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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feels So Good

Yeah get that big sexy, finger furry musky hole, and seduce him.


nice nuttz

Classic Playgirl Hunk for February 2014

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
'On Days Of Our Lives, Deke Anderson is a tough guy, but in real life he's pretty soft'

 I'm not sure being called soft is a compliment, especially in a Playgirl spread but with his incredible chest and classic face, I am sure Mr. Anderson didn't mind! I had a blog reader recently tell me that one of his favorite parts of the blog were my classic Playgirl spreads. I have had Deke in the queue for a while now, so no better time to feature him than now! 

 A working actor, Deke has been working steadily in the business since the early eighties and has several projects due for release this year. Roles on in features and on television shows such as Friday Night Lights, General Hospital, Webster and Cheers. Deke was shot for Playgirl by Dino May and proved so popular, was featured in the magazine in 1984, 1985 and 1989.

An all state football player at 138lbs playing Center for the Champion Reno Huskies - became a 4 time state champion Body builder while owning the largest Bodybuilding Gym in Northern Nevada. Employed Kane Hodder "Jason in Friday the 13th", while singing Opera and performing professionally at The Pioneer Theatre Auditorium. Moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and was Taft-Hartlied into SAG on his first job. 31 years in the business both in front and behind the camera.
- IMDb Mini Biography By: Elsa M. Ward


Love A Guy The Freeballs

A Resonating Recurrence: Jerry by Reyj Photography

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'For me, looking back at the work that I’ve done with Jerry makes me find the wonder in photography again.'

 I am guessing, given the scope and theme of FH, that most readers have a folder on their desk top filled with their favorite images. Photos of Hot,sexy and naked men used to motivate and stimulate. With that folder, the images don't usually stay too long. They are helpful, but time-limited. This folder is fluid and images are rotated on a fairly regular basis, especially when we see a new image to right click and save to take their place.

 I think many of us also have another folder on that desktop... This one with images that do more than just stimulate, instead, the images also resonate. Tese images that through the skill of the photographer, the concept or our connection to theme or the model are ones we want to save but unlike the images within that other album, these we want to keep permanently. 

 It is interesting that when I look through this folder on my desktop, visual connections occur. There are few professional and typical looking male models within the images. Most are unknown, with more natural, maybe more obtainable looking bodies and faces. I guess this is part of the appeal, the way a great photographer can bring out the beauty, the erotic, the sensual within a man that otherwise might be overlooked within the industry. Many of the images don't show the models penis, most have a focus on the male form as a whole. Almost all were shot by photographers who understand that most connections we make, to an image or a man, even when that man is completely naked, erect and exposed, occur through the eyes. If not, the photo doesn't make it into this folder, instead, the photo shows up in that other folder I described above. 

When I first discovered the work of Austin photographer RJ Velazquez, despite the numbers incredibly good looking men in his port, I could not get my attention divert beyond his images of Thomas, and his sad, even a little tired, blue eyes. (The Rules Of Attraction) Thomas was naked in many of RJ's shots, but it was the connection with those eyes that had the photos resonate to me. Tomas reminded me of someone, not someone I exactly knew, but maybe someone in my mind I wanted to. I found both model and the images intriguing and ones which left me wanting to know more.

RJ's work continues to intrigue me. Despite his new work and new images, every time I return to look for another subject, I find myself drawn to a model or an image that I previously ignored. It happened with Mark in November (Double Take) Mark's images were there on my previous visits, but I didn't even stop, enlarge them and take a closer look. Yet, in on the November visit, they were the only images I wanted to see more of. Jerry was there the first time I went through RJ's port as well, he was also there in November, but it wasn't until my last visit that Jerry's images demanded my sole attention.

With each return visit to his work, I find images that resonate, most interesting, images that were always there. It is quite a powerful thing to create images that require simmering, that over time rise to the surface to be the only ones seen. This time it was Jerry, his incredible eyes and body and beautifully natural body hair that created the rise for me.

'I find myself being drawn back to the images of Jerry occasionally. He oozes masculinity. I’m not sure if I’m like most photographers, but when I’m feeling unsure whether or not to continue photographing I tend to go over the catalog of my work. As I look over the images from previous shoots, I start to fall in love again with the images and the work that has gone in to create the images – from working with the models to the final product.'

Cum, he told me, and I’ll rump-pa-pump-pump you…

...in the last 24 hours


From: Manhunt Daily
Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Hot only ! Up to 40 ONLY IF .. good looking and fit as ;) 
No soft bits ! NO FACE PIC..NO REPLY !!
Down to earth guy willing to hook up if there's at least a connection and you're pretty fit !
ie: isn't overly hairy or tubby, you look after your body ! And exercise somewhat to keep in shape.
I prefer the leaner muscled look, but skinny guys if toned also catch my attention.
If you don't have a clear face pic please don't bother winking or msg'ing. I won't reply to a faceless profile. You have a smart phone ! Send a pic with first msg on MH app.
I'm far from perfect myself, but do know what I'm attracted to initially and looks play a big part on a platform like this.
Instant hookups are rare but definitely consider it if you're decent and hot.
Inflated egos are unattractive !
Being respectful goes a long way ;)

Drop it, drop it low boy

really wanna cum right on that beautiful patch of fur…imagine what’s on his ass!


From: Manhunt Daily

 I’m sorry! Am I supposed to be typing something here? I got distracted by the outline of Guy Feldman‘s dick in that peeled-down wrestling singlet. It’s seemingly impossible to find more pictures of this guy on the internet (please feel free to prove me wrong), yet this one picture alone might be enough to fuel many fantasies for years to come.


 Guy Feldman is absolutely stunning. This would normally be the part of the post where we offer a halfhearted apology about the lack of pics, but screw that, we’re not going to say “sorry” when it’s blatantly clear that you’ll be jerking off to these five images for the rest of your life. This man’s face alone is enough to make you cum. Look at those eyes, those lips and all that luscious scruffiness! Do you see the way he’s staring at you up there? It’s basically like his dick’s already inside you.

 Turns out, he’s also got a ridiculously great body, and the bulge in the last shot doesn't look too shabby either. It’s almost unfair that he’s allowed to exist in this world. He is too beautiful. Send him away to a planet full of beautiful people, so the rest of us have a chance (or just send him directly to my bedroom with a ball gag shoved in his mouth).


Yummy of the Day 2/16/2014

From:  Yummy of the Day
 Come On In

The 10 Hottest Winter Olympians Of The Past 10 Winter Games

From: The Backlot
Jure Franko, the seminal Slovenian

Pretty damn fancy that the year the Olympics were held in Sarajevo, Jure Franko — a Slovenian — took home Yugoslavia’s first medal in the Winter games. He scored a silver in the giant slalom, and if you don’t think he deserves a gold for beaming like a Mentadent billboard, we have nothing in common.

Speed Skating - Ladies' 1500 m - 2014 Winter Olympics

 Jorien Ter Mors
Gold Medal
Jorien ter Mors (born 21 December 1989) is a Dutch speed skater on both short track and long track. She is the Olympic champion of the 1,500 metres (long track) in Sochi 2014.
Heather Richardson
7th Place
Heather Richardson (born March 20, 1989) is an American speed skater who has competed since 2006. She represented the United States at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where she finished 6th in 500 meters, 9th in the 1000 meters, and 16th in the 1500 meters.
At the 2011 World Single Distance Championships in Inzell, Germany, she won a bronze medal in the 1000 metes. She also placed 8th in the 500 meters, and was part of the team pursuit team that finished in 8th place.
On January 26–27, 2013, Richardson won the gold medal at the 2013 World Sprint Championships in Salt Lake City, United States.

Snowboard - Ladies' Snowboard Cross - 2014 Winter Olympics

 Eva Samková
Gold Medal
Czech Republic
Eva Samková (born 28 April 1993 in Vrchlabí) is a Czech snowboarder who specializes in snowboard cross. Starting with freestyle snowboarding, after several injuries she switched to snowboard cross and has been competing in this discipline since the 2008/2009 season. Her trainers are Marek Jelínek and Jakub Flejšar. Her signature in competitions is a moustache drawn on her upper lip.
Faye Gulini
4th Place
Faye Gulini (born March 24, 1992) is an American snowboarder who has competed since 2007. Her best World Cup finish was eighth twice in a snowboard cross event with one in 2009 and one in 2010.
It was announced on 26 January 2010 that Gulini made the US team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. She made it through the qualification rounds of the women's snowboard cross but was eliminated in the quarterfinals. Maëlle Ricker went on to win that event.
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