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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 7, 2016

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Ash Satori by Brett Kiellerop


Blue Jean Shorts

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Falcons lose Super Bowl, all but guaranteed to not win it next season

The history of Super Bowl the next season losers has been brutal.
From: OutSports
Matt Ryan of the Falcons fumbles in the fourth quarter.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
The Atlanta Falcons will take their place among the greatest chokers in pro sports history after blowing a record 25-point lead in Super Bowl LI to the New England Patriots, 34-28. And history says they won’t get close to another chance next season.

Only twice in the previous 50 Super Bowls has the losing team won it all the following season — the 1971 Cowboys and 1972 Dolphins. Losers are 2-48 overall, with 44 seasons in a row of not winning it all the next season.

Even getting back to the big game the next season is highly unlikely. It’s only happened five times — the 1974-75 Vikings, 1986-87 Broncos and the 1990-91-92-93 Bills. Figure that any other NFC team next season has a better chance to make it to Super Bowl LII than Atlanta.

Losses are hard to overcome on such a big stage and the good fortune that led a team to the Super Bowl one season often deserts them the next. And with their historic collapse in Super Bowl LI in overtime, the Falcons have set a standard for failure that is hard to match. This loss will weigh on them all off season and into the next one and be mentioned like a zillion times.

The previous largest deficit overcome in a Super Bowl was 10 points. The Falcons led 28-3 with 8:31 left in the third quarter and their win probability was 99.7%. It was 99.6% with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. That is a choke job that will be hard to beat.

The Patriots never quit and deserved to win, but in a game like this it’s much more about the team that lost. An NFL team simply should never blow a 25-point lead, let alone with 23 minutes left in the game. This wasn’t the 0-16 2008 Lions we’re talking about either, it was the NFC champs. I predicted a six-point Patriots win but never thought it’d be like that.

There were a dozen plays that, had they gone the other way, would have ensured a Falcons win. We had a miracle catch by Julian Edelman on a ball that easily could have been picked. But the biggest sequence was Atlanta not playing for a field goal late in the game that likely would have sealed it.

The Falcons had 2nd down and 11 from the Patriots 23 with 4:40 remaining. They also have a clutch field goal kicker in Matt Bryant, who had made 92% of his kicks this season and was 9-9 from between 40 and 49 yards; a kick from the 23, for example, would be 41 yards.

They should have run the ball twice and, if short of the first down, kick a field goal to go up 31-20. Running the ball would have forced the Patriots to burn their timeouts and made a comeback all but impossible.

As James Surowiecki on the New Yorker wrote on Twitter: “Pro Football Reference says your win probability if you're up by 11 with 2:00 to go is 99.97%.”

But the Falcons had Matt Ryan drop back to pass and he took a bad sack. There was a hold on the next play and the Falcons were suddenly out of field goal range and had to punt. They also left the Patriots with two timeouts and more than two minutes on the clock. It was a monumental coaching blunder.

The Falcons will have to live with this defeat forever and who knows if they’ll ever recover. I’ll bet a lot of money though that should they ever win a Super Bowl, it won’t be next year.

‘Trump is setting us free:’ White supremacists celebrate reports that Trump will dial down scrutiny

“This is absolutely a signal of favor to us.”
From: Think Progress

  Online neo-Nazi and white supremacist forums have been unmistakably jubilant lately, as web chatter moved from celebrating President Donald Trump’s electoral victory to celebrating individual cabinet appointments and policy proposals.

On Thursday, internet racists celebrated another perceived victory: Reports that President Trump will soon remove white nationalist groups from a federal effort to study and neutralize extremist radicalization, and rebrand the program to focus solely on groups associating themselves with Islam.

“Yes, this is real life. Our memes are all real life. Donald Trump is setting us free.”
The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program partners government agencies with community organizations in hopes of preventing people from being radicalized into various types of terror and hate groups. Its primary focus has always been in Muslim communities, but the Obama administration designed it to also encompass the American far-right groups that propagandize to people like Dylann Roof.

News of Trump’s plan to reverse that symbolic recognition of right-wing threats prompted a wave of celebration in white nationalist circles.

“Donald Trump wants to remove us from undue federal scrutiny by removing ‘white supremacists’ from the definition of ‘extremism,’” the founder and editor of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer (which takes its name from a Nazi propaganda publication) wrote in a post on the site. “Yes, this is real life. Our memes are all real life. Donald Trump is setting us free.”

This interpretation overstates the scope of Reuter’s report somewhat. The meme-filled Daily Stormer post alleges that changing the CVE program and renaming it to focus solely on “Islamic extremism,” as Trump puts it, would also extend to to calling off FBI scrutiny and taking white supremacists and neo-Nazis off of extremist databases. That would actually require separate action from Trump.

But in Trump’s move to take even some measure of scrutiny off of far-right extremism, The Daily Stormer sees a direct parroting of their own writing and a reward for the far-right’s role in getting Trump elected.

“It’s fair to say that if the Trump team is not listening to us directly (I assume they are), they are thinking along very similar lines. We helped get Trump get [sic] elected, and the fact of the matter is, without Alt-Right meme magick, it simply wouldn’t have happened,” the post continues. “This is absolutely a signal of favor to us.”

Another neo-Nazi site that associates itself with the so-called “alt-right,” Infostormer, celebrated the news and took it as a sign of support. “We may truly have underestimated President Trump’s covert support of our Cause (at least in some form), but after this proposal, I am fully ready to offer myself in service of this glorious regime” the post reads.

This celebratory coverage of the news spread widely through white nationalist forums and chat rooms.

Commenters at Stormfront rejoiced.

“Amazing my government no longer targets me as an enemy,” wrote one. “It’s now officially understood at the the highest levels that we are soooo much better than the kidnapper terrorist pedophile left,” wrote another.

On the messaging service Gab, which has become a favorite of white nationalists after Twitter started closing some high-profile accounts for hate speech, users gleefully posted links to the Infowars coverage of the news, mainstream news coverage, and the Daily Stormer article, often tagging the posts #MAGA and editorializing their celebration of the news.

 Trump’s presidency has been met with widespread celebration by white supremacist groups, many of which recognized Trump’s “America first” rhetoric as their own.

Civil liberties organizations and libertarian observers have long criticized the CVE program as a counterproductive whitewash of government surveillance of Muslim communities. A former official with the program told CNN that in practice, the controversial program has always focused on Muslim communities, and thus that Trump’s most substantial proposed change is the renaming of the program. According to Reuters, Trump would rechristen it the “Countering Islamic Extremism” or the “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism” program.

Much of the white supremacist celebration seems to revolve around the proposed name change alone.

Only one organization has thus far won a CVE grant for work focused on hate group de-radicalization. Life After Hate, founded in 2009 and run by a small staff of men and women who were once part of skinhead, Aryan, and other violent extremist organizations, has yet to receive the grant it was awarded last summer.

Life After Hate co-founder Christian Picciolini called Trump’s reported plan “extremely troubling,” citing the signal it sends to hate groups.

“It sends a message that white extremism does not exist, or is not a priority in our country, when in fact it is a statistically larger and more present terror threat than any by foreign or other domestic actors,” LAH’s Christian Picciolini told ThinkProgress. “We have hundreds of thousands of homegrown sovereign citizens and militia members with ties to white nationalism training in paramilitary camps across the U.S. and standing armed in front of mosques to intimidate marginalized Americans.”

“It sends a message that white extremism does not exist.”
With the proposed change, Picciolini worries Trump could even end up increasing the likehood of violence within our borders if he does alter the program to ignore white supremacists, militia groups, and so-called “sovereign citizens.” Since 9/11, attacks from right-wing organizations have killed far more Americans than groups claiming to be Islamic, according to data from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The move “could bolster and legitimize violent white extremism while also potentially serving to radicalize disaffected fringe elements within Muslim communities,” he said.

“This decision, if true, would severely harm or destroy any community-led efforts to helping people disengage from violent extremism and potentially stop future terrorist acts.”

Watch Lady Gaga Light Up The Stage During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

From: NewNowNext
 Unlike Katy Perry, Madonna and other performers from past years, Gaga did not enlist the help of other pop stars during her Super Bowl LI Halftime Show—and she did not disappoint.

 The rumors were true and Mother Monster kicked off her performance on top of the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and descended from the roof to the colorful stage below.

Rolling through a medley of her biggest hits like “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Telephone” and “Million Reasons” Gaga ran around the stage in a bedazzled outfit at a frenzied pace while having her Little Monsters perform a synchronized dance routine on the field and around her onstage.

She ended with “Bad Romance,” a song that had the stadium on their feet and she closed out the show by literally dropping the mic and catching a football as she jumped into the crowd.

We suppose after that the guys went back to playing their little game. Honestly, why bother?

Watch her incredible performance below.

Touch Down There

From: Boy Culture


I love football(pants)
Happy #SuperBowl
Don't worry, the bottle was empty. I just held it to look butch AF.
#throwback 2016

Supreme Court Will Hear First Transgender Rights Case Next Month

Gavin Grimm is suing his school for the right to use the bathroom matching his gender identity.
From: NewNowNext
 The Supreme Court will hear the case of a trans teen denied the right to use facilities matching his gender identity next month, according to a schedule released on Friday.

 The justices will determine whether Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old student at Gloucester High School in Virginia, is protected by Title IX of the federal Education Amendments Act of 1972, which prohibits discrimination based on sex at publicly funded schools.

Lawyers for the ACLU argue Title IX also applies to discrimination based on gender identity—in April, the U.S. Court of Appeals agreed, but the school district filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.

The district maintain that Title IX’s use of the word “sex” means “nothing more than male and female, under the traditional binary conception of sex consistent with one’s birth or biological sex.”

Opening arguments are slated for March 28, marking the first time the high court has tackled the issue of transgender rights.

Last week Trump announced judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee for the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Antonin Scalia. With some Democrats vowing to stonewall any Republican nominee, it’s not clear if Gorsuch would be confirmed in time to hear Grimm’s case, if at all.

Sean Spicer Thought Melissa McCarthy’s Sendup of Him Was ‘Cute’

From: Towleroad
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reacted to Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of him in a savage Saturday Night Live sketch.

Spicer took it in good humor. “It was cute, it’s funny,” Spicer said. “I’d rather us be talking about the issues that the president is so committed to helping Americans on but it’s part of American culture.”

Watch the sketch HERE.

Spicer also talked to Extra:

Spicer told “Extra” exclusively he felt the impression was a little exaggerated. His advice was that McCarthy “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.” Though he thought it was a really “funny” show, he felt that McCarthy “could dial back” a bit.


From: Wicked
 Nyle DiMarco took to his social media accounts today to preview an upcoming photo shoot, and it looks hot as hell.

The model recently posed with Solstice Sinapore, modeling a fitting pair of briefs that showed off his toned physique and hairy legs.


THE WILD ISSUE for Solstice Singapore πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Photographed by Balthier Corfi (@balthiercorfi) at The McCarren Hotel and Pool (@mccarrenbk)
Styling by Todd Hanshaw (@toddfashion)
Make up by Chris Lanston (@chrislanston)
Grooming by John Kenney (@iamjohnkenney)

 The behind the scenes footage was just as hot as the cover photo.

Why does he insist on being so beautiful?

Watch some behind the scenes footage below.

Mike Huckabee Makes Tasteless “Joke” About Murdered Transgender Man

The former Arkansas governor made his gaffe on Twitter.
From: NewNowNext
 Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee decided to poke fun at New York Senator Chuck Schumer this weekend by making a “joke” about murdered trans man Brandon Teena.

After Schumer got emotional discussing relatives he lost in the Holocaust in an attack on President Trump’s Muslim ban, Huckabee took to twitter to insult the veteran senator, tweeting “Breaking news from Hollywood! Sen. Chuck Schumer cast in lead role for remake of Boys Don’t Cry.”

Because if there’s anything funnier than the extermination of six million Jews, it’s the rape and murder of a transgender person.

Disgusted by Huckabee’s comment, out comic Cameron Esposito called for donations to Trans Lifeline in Teena’s name. So far, Esposito’s has raised more than $22,000.

Since the election of Donald Trump, calls to the lifeline have reportedly skyrocketed.

Huckabee, once rumored to be Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel, also tweeted about venison chili he made for the Super Bowl from a deer he killed last year. Which just sounds gross.

Boy with Down Syndrome Dances to Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show: ‘He Was Born His Way Too’

From: Towleroad
Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance was amazing in a lot of ways, but the inclusion of “Born This Way”, which speaks to all kinds of marginalized people, was incredibly powerful.

The anthem speaks to everyone, as illustrated by this touching video shared by David M. Perry on Twitter, featuring his son who has Down syndrome.

Wrote Perry: 
“He was born his way too.”

Perry later commented:
 “My son dances like someone’s watching. In fact he checks every so often and gets mad if you’re not watching.”

And Twitter is applauding….

On a related note, Teen Vogue points out this:

Clearly, many people watching didn’t realize that the song “Born This Way” is designed for the LGBTQ community. If you’ve been to a Pride March in the past four years, you’d know a thing or two about dancing to “Born This Way” while you’re surrounded by a ton of glitter, bare skin, and glorious, rainbow solidarity. Let’s just be clear here, though: Performing a song that’s so blatantly gay in front of an audience that includes Mike Pence, one of the most anti-LGBTQ politicians today, is absolutely political — especially when it contains lyrics like “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life.” (PS: According to USA Today, that’d “likely” be the first time the word “transgender” was said onstage at a Super Bowl.)
Furthermore, as our friends at The Hive pointed out, the Woody Guthrie song “This Land Is Your Land” is actually inherently activistic. Gaga omitted certain lyrics from the piece, which The Hive printed for your convenience. Here’s a sampling:

As I went walking I saw a sign there / And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.” / But on the other side it didn’t say nothing, / That side was made for you and me.
Nobody living can ever stop me, / As I go walking that freedom highway; / Nobody living can ever make me turn back / This land was made for you and me.
“This land was made for you and me,” she sang, in the same weekend where Donald Trump’s executive order — one that was designed to fulfill his campaign promise of banning Muslims from entering our country — was essentially (if temporarily) rendered moot by a judge in Washington state.

Anonymous Launches #OperationResistance; Trump Told to Resign by February 28

From: The OUT Front
#OpResistance is engaged. Anonymous on YouTube have issued President Donald Trump a warning to stand down from office and resign by Feb. 28, stating that since he has taken up office, “an unprecedented attack on basic human decency and civil rights” has been witnessed.

A countdown timer has also been installed on the Operation Resistance website, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the uninstalling of the current Trump regime commences.

The opening footage of the YouTube message (below) gives a nod to those already protesting. “We will protest, resist and continue to practice civil disobedience until we can clearly state that this regime is at an end. You have exactly 35 days or we will take to the streets in a day of resistance,” says The Anon Message, Anonymous.

“Refusing immigration from Muslim countries set the precedent for an isolationist ideology that history has shown us is what perpetuated both world wars,” the clip continues, referencing history to support its argument.

“We will not rest until these demands are met. If these demands are not met we will not let you sleep without hearing our voices ring across this great nation. You have exactly 35 days or we will take to the streets in a day of resistance. We will let you know the true extent of the American people’s power and influence. We are a nation founded on revolution and we will continue that tradition until our government is once again stable and in competent hands.”

Trump’s “pedalling blatant lies” and the expedition of the Dakota Access Pipeline are but some of what is mentioned. “We will not stand for this.”

The call-to-action demands:

1. That Donald Trump resign from the office of President of the United States by 28 February, 2017;

2. That the current administration submits its resignation by 28 February 2017;

3. That the interim administration be made of senior elected officials of the Independent Party, thus removing any bias or unwanted opposition misappropriation;

4. That early free and fair elections are called on as soon as possible.

On March 1, if this doesn’t take place, the call is for people to take to the streets and mass march for change – “On March 1st, expect us all.”

“Sordid Lives” Sequel Gets Theatrical Release Date

From: NewNowNext
 Get ready to return to Winters, Texas!

Sordid Lives, the cult classic “black comedy about white trash” is finally getting a sequel 16 years after it first premiered.

After raising almost $60,000 on Indiegogo, A Very Sordid Wedding, from writer-director Del Shores, will have its world premiere March 10 at Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, CA— the same theater where Sordid Lives achieved cult status by playing for 96 weeks.

A limited theatrical release will follow the March premiere including screenings in New York, L.A., San Francisco and other cities around the country.

The sequel will take viewers back to the small conservative Texas town during the weeks following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality in 2015.

This isn’t the first time that Sordid Lives has been resurrected. A TV series featuring the characters from the film aired for one season on Logo back in 2008.

Bonnie Bedelia, Caroline Rhea and Leslie Jordan are just three of the 32(!) cast members in the sequel. No word yet if Olivia Newton-John will return as Bitsy Mae Harling.

“Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t write me asking me for more Sordid Lives,” Shores said in a statement. “So many of my LGBTQ fans, of all ages, have come out to their folks by showing them Sordid Lives because the humor helped them share their own story. I am excited to bring my characters up to July 2015, where they are hit with the reality of Texas having full equality.”

Click here to purchase tickets to the world premiere in Palm Springs.

“Law And Order” Actress Saffron Burrows And Wife Alison Balian Welcome Baby Girl

This is the second child for the married couple.
From: NewNowNext
 Saffron Burrows just added another member to her growing family.

The Law & Order: Criminal Intent star gave birth to daughter Daisy Alice Winnie Balian-Burrows on January 23, E! News reported.

It is the second child for Burrows and her wife, The Ellen DeGeneres Show writer Alison Balian. The couple has been together for almost nine years, and Burrows gave birth to their son back in 2010.

The 44-year-old first opened up about her relationship in an interview with The Guardian in 2014, saying she didn’t “want to lie by omission and I want to be very straightforward about my life.”

Burrows said she had struggled with labeling herself in the past, but wanted to live very honestly with her son and wife.

“I think for a while I was just avoiding conversations in order to not be labeled in some way that I felt was limiting and not actually true to who I am,” she said. “I really salute these young women who come out, but if I said I was gay that wouldn’t be true.”

‘Clean’ HB2 Repeal Bill Introduced by NC Democrats

From: Towleroad
Three Democratic state legislators in North Carolina brought forth a Senate bill this past Wednesday aimed at repealing last year’s HB2 anti-transgender “bathroom” bill that ushered in economic repercussions for the state due to its targeting of LGBTQ individuals.

SB25 offers a “clean” repeal, as opposed to the failed December attempt that belatedly tacked on an unnecessary six-month moratorium on local nondiscrimination ordinances that led to its bipartisan defeat, and is sponsored by Senators Jeff Jackson, Angela Bryant and Floyd McKissick. North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said of the new bill:

“Each day it remains on the books, House Bill 2 continues to tarnish North Carolina’s national image and cost us tourism, investment, and jobs. Between the Democratic and Republican caucuses, there are enough votes for a clean repeal – just as there were in December. After getting us into this mess, Speaker Moore and President Pro Tem Berger should show some leadership for once and put North Carolina first by finally repealing this bill.”
Several economists have said HB2 has contributed to the loss of more than $600 million to the state’s economy, and thousands of lost jobs from potential new and expanded projects. North Carolina also lost NCAA and neutral site ACC championship events, including the NCAA men’s basketball tournament from Greensboro and the ACC football title game from Charlotte.

The negative attention and fervent activism centered on HB2 has fittingly served as a cautionary tale for other states who seek similar statutes.

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, who was elected this past fall in part due to a voter backlash against former governor Pat McCrory’s stewardship and dogged defense of HB2, has already signaled his hope that the GOP-controlled NC Assembly would be able to finally repeal the bill on a bipartisan basis, which he would willingly sign.

NYC's LGBT Solidarity Rally!

From: Boy Culture
Had a blast at the big rally by the Stonewall Monument today.

Councilmember Corey Johnson organized the 2-plus-hour event, and spoke passionately at the end:

Signs Of The Times Your Nightly Briefing: L'Homme Invisible

NYC's LGBT Solidarity Rally!
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Had a blast at the big rally by the Stonewall Monument today.

Councilmember Corey Johnson organized the 2-plus-hour event, and spoke passionately at the end:

It is always an amazing time being surrounded by like-minded people who are pissed off but who have not given up.

Check out some of the best signs, including one that incorporated the hilarious Dr. Phil girl. Another nice one:

Click through to see 60+ images. Oh, yeah, and ... RESIST.

'Super' Moment

From: kenneth in the (212)
I didn't watch all of the the Super Bowl but I already know this was my favorite moment from it. (A loved one noted that he doubts Barry and Michelle would inspire a like response when they're old ... I hope he's wrong. ) 

#Resist: Everything You Need To Know Before Protesting

We're going to have a lot to protest in the next 4 years — here's how to do it wisely.
From: NewNowNext
 We’re not even a month into the presidency of Donald Trump and major demonstrations have been held across the country in defense of women’s rights, immigrants and LGBT equality. Doubtless there will be many more.

While we have the freedom to peacefully assemble (for now), you may still find yourself confronted by authorities. So it’s more important than ever to be aware of your rights—and your responsibilities.

Here’s everything you need to know before heading out to resist.

 Know your rights

 The first step in making sure no one takes your rights away is knowing what they are. Luckily, the ACLU has a handy, printout with instructions on what to do if you’re stopped by police, immigration agents, or the FBI. In our current political climate, everyone should have one of these on them at all times.

Now, the Constitution guarantees certain freedoms, but if the police give you any instructions during a protest, it’s in your best interest to follow them.

You also have the right to film or photograph anything in plain view in a public space, including federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police officers and other government officials carrying out their duties.

Unfortunately, though, it isn’t uncommon for police to order people to stop taking photos, or even to arrest people who fail to comply.

 If an officer tells you to stop filming on public property, the ACLU recommends you calmly and respectfully respond that you are acting within your First Amendment rights. Don’t be rude, don’t be defiant, and never physically resist or interfere with legitimate policing activities.

If an officer still insists that you stop exercising your rights, remember that you risk being arrested if you don’t comply (even if you’re in the right). If they tell you they need your photos or videos for evidence, the ACLU suggests offering to email it to them. You’re not legally required to give them your phone or camera but, again, never physically resist a police officer.

“Police may not delete your photographs or video under any circumstances,” The ACLU explains. “Officers have faced felony charges of evidence tampering, as well as obstruction and theft, for taking a photographer’s memory card.”

Keep in mind that the rules for photographing on private property are different: Property owners have the right to set rules about photos and the right to tell you stop and/or leave their property. If you don’t comply, you can be arrested for trespassing.

 Police have been known to detain or arrest everyone at a protest, or just in a certain area, especially if violence or property damage has occurred.

You are not required to answer any questions unless you are being detained/arrested. If police as you a question, ask if you’re being detained. If they say no, ask if you are free to leave.

If the officer says yes, you may calmly, silently walk away. If you are being detained, you have the right to know why. Never resist arrest, even if you believe your rights are being violated.

If you are being detained, police will ask for basic information like your name, birth date, and address. You are entitled to have an attorney present for anything beyond that.

The ACLU recommends requesting an attorney immediately (and repeatedly, if necessary), before answering any further questions, and urges, “Don’t say anything, sign anything, or make any decisions without a lawyer.” You may need to say, out loud, that you are exercising your right to remain silent. If you’re an immigrant, don’t discuss your immigration status with anyone but your lawyer.

 If you are stopped by the police, you are not obligated to consent to a search of yourself or your belongings, but police may legally give you a “pat down” if they suspect you may have a weapon. If you do consent to a search, the ACLU notes, it can affect you later in court.

Despite what we see on during Law & Order marathons, police are not required to read you your Miranda rights if you are arrested. They only need to do that prior to any interrogation, at which point, again, the ACLU recommends requesting a lawyer and asserting your right to remain silent until they arrive.

You have the right to make a local phone call if you’re arrested. If you call a lawyer, police can’t listen to the call.

 The National Center for Transgender Equality notes that if you’re taking prescription hormones or HIV/AIDS medication, you have the right to keep taking them if arrested. If you don’t have them with you, tell police what medications you need and when you need to take it. You may be taken to a hospital to get them.

NCTE also notes that police are not allowed to strip search you in order to see your chest or genitals, or to assign you a gender. At the same time, that most jails don’t have a policy on housing transgender people, so they’re often detained based on their gender assigned at birth or in isolation.

If you feel that any your rights have been violated, you should report the incident to your local ACLU chapter.

Most protests are peaceful: At the women’s marches across America, the largest single day of protest in U.S. history, not a single arrest was made.

Below, we’ve gathered some additional tips on demonstration etiquette.

What to do at a protest
Have fun. 
Seriously. You’re there for an important reason, but the sense of community you can find at a protest is amazing and should absolutely be taken advantage of.

 Make new friends. 
Ask people why they’re there and where they came from. Share your stories. Share your snacks. Offer hugs. Join in chants and sing-alongs. Sure, it’s cheesy, but it can feel very cathartic to yell or sing at the top of your lungs with thousands who feel the same.

Be considerate. 
Having lots of people crammed into a small space can be stressful and frustrating. Remember to be kind to each other and watch out for one another. You’re all on the same team.

What to absolutely NOT do at a protest

Do not engage in illegal activity.
Even if it’s harmless or unrelated to the protest. Don’t smoke pot or show up high, don’t obstruct traffic, don’t kick a sign post, or even jaywalk. Don’t give anyone reason to discredit or delegitimatize you.

 Never taunt or provoke police. 
If officers direct protesters to do something or move somewhere, follow instructions to avoid being arrested. Civil disobedience can be effective, but it also often requires sacrifice. If you disregard police orders, be prepared to be arrested. Never run from police or physically resist arrest.

If you encounter counter-protesters, resist the urge to engage in a confrontation. Having the moral high ground won’t keep you from being arrested if things escalate. And it could delegitimatize your cause.

What to bring to a protest

If you’re going to a large, well-organized demonstration like the Women’s Marches, check online for guidelines about what type of bags, signs and devices are allowed.

If you are able to bring a bag, pack like you’re going camping: enough water and snacks to sustain you through a physically demanding day, tissues and/or wet-naps, a change of socks, a poncho, an umbrella, a hat, any medications you’d need to take daily in their original prescription bottles (and possibly extras, just in case you’re arrested), Band-Aids, and anything else you need to feel comfortable in the event that you can’t get back for quite a long time.

If you’re trans, the National Center for Transgender Equality recommends bringing a copy of your proof of name change and a letter from your doctor or therapist regarding your transition if your correct name and gender aren’t on your I.D., just in case you’re arrested.

 If you’re bringing a sign, don’t bring anything with a sharp point or corners, as those can inadvertently hurt people (or be construed as a weapon). Wooden signs are not advised. You’ll also want to consider the weight of your sign, since you’ll have to hold it up for a long time.

Bring a valid government-issued photo ID with your name, address, and date of birth on it. This will make things go more smoothly if you have to interact with the police or get arrested.

Do NOT bring anything that could be construed as a weapon, anything valuable, or anything you’d be devastated about losing in the crowd or having confiscated.

What to wear to a protest

It comes down to planning for worst-case scenarios: You probably know how to dress for the weather, but how often are you standing outside for five, six, even seven hours in a row?

If it’s cold, dress in layers. (If it’s winter and you’re on the East Coast, consider long underwear.) If it might snow or rain, wear waterproof shoes and a jacket with a waterproof hood. If you’re somewhere sunny, wear a lot of high-SPF sunscreen. (And if you’re fair-skinned or burn easy, consider covering up with light layers and a hat.)

Regardless of the weather, it’s good idea to wear comfortable shoes and clothes you don’t mind being in for a long time.

If you get arrested (which, ideally, won’t happen if you follow the tips above), your shoelaces and/or belt might be confiscated. Consider sandals, slip-ons, sweatpants and the like.

In the event that your phone dies, gets lost or is confiscated, have essential numbers written down. That includes a friend or family member who can bail you out, your local ACLU legal assistance line and the National Lawyers Guild legal aid line. You may want to write those last ones down on your arm or leg with a Sharpie so you can’t lose them.

Now you’re fully prepared—let’s go change the world.

A Surivor Of The Bowling Green Massacre Shares Her Harrowing Story

"I may not know what a massacre is [or] what words are... but I do know that that massacre happened."
From: NewNowNext
 After presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway brought the horrific Bowling Green Massacre to national attention last week, one brave woman has stepped forward to share her moving story of survival.

Desha Harding, as portrayed by actor Navaris Darson, felt moved to post a video about her experiences on the day of the massacre after seeing people say the incident never happened.

“I don’t normally do this… but people are saying that the Bowling Green Massacre isn’t real and that’s really upsetting to me, because I was there,” she begins.

She goes on to say that she was working her regular shift at Kroger when two “bad dudes” walked in and checked out items through her lane.

“I rang them up and then they left—it was the scariest moment of my life,” she says through tears. “They were so different. They spoke American but it wasn’t the same kind of American I speak—it had a funny sound around it.”

Though she admits that she “may not know what a massacre is [or] what words are,” she does know that “bowling is a competitive Olympic sport, the sky is green and that massacre happened.”

She concludes: “Thank you Kellyanne Conway for doing the Lord’s work.”

48% of Millennials say they prefer to have sex before the first date, study finds

From: Queerty
More and more singles are cutting right to the chase by having sex first and, if that works out, following it up with a date, a new study has found.

5,500 single men and women from various different age groups participated in the survey conducted by Singles in America. Of those 5,500, 34% said they prefer to have sex before grabbing dinner or drinks. Millennials were the most likely age group to report this behavior, with 48% saying they liked to sample the goods first before committing to an actual date, which requires considerable more time, not to mention money.

“[Millennials] are very career oriented,” Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who helped develop the survey says, “so sex before the first date could be a sex interview, where they want to know if they want to spend time with this person.”

Sex therapist Kimberly Resnick agrees, saying that people, in general, don’t view sex as intimately as they once did.

“We used to think of sex as you crossed the line now you are in an intimate zone,” Anderson says, “but now sex is almost a given and it’s not the intimate part. The intimate part is getting to know someone and going on a date.”

But don’t go thinking people are only interested interested in getting their rocks off. Over 80% of respondents said they’re looking for love, and millennials, in particular, said they’re looking to get married, with 54% reporting that they hope to start a family, and 35% saying they felt pressured to tie the knot because that’s what their friends are doing.

Other interesting findings from the study:

  • Almost 70% of singles said they’re cool with polyamorous love, although only 6% reported actually having practiced polyamory.
  • 32% of men admitted to sending dick pics at some point in their lives. Interestingly, almost two-thirds of gay men said they’re not turned on by pictures of male genitalia.
  • People who identified as Republican were 48% more likely cheat on their partner, compared to Millennials, who were the most faithful respondents.
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