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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Because:

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Sometimes, like when see caps like the first two of Ryan Carnes and Barry Shen from General Hospital, I think how about far we've come.

 Then... I see caps like the ones below from the 1970 version of Battlestar Galactic and realize TV, although not as open about it, was even gayer back then...

Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Herbert Jefferson Jr.

Redneck with Thick Dick Pissing

Married Dude Playing With His Cock

...love sucking dick


Wow Love them hanging


From: Manhunt Daily
 Personally speaking, I’ve never had anyone on Manhunt tell me he could “revolutionize” my senses, but SimplyA‘s proclamation of confidence makes me think he’s got a decent track record when it comes to such things. This six foot tall, versatile beauty appears to be a professional masseur. He looks very familiar, so there’s a very good chance he’s done porn, appeared in a shoot with one of my favorite photographers or boggled my mind so hard that I forgot I had sex with him.

 SimplyA, who also goes by Adam, will be in Chicago until next Tuesday, then he’ll venture to New York until April Fool’s Day. From there, he’ll be heading to South Asia, so if you were planning to travel to Myanmar or Thailand any time soon, you might want to coordinate your schedules and meet up for, um, a revolution.

New York, New York, USA
Visiting Manhattan, Table in Tow

 Gentlemen of New York -

I'll be visiting Greenwich Village, massage table in tow, until 1 April. I'm confident that my skill and passion will boggle your mind and revolutionize your senses.

 If you are intrigued, just ask for my phone number and we can reach one another more directly.

Looking forward...



N​YC - Now - 1 Apr
South Asia (Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand...) - Apr - Aug







Posing in the shower.

You Must Remember This: 14 Greatest Gay TV Kisses

From: The Backlot
Justin & Austin
Ugly Betty
Watching Justin and Austin’s first kiss is so bittersweet, knowing it came in the final season, and we’ll never know what it might have led to, or what happened with Justin (I still firmly believe that he’s now attending NYADA, and just narrowly missing running into Kurt Hummell every week). And I’m sorry to do this, but now you have to watch this scene again.

Yummy of the Day 2/19/2014

From:  Yummy of the Day
Beach Beauty

Today In History...

February 19th, 1942 – 
World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the executive order 9066, allowing the United States military to relocate Japanese-Americans to internment camps.


From:  The Backlot
Birthday Boy David Gandy!

Dish of the Day #1344: Must Love Dogs Week

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Wednesday February 19, 2014: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks

Wet Wednesdays

Joey in the leather chair | Male Boudoir Photography

Joey went to the dentist today to get one of his front teeth repaired – sounded awful.  


From: Manhunt Daily

 I think about sex more than anyone I know, and yet, all I can think about is cuddling with David John Craig. Keep in mind that I’m not trying to desexualize him by any means. Nope! I would fuck his brains out… But afterward, he better be down with spooning and taking a nap before round two.

 Perhaps I’m saying too much, but Daddy Mayonnaise and I were having a conversation recently about the incredibly explicit pictures people tend to use on Manhunt. I’m paraphrasing, of course, but he said something to me like, “I don’t want to see any buttholes. I just want to see you wearing a cute sweater with your pants off.

 That resonated with me, because I feel like a lot of guys feel that way. While I’ve come to enjoy staring at those spread eagle shots and throbbing headless cocks, some of my fellow brothers in M2M sex get squeamish about stuff like that. I totally understand these feelings! It’s a little awkward to see a total stranger’s dick or butthole before you've seen his face. Kind of hot, in my opinion! But also a little awkward.

 All of this is my convoluted way of introducing these new pics of David John Craig. He’s definitely wearing undies under that t-shirt, but in my head, there’s only a thin layer of fabric (and several hundred miles) separating me from his dick. The whole “no pants” angle really accentuates his legs, and as a self-professed “leg man”, I appreciate that.

 To sum it all up? I would not mind being between those thighs at all.

Meet RuPaul's Drag Race's New, Bulgier Pit Crew

The crew adds two new members
From: OUT
After five seasons, the underwear-clad assistants have become stars in their own right thanks to their scruffy appeal and bulging assets. Jason Carter and Shawn Morales, who have been assisting RuPaul during mini-challenges for a number of seasons, are joined this year by two new members: Miles Moody and Simon Sherry-Wood.

Because Ru was kind enough to give fans more eye candy, we thought it was a good idea to get to know all four men a little bit better. (And you may be surprised to learn just how well you already know them.)

 Jason Carter

Carter is the other half of the original Pit Crew team alongside Morales. The Celebuzz host and model has recently been bulging out of his Crew undies with a new music video. The video sees him paired up with NuCrewmember Miles Moody for the song "Let's Turn the Night."

What's it like being on set? Does it ever get cold?
Carter: It's always cold on set but it's a lot of fun! To see the queens in and out of drag is always very interesting. Working with Ru and the whole WOW team means there is never ever a dull moment. Every season brings something new and exciting and something more interesting than the last.

Do you have a favorite contestant from this season?

Oh yes I do!! I adore Laganga Estranja and really can't enough of Adore Delano. Courtney Act is so beautiful and definitely has that "It Factor." But honestly all the queen are epic!

Would you ever do drag? 

Lol! I've never done drag but, sure, I would do it for things like Halloween or some festive event. But I would make an ugly drag queen. We all remember Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Foo. Tragedy! I would probably look worse!

What's your favorite junk food?

My faavorite junk food, hands down, is Gummy Life Savers. I can polish off a bag in 1.2 seconds. I'm bad but they are soooooo damn good!

What do you do outside of the show?

Outside of RuPaul's Drag Race I am a host and on-camera talent for Celebuzz and other networks. I host several different online shows and live events all around the country as well as my own show#SayWhat?! I say I'm the black Ryan Seacrest!

Find him on social media:

 Miles Davis Moody

Moody is the other newcomer making the bulges bigger on set. However, he was a Pit Crew member once before when the show invited him and several of Andrew Christian's hottest underwear models to participate in a mini-challenge. Moody also worked his stuff in several music videos. From Jennifer Hudson ("Where You At") to RuPaul ("Peanut Butter," "Lick It Lollipop"), music's fiercest songstresses have taken notice.

What's it like being on set? Does it ever get cold?

Moody: It's amazing being on set. You really get a behind the scenes look at how the show is put together. The most exciting part is seeing Ru though. He's so electric and full of good energy. Does it get cold? Yes! At times it does, especially when the contestants are in make-up (something's gotta keep them from melting!) but cold doesn't always bode well for the Pit Crew because we are barely clothed and we have to make a good, ahem, showing.

Do you have a favorite contestant from this season?

I try to take a diplomatic approach because we're there as sexy man decoration. We bring the smiles. If I were one of the queens, I wouldn't want to be looking across the room at the Pit Crew knowing we are playing sides. So if there was any proclivity towards one or the other I would try to hide it, because I'm a professional goddammit! 

Would you ever do drag? 

I would totally do it. I love transformation. I've told a couple of the goils (this season) and past that I would let them kidnap me, beat my face for filth and then have a night out on the town and let people figure it out. It's amazing, the feeling of standing next to people you know very well and they are giving you an entirely new energy because they have no clue who you are. I don't think doing drag takes anything away from your identity as a man. Some of my good friends have done it, gay and straight and I applaud anyone with the guts to really go outside their comfort zone. You only live once and life is all about experiences.

What's your favorite junk food?

All of it! Pizza. I'm a total pizza whore. Sometimes I love chocolate. Oh, pastries. Pastries are gooooooood. Erase all that, my inner fat girl took over my keyboard. I only eat chicken and veggies.

What do you do outside of the show?

I work in commercial casting, I host nightclub parties in West Hollywood, Silverlake and Downtown (one with fellow Pit Crew member Shawn Morales). Per Willam of season 4, I'm "the male Melyssa Ford," as I've appeared in music videos for Jennifer Hudson, DWV ("Chow Down," "Boy Is A Bottom"), Jonny McGovern ("Dickmatized") and RuPaul.

Find him on social:

 Shawn Morales

 Morales has been a part of the show since season 3. Like his fellow crew member, Jason Carter, he has become a fan favorite even though he's not competing. Over the past few years his image has changed mainly due to the new tattoos he's gotten in between seasons. 

What's it like being on set? Does it ever get cold?

Morales: It's pretty chill and by chill I mean cold. It's also fun. We are all one big family.

Do you have a favorite contestant from this season?

Not yet but I will when they announce the winner ;)

Would you ever do drag?

I have done drag kinda. Jose Guzman Collon put me in drag for some photos he took of me. 

What's your favorite junk food?

Taco truck tacos; the little ones with onion a cilantro and hot hot sauce.

What do you do outside of the show?

I work in night life and party promotion. I have been producing events for the last four years under "Shawn Morales Presents" at bars in and around Los Angeles. I've been a "video ho" for a few of the past contestants' music videos. I've done a few photo shoots with Austin Young, Jeremy Lucido, Jose A Guzman Collon, Flaunt and Starrfucker magazines. I also promote for Grunt and Sissy Bar. I have some new events coming later this year.

Find him on social:

 Simon Sherry-Wood

 Sherry-Wood is one of the two newcomers this season but it's hardly his first time on season. Fans with a sharp eye may recognize the model from The Real World: Paris when he was a quiet roomate from Ireland. He recently turned heads with his frighteningly sexy Halloween costume that was anything but quiet. (And yes, that's him photographed with Lindsay Lohan.)

What's it like being on set? Does it get cold?

Sherry-Wood: It was usually fun, depending on how cute the underwear was that day. It got cold a few times, which isn't conducive to everything looking its best.

Do you have a favorite contestant from this season?

Courtney Act. Hands down. She's a pro. It's a good set of girls this season.

Would you ever do drag? 

I've done drag a few times but it's limited to Halloween. A local queen usually does my make-up.

What's your favorite junk food?

All of it. Pizza probably.

What do you do outside of the show?

I'm currently designing a range of apparel (tanks, tees etc.). We're at sample stage right now. I also work for Andy Lecompte, a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist.

Find him on social:

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