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Monday, April 18, 2016

Fuzzy Buns Kissed By The Sun

Beneath The Snow

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'It’s only right, if you’re going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that.'
Kit Harington

 Although Game Of Thrones has thus far kept Jon's Snow pretty much frozen and covered, actor Kit Harington melted a little bit off on stage in London for Doctor Faustus.




From: Manhunt Daily
Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Terapeuta tantrico, espiritual y físico

Equilibra tus de centros de energía y soluciona algunos de tus problemas psicoemocionales provenientes de malas situaciones afectivas, recientes o pasadas que hagan de tu existir una carga pesada. Existen técnicas energéticas que te pueden ayudar a liberar emociones que afectan en tu vida diaria y en el desarrollo de tus relaciones ínter personales y el estado físico de tu cuerpo, desde el establecer tu peso adecuado hasta sanar enfermedades crónicas o hereditarias. El cuerpo emocional es capaz de enfermar al cuerpo físico, tu cuerpo físico habla y nos revela carencias y dolencias, casos como los de acné, dolores de rodillas y espalda, problemas intestinales, pérdida de visión, sobrepeso, falta de resultados en el gimnasio, todos ellos con un trasfondo emocional. Las personas que no aceptan su preferencia sexual tienen muchas cosas que arreglar, el amor por si mismos, la auto aceptación, el perdón hacia los padres por el rechazo, el perdón hacia los padres por ser hijos con el sexo no deseado o simplemente ser un hijo no deseado, el perdón hacia otros por ser víctimas de bulling, etc. Nadie puede amar a nadie si no se ama primero, cada persona atrae lo similar, si atraes personas conflictivas probablemente el conflicto este dentro de ti. Déjate ayudar, ayúdate sin necesidad de tomar drogas y de tratamientos largos y costosos. Ayudamos a ambos sexos, no importa preferencia sexual, edad, religión, ni posición económica o social.

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tantric, spiritual and physical therapist

Balance your energy centers and solves some of your psycho-emotional problems from bad emotional, recent or past situations that make you be a burden. There are energy technologies that can help you release emotions that affect your daily life and in the development of your inter-personal relationships and the physical state of your body, from establishing your proper weight to heal chronic or hereditary diseases. The emotional body is capable of sick physical body, your physical body speaks and reveals deficiencies and complaints, cases such as acne, sore knees and back, intestinal problems, vision loss, overweight, lack of results in the gym, all with an emotional background. People who do not accept their sexual preference have many things to fix, love themselves, self acceptance, forgiveness to parents by the rejection, forgiveness towards parents as children with the unwanted sex or just be a unwanted child, the forgiveness of others to be victims of bullying, etc. No one can love anybody if you do not love first, each person attracts like, if you attract troublemakers likely this conflict within you. Let help, help yourself without having to take drugs and long and costly treatments. We both sexes, regardless of sexual preference, age, religion, or economic or social status.

Behind the Scenes of Cincinnati's Gay Opera

Fellow Travelers will debut this summer.
From: OUT

Photo of Aaron Blake (L) & Joseph Lattanzi (R) by Andrew David
When it comes to an opera dedicated to a male love story, Fellow Travelers is one of the first. But just because it’s a “gay opera” doesn’t mean it isn’t for all audiences. Composed by Gregory Spears and librettist Greg Pierce, Fellow Travelers hopes to carve a new, welcome space within the treasured art form.

Based on the novel by Thomas Mallon, Fellow Travelers tells the story of a young aspiring journalist, Timothy Laughlin (Aaron Blake), and a handsome, profligate State Department official, Hawkins Fuller (Joseph Lattanzi). The characters are brought together by a chance encounter, which soon leads to a love affair. Themes of politics, religion, and same-sex relations are examined before a stunning act of betrayal occurs.

Blake has been described as “a vocal powerhouse” by the Los Angeles Times and Lattanzi has been praised by Opera News for bringing a “fresh, bright baritone voice” to the stage. We were able to sit down with both performers to learn more about the production.

Out: Describe Fellow Travelers using five descriptive words. Don’t say gay!

Joseph Lattanzi: Innovative, relatable, seductive, mesmerizing, and devastating.

Aaron Blake: Dynamic, provocative, compelling, tragic, and progressive.

But really, how gay is it?

JL: It’s pretty gay, but also very human, and I think everyone has either felt one side of this relationship at one point or another. And…there is also a gay sex scene—tastefully done. Or at least I hope it’s tasteful.

AB: It’s wonderful in the fact that it contains gay subject matter, but it’s not just about being gay—it’s a love story. I think people will look beyond the gay factor and instead their focus will be on how real the emotions between the two characters are.

Photo of Aaron Blake (L) & Joseph Lattanzi (R) by Andrew David
Why would a straight, non-opera fanatic enjoy Fellow Travelers?

JL: I think it’s an intriguing story about gay history that isn’t told a lot. We get AIDS in the 80s and lots of contemporary stories, but we don’t get a lot from this particular era. You really don’t need to know a lot about opera to get it—it’s not challenging, and the venue is intimate and also, it’s in English and has a backdrop most are familiar with.

AB: I can definitely see how it could attract a wider audience with the political references as well as the gay aspect. A mature younger audience would also enjoy it—the next generation of opera patrons.

The production is debuting in Cincinnati. What are your thoughts about the city and how gay-friendly it is?

JL: I went to school there for five years and I love it! The gay community is wonderful and the opera even has a pride night. It’s a liberal city surrounded by non-liberal suburbia, and the revitalization of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood downtown is adding great value to the community as well.

AB: This will be my fourth opera with Cincinnati Opera and I’ve watched it change over the past four years immensely. What I love about the city is that the people are so passionate about the artists that they bring to it, and during the summer, when it’s their opera season, things just come to life.

What's the team like behind Fellow Travelers?

JL: The majority of everyone involved here is gay—the director, composer, librettist, producers, two main characters, etc., so really it's something special. A lot of the times you step into these roles and you can be anyone, but with this, I felt like an artist and it’s one of my most fulfilling roles.

AB: I’d hope that audiences come with an open mind and that they take the time to digest the subject matter and what it means to them, and that it reminds them of something they’ve overcome. I’d love to see the production have a life after its opening because it contains a message that is worth being heard by as many people who can hear it.

Cincinnati Opera’s performances of Fellow Travelers will take place in June and July. For a full list of dates and tickets click here. 

Anti-LGBT Backlash Brings Out Our Best

From: HuffPost
 That powerful moment from Apollo 13 keeps playing in my head with each new headline from North Carolina showing the growing resistance from within and beyond the state’s borders to HB2, the law aimed at legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination.

I am moved by the steady drumbeat of opposition from faith leaders and the nation’s largest corporations. I am inspired seeing the NAACP threatening a massive sit-in and Charles Barkley and Bruce Springsteen among the many using their celebrity to amplify the message that HB2 is wrong. 

The line from Apollo 13 resonates for me because it delivers an important message to those in the LGBT movement who in recent years have turned their attention to the South:

We only lose when we do not fight.

If we are truly committed to changing things for the better in the South, movement leaders must mentally prepare for a rough road. We cannot be afraid on this mission. We will suffer loss. We will experience setbacks. Our opposition is vicious, desperate and dangerous. But those have always been the odds when fighting for justice in the South. 

Astronaut Jim Lovell: Houston... We are venting something out into space... 
I can see it outside of Window 1 right now... 
It’s definitely a... a gas of some sort. It’s got to be the oxygen..

Think of the loss in Houston as the “wicked shimmy” just before the oxygen got sucked out of the room of a movement heady from a cascade of marriage victories. Having been the far right’s punching bag for decades on the marriage front, the series of wins that preceded the Windsor and then Obergefell Supreme Court decisions felt for many like the irreversible turning point. We had broken the code, the wind was now securely at our backs, the metaphors of conquest abounded. So it is understandable that the lopsided 60-40 defeat in Houston triggered PTSD in the national movement and suddenly local ordinance fights looked dangerous, potential time bombs waiting to destroy us or drain our meager resources. But fear can cloud good judgment and obscure some realities of doing this work in hostile territory. In national media and across blogs, the bathroom panic argument was described as if it were a new doomsday scenario despite the fact that it had been around for more than a decade and we’d beaten it more often than we’d lost to it. 

Houston did not mean we should cancel the mission or lower our sights. It meant we needed to plan smarter, coordinate with state leadership better and suit up for the harder work of changing hearts and minds not just policies. 

We live in a country where 70 percent think anti-LGBT discrimination ought to be illegal but 75 percent think it already is outlawed.

That may explain the lack of intensity on our side of the ledger, especially in low-turnout ballot campaigns. 

We will look back on the “setbacks” in the South as having been essential to changing that disconnect. Unlike marriage or military bans, discrimination in employment is like the Sword of Damocles, it hangs over many of us but it is not inevitable. 

With progress in many states and major metro areas, inclusive policies within corporate America, and a steady presence in pop culture, the general public might be forgiven for assuming discrimination is non-existent or extremely rare. But for those who experience the devastation of losing a career, of being humiliated trying to shop or rent, statistical probability is of no comfort. 

But since the push back in North Carolina, there’s no mistaking that our side has urgency and intensity now. Folks in our community who believe they are insulated from the worst kinds of discrimination by geography or financial comfort are feeling the insult intended in the passage of HB2. Allies who had believed the process of securing protections was mostly ceremonial have now seen the ugly, unveiled face of bigotry. 

So let’s not draw that wrong lessons the backlash hitting the South particularly hard. Instead, let’s lift up the voices of Southern leaders who have set the table for this moment.

Is it not poetic that Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality North Carolina, has been named to the NC legislature, the only out legislator.? I am still basking in the words of Georgia Governor Deal who invoked his faith to justify vetoing anti-LGBT language. Who would have imagined that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley would be warning her fellow Republicans not to send her an unnecessary HB2 style bill? Now Governor McCrory in North Carolina is scrambling to pass an executive order that includes sexual orientation and gender identity protections in state government as the drumbeat of opposition to HB2 continues to intensify. Mississippi is already feeling the first rumbles of the same economic malfunction that may cost North Carolina more than half a billion dollars. 

In Florida, the third most populous in the country, 56 percent of our population lives in places that have gender identity and sexual orientation nondiscrimination protections. We have carved out victories in progressive enclaves and Republican strongholds. We’ve confronted the bathroom attack locally and we have blocked that legislation at the state level. In doing so transgender leadership has emerged and solidified a voice in Florida politics. Will we face more backlash bills that threaten that progress? Quite likely. But the more they talk, the more they expose the contradiction between the values of equality and fairness and their work to legalize discrimination. 

Our movement has turned hardship into fuel for ultimate success before. We can’t just savor the marriage victories, we have to remember the fire in the belly stoked by losses. It forced us to tell our stories. Our stories turned our neighbors to allies. Victory in the South is coming. The rough path will be worth it. It may be the only way forward. 

Jim Lovell:
Everything shorts out right there in my cockpit. All my instruments are gone. 
My lights are gone. And I can’t even tell now what my altitude is. 
I know I’m running out of fuel, so I’m thinking about ditching in the ocean.
And I, I look down there, and then in the darkness there’s this uh, there’s this green trail. It’s like a long carpet that’s just laid out right beneath me. 
And it was the algae, right? It was that phosphorescent stuff that gets churned up in the wake of a big ship. And it was - it was - it was leading me home. 
You know? If my cockpit lights hadn’t shorted out, there’s no way I’d ever been able to see that. So uh, you, uh, never know... what... what events are to transpire to get you home.

Today’s Briefs are brought to you by …

 Nick Marshall from DNA Magazine

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

Shelley Winters 
Petronella van Daan
The Diary of Anne Frank

Shelley Winters (August 18, 1920 – January 14, 2006) was an American actress who appeared in dozens of films, as well as on stage and television; her career spanned over 50 years until her death in 2006. Winters won Academy Awards for The Diary of Anne Frank and A Patch of Blue, and received nominations for A Place in the Sun (Best Actress) and The Poseidon Adventure (Best Supporting Actress). She also appeared in such films as The Big Knife, A Double Life, Lolita, The Night of the Hunter, Alfie and Pete's Dragon.

Doris Roberts, Star of 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' Dies at 90

The five-time Emmy-winning actress reportedly died Sunday in Los Angeles.
From: The Hollywood Reporter
Doris Roberts, who delighted audiences as the meddling mother next door on Everybody Loves Raymond, has died, TMZ reports. She was 90. 

Roberts won Emmys for best supporting actress in a comedy for playing Marie Barone, the mother of Ray Romano's sportswriter character, in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. She had won another Emmy in 1983 for a stint on St. Elsewhere

In 1995, Roberts landed the part of Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, playing Ray's mom and the husband of the cranky Frank (Peter Boyle.) She was with the hit CBS sitcom for every one of the show's nine seasons, covering 210 episodes.

She was scheduled to appear at an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion in June in Austin, Texas.

Roberts excelled in motherly roles throughout her career. She played Donna Pescow's mother on the 1979-80 ABC series Angie, created by Garry Marshall, and joined NBC's Remington Steele as Mildred Krebs, the receptionist for the detective agency run by Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist, in 1983. She stayed with the show through 1987.

A native of St. Louis who was raised in the Bronx after her father left the family when she was 10, Roberts made her Broadway debut in 1955 in The Time of Your Life, written by William Saroyan, and also appeared in The Desk Set that year.

Her big-screen résumé included Something Wild (1961), Barefoot in the Park (1967), The Honeymoon Killers (1969), A New Leaf (1971), The Heartbreak Kid (1972), Rabbit Test (1978) and The Rose (1979).

She wrote a 2005 best seller, Are You Hungry, Dear? Life, Laughs and Lasagna.

100 Treasured Chests: Hairy Edition

From: OUT
Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brendan Brosnan (born 16 May 1953) is an Irish actor and film producer who after leaving comprehensive school at age 16, began training in commercial illustration. He then went on to train at the Drama Centre in London for three years. Following a stage acting career he rose to popularity in the television series Remington Steele (1982–87), which blended the genres of romantic comedy, drama, and detective procedural.

After Remington Steele, Brosnan appeared in films such as the Cold War spy film The Fourth Protocol (1987) and the comedy Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). In 1994, he became the fifth actor to portray secret agent James Bond in the Eon Productions film series, starring in four films from 1995 to 2002 (GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day). He lent his likeness for Bond in the video games James Bond 007: Nightfire and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, providing his voice too for the latter. During this period, he also took the lead in other films such as the epic disaster adventure film Dante's Peak (1997) and the remake of the heist film The Thomas Crown Affair (1999). After leaving the role of Bond, he has starred in such films as the dark comedy The Matador (2005), for which was nominated for a Golden Globe, the musical/romantic comedy Mamma Mia! (2008), which won a National Movie Award, and the Roman Polanski-directed political thriller The Ghost Writer (2010).

In 1996, along with Beau St. Clair, Brosnan formed Irish DreamTime, a Los Angeles-based production company. In later years, he has become known for his charitable work and environmental activism. He was married to Australian actress Cassandra Harris from 1980 until her death in 1991. He married American journalist and author Keely Shaye Smith in 2001, and became an American citizen in 2004.

Olivia Newton-John! Ranking Her Essential 67 Songs

From: NewNowNext
 Olivia reprises her role as Bitsy Mae in Sordid Lives: The Series, and one of the highlights was this ode to a man named Richard.

ABC’s Gio Benitez Marries Tommy DiDario In Beautiful Miami Wedding

"We are so moved and humbled to celebrate together."
From: NewNowNext
ABC News reporter Gio Benitez married his fiancé, lifestyle and menswear blogger Tommy DiDario, in Miami on Saturday.

The 30-year-old men got engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower just seven months ago in an Instagram post that went viral, and now shared their love in front of 160 guests at the historic Walton House.

“It’s so special to see how excited our friends and family have been about this wedding,” Benitez told People. “It truly is a celebration of love – our own, and what love means in their own lives. We are so moved and humbled to celebrate together.”

Check out some Instagram photos from the couple’s big day from the hashtag #thelovestoryofTG.


From: Manhunt Daily
Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Face book :: torresfelipen @ Ho t Sky pe : pipe.noguera

Sky pe :: : pipe.noguera

ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” Finally Shows Same-Sex Kiss—And It’s Magical

"In a fairy tale, as in life, love is love."
From: NewNowNext
 We’ve seen LGBT characters on ABC’s fairly-tale drama Once Upon a Time before, but Sunday’s episode gave us our first magical same-sex kiss.

Ruby (Meghan Ory) and Mulan (Jamie Chung) have traveled to Oz to find Red’s pack and stumble across Dorothy (Teri Reeves), who’s less than thrilled to meet these newcomers.
They nonetheless united to defeat the Wicked Witch, but when Dorothy disappears, Ruby discovers she’s the victim of a sleeping curse in the Underworld.
Naturally only true love’s kiss can break the spell—and it’s Ruby’s smooch that does the trick.
“True love’s kiss has been a staple of this show since the beginning,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis told EW. “This past Sunday’s episode was just another example of how in a fairy tale, as in life, love is love.”

Horowitz and Kitsis teased there’d be a same-sex couple this season, leading some to predict it’d be Mulan, who professed her love for Aurora in Season Three, who found love.

Producers intentionally didn’t hype the kiss in advance or advertise it as a “very special episode.”

“Our goal is to make it as we see it in the real world, just as normal and as a part of every day life as it should be,” Horowitz said.

43rd Daytime Emmy Awards - Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host

And the nominees are:
Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, Daphne Oz 
Michael Symon
The Chew 

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey 

Larry King 
Larry King Now 
Ora TV

Dr. Mehmet Oz
The Dr. Oz Show 

Peter Salgo 
Second Opinion 

Why You Should Be Happy On Tax Day

Here's to you, Internal Revenue Service.
From: NewNowNext
 Today is the final day to file taxes in the United States. And while that can inspire dread in those of us who don’t relish an audit, today should fill LGBT people with joy.

Why? Because it’s the first Tax Day that gay and lesbian couples are able to file federal and state taxes jointly in all 50 states.

Even after the fall of DOMA, same-sex couples had to live in states that acknowledged marriage equality to file state taxes together. Those that didn’t had to file one federal return as married and two separate state returns as if they were single.

They also had to file separate “mock” federal returns to satisfy state requirements. The additional burden made an already byzantine process nearly inscrutable.

Now, at least, gay couples just have to face the same fiscal nightmare as their straight neighbors.

John Kasich: Gay People Need To “Calm Down” About Homophobic Laws

"I just wish that everybody would just take a breath and calm down."
From: NewNowNext
In an interview Sunday night, John Kasich, the current third-place candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and sitting governor for Ohio, advised the LGBT community to “get over” discrimination.

When asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on State of the Union if he would take any steps to cease the rampant spread of anti-LGBT legislation through the South, Gov. Kasich said “No, I wouldn’t,” adding that he hadn’t even “thought about” it.

It was a surprising comment from the governor, who just last week came out against the slate of so-called “religious liberty” laws out of North Carolina and Mississippi.

When pressed further by Bash, Kasich responded that “There is a legitimate concern for people being able to have their deeply held religious beliefs, religious liberty.”

“But there’s also people who we shouldn’t be discriminating against. We need to have a balance.”

“I just wish that everybody would just take a breath and calm down,” he went on, “because, you see, trying to figure out how to legislate that balance is complicated, and you keep doing do-overs, because nobody gets it right.”

For Kasich, the best way to “get it right” is for the disenfranchised to calm down and offer their prayers and thoughts to those who they believe are actively discriminating against them.

“If you don’t like what somebody’s doing, pray for them,” the governor suggested. “And if you feel as though somebody is doing something wrong against you, can you just, for a second, get over it, you know, because this thing will settle down.”

In conclusion, he said, “We need a united America, not a divided America. As one of my daughters said, ’We’re the United States, not the divided states.'”

Check out the entire interview below!

Of the 31 states that have voted in the Republican primary thus far, Gov. Kasich has won only one, his home state of Ohio, which places him at a far third for the Republican nomination behind Cruz and Trump.

Four Decades of NYC Gay Pride. Were You There?

From: Advocate

“Survivor” Castmate Plants LGBT Outhouse With Trans Flag On North Carolina’s Tallest Mountain

"Government-backed discrimination has no place in just societies."
From: NewNowNext
Early yesterday morning, a Californian entrepreneur, who is also a contestant on the current season of Survivor, took to the peak of North Carolina’s Mount Mitchell with a special message for Governor McCrory, protesting the state’s recently passed anti-LGBT House Bill 2.

Neal Gottlieb, owner and CEO of Three Twins Ice Cream, traveled from his home in California to scale the mountain, erecting at its peak a rainbow-painted outhouse with a trans pride flag affixed to its door.

Also nailed to the door, a letter addressed to Governor Pat McCrory demanding that he repeal HB 2, which bans local governments from passing protective anti-discrimination ordinances and forces trans individuals to use restrooms that don’t align with their gender identities.

 “As of this morning, an outhouse proudly displaying a trans pride flag is sitting atop Mount Mitchell, North Carolina’s tallest mountain,” Gottlieb’s letter opens.

“It was placed there in protest of HB2, your state’s institutionalization of discrimination (also known as hate) against members of the trans community (also known as humans).”

“Yes, at least for a little while,” it continues, “North Carolina’s highest point is an outhouse; a fitting symbol for a state that has sullied itself with shitty, repressive legislation.”

This isn’t the first time Gottlieb has climbed a mountain to advocate for LGBT equality. After Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014 into law, Gottlieb climbed Mount Stanley and planted a rainbow flag at its peak, along with a letter protesting Museveni’s decision. He has also marched for LGBT asylum seekers and refugees and participated in the Community Grand Marshal contingent for San Francisco Pride 2014.

“You still support HB2, claiming it is for the people’s safety but we all know this is just a load of crap,” the letter concludes.

“Government-back discrimination has no place in just societies. Soon enough HB2 will be reversed and your legacy will be skid marks in North Carolina’s history.”

Check out the full letter on his Facebook page!

Gottlieb, a popular and strong contestant on this season of the CBS TV show Survivor, was evacuated due to health concerns after 19 days on the program.

Chris Stock - Playgirl - June 1991

Groovy Flashback: TIME Covers 1980 - 1989

From: Deep Dish
George Lucas (Return of the Jedi) - May 23, 1983

“S.H.I.E.L.D.” Star Clark Gregg Goes Full Britney On “Lip Sync Battle”

Serving mile-high fantasy!
From: NewNowNext
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Clark Gregg pays homage to the Queen of Pop with a stunning recreation of the 2004 video for “Toxic” on this week’s episode of Lip Sync Battle.

 A preview clip released on YouTube shows the actor, best known for playing secret agent Phil Coulson in films depicting the Marvel universe, donning Britney’s iconic cerulean flight attendant uniform while strutting down the aisle of a makeshift airplane with his best hairography.

It’s just too bad he didn’t have a quick change into that transparent diamond-encrusted bodysuit!

Check out Gregg’s “Toxic” performance below:

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Spike.

The 30 Worst Music Videos Of All Time

From: NewNowNext
“It’s Tan Mom” 
 Patricia Krentcil

You’re welcome.

BFI Releases List Of The Top 30 LGBT Films Of All Time

From: NewNowNext
Dee Rees

Pariah is a 2011 American art drama film written and directed by Dee Rees. It tells the story of Alike (Adepero Oduye), a 17-year-old African-American teenager embracing her identity as a lesbian. It premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was awarded the Excellence in Cinematography Award.

Where Are The LGBT “Real World” Housemates Now?

From: NewNowNext
Preston Charles
“The Real World: New Orleans 2″

This Michigan native had some difficulties with his housemates—Ryan famously crossed the line when he used a gay slur.

He later appeared on MTV’s Battle of the Seasons: Rivals 2 and, in 2011, teamed up with producer Shannon Mechutan on the MTV documentary Coming Out.

Today Preston lives in New York, where he blogs and writes poetry.
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