not surprising that the state home to Hollywood comes in at No. 3. California is a hotbed of attractive people, with 145 Playboy Playmates born here. Jennifer Aniston, who was voted Hottest Woman of All Time, was born in California.

4. Virginia
Virginia is a very well-rounded state at No. 4 overall, placing in the top 10 for education and household income. Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington County, Virginia.

5. Illinois
Illinois rounds our our top 5. Illinois is another very well-rounded state with several Miss America winners and multiple “Sexiest Men Alive” being born in Illinois. Terrence Howard, who has been named on People magazine’s Most Beautiful People List, was born in Chicago.

The 5 Least Sexy
46. Montana
Montana is our fifth-least sexy state. It ranks toward the bottom of every practical sexiness category. Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson was born in Deer Lodge, Montana. Apparently his 13 NBA championship rings aren't sexy?

47. Iowa
Iowa is the fourth-least sexy state in America. Its men have the second-smallest penis size and the state has a higher unemployment rate than most states. Politician Michelle Bachmann was born in Waterloo, Iowa.

48. Maine
A bit surprising, but Maine is our third-least sexy state. Maine ranks in the bottom 10 for each of our practical sexiness categories. Author Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine.

49. Kentucky
Kentucky is the second-least sexy state on our list, ranking in the bottom 10 for obesity rate, household income, and unemployment. Multimillionaire adult magazine founder Larry Flynt was born in Magoffin County, Kentucky.

50. West Virginia
West Virginia is all the way at the bottom and the least sexy state by our standards. West Virginia ranks last in education and is in the bottom five for obesity rate and household income. It is also in the bottom five for each of our practical sexiness categories. Comedian Steve Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia.

Andrew Christian’s Underwear Models Twerk Off & Tutorial

No words necessary.

Andre Aragao

 Andre Aragao is male model from Rio Grande, Brazil. He came to New York to pursue his dream to become a male model. Yes his dream becoming come true because he now had been work with many top fashion photographer and fashion designer. He also had been doing many commercial works and hi billboard can bee seen in many New York's Billboard. Well, welcome to Jungle Andre! 

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