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Sunday, October 30, 2016

10 Shania Twain Halloween Looks That’ll Impress Your Friends Much

From: NewNowNext

Forever And For Always

Just get yourself a flowy sweater top and walk around a beach by yourself all day—one with a capsized boat is a plus. And when people ask you what you’re dressed as you can say “Shania Twain’s best song!”

“American Horror Story: Coven/Murder House” Crossover Is On The Way

From: Queerty
Well, it’s official: The zombified cat is out of the bag and feasting on your entrails.

With Roanoke a little more than halfway dun-dun comes news that American Horror Story will be revisiting Murder House and Coven — and at the same time, too. (Scream.)

Characters from both seasons will be mixing and matching in an upcoming crossover season sure to be a monster-mishmash of ideas, set pieces, and intricate plotting straight out of a grammar school sandbox.

“We do know what we’re going to do,” Ryan Murphy said during a panel for Scream Queens and American Horror Story during Entertainment Weekly‘s PopFest on Sunday. “It’s not going to be next season, but we are going to do a season that’s a crossover between Murder House and Coven together, which is very bizarre.”

It’s surely the most terrifying crossover idea we’ve heard since this monstrosity:

Hillary Clinton Holds Rally at Gay Nightclub in Wilton Manors, Florida

From: Towleroad
Hillary Clinton held a rally this afternoon at the Manor Complex in Wilton Manors, Florida.

From Clinton’s page: “
She will participate in the Community in Unity rally in Broward County, where she will lay out her agenda for an America that is stronger together, that would support the LGBT community in South Florida and across the country.”

Watch below:

Halloween: Orange you glad?

From: Speed o Rex

Christian Alonso

Diego Bernardo

Edmundo Perdomo

BalΓ‘zs Kolos

Ryan Marek

Sergi Constance

Ryan Marek

Trevor van Uden

FBI’s Comey Still Has No Warrant to Search Emails, No Idea What’s in Them

From: Towleroad
FBI Director James Comey has no warrant to search the emails referenced in his “improper, irresponsible, and possibly illegal” letter to Congress and no idea what’s in any of them, Yahoo News reports:

At the time Comey wrote the letter, “he had no idea what was in the content of the emails,” one of the officials said, referring to recently discovered emails that were found on the laptop of disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Weiner is under investigation for allegedly sending illicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl.

As of Saturday night, the FBI was still in talks with the Justice Department about obtaining a warrant that would allow agency officials to read any of the newly discovered Abedin emails, and therefore was still in the dark about whether they include any classified material that the bureau has not already seen.

“We do not have a warrant,” a senior law enforcement official said. “Discussions are under way [between the FBI and the Justice Department] as to the best way to move forward.”

Earlier on Saturday it was revealed that FBI director James Comey defied Attorney General Loretta Lynch in his inappropriate and possibly illegal disclosure to Congress. Also, Comey had Weiner’s data a month ago, and sat on it till now.

Abs olutely...

From: Speed o Rex
Anton Antipov

Bernardo Velasco

Chase Bauer

Chris Matesevac

Daniel Rumfelt

Dionis Cenusa

Logan Franklin

13 Reasons Provincetown Is The Best Gay Vacation Spot In America

From: NewNowNext
Even The Straights Get Laid

Bring your newly divorced straight bestie! This place is crawling with horny heterosexuals. Take him to The Squealing Pig or Joon Bar, or introduce her to a Bulgarian pedicab driver. (There are a lot here and they’re all hot.)

Wild & Bearded Hunk

10 Gayish Halloween Movies To Watch This Halloween

From: Queerty
American Psycho
Christian Bale plays a wealthy, over-sexed serial killer who spends about one third of the film either in his underwear or completely naked. ‘Nuff said.

15 Awesome Magazine Covers That Changed The Way Americans Think About Equality

From: Queerty
Leonard Matlovich, TIME Magazine, 1975

“Little Shop Of Horrors” In 30 Seconds

Somewhere that's green...
October 30, 2015
From: NewNowNext

In honor of Halloween, the gang at Cocktails and Classics screened 1986’s Little Shop of Horrors.

You say you don’t know it?!? Well, good thing Michael Urie, Shangela, Michelle Collins and Drew Droege are here to give you a 30-second recap of the macabre musical.

Of course, you’ll still want to watch the movie with our hosts. Hopefully you’ll still have a little Halloween candy still left over.

7 Reasons We Love Hillary More Than Ever (And Not Just Because Of Trump)

From: Queerty
 The last few days haven’t been kind to Hillary Clinton. FBI Director James Comey resurrected Clinton’s email woes with a maddeningly vague letter to Congress saying that the agency was taking “appropriate investigative steps” after learning that some additional emails may have turned up on another device. (Subsequent reporting said the device belonged to sexting fiend Anthony Weiner.) Comey’s actions have all the earmarks of a CYA action, particularly since he ignored Department of Justice policy in publicly commenting on an investigation in such an early stage.

So Clinton enters the final stretch of the campaign with a cloud hanging over her. Whether the cloud is legitimate or not is something we won’t know until well after Election Day. Considering how much ink has been spilled over her emails, it’s hard to believe that there’s a ticking bomb waiting to explode in the latest round. (The emails may be duplicates and may not even be from Clinton.)
But it’s a good time to stop and consider why Hillary deserves our backing. It’s not just because Trump is, well, Trump. It’s because Clinton has demonstrated that combination of steel and empathy that we will need to further our progress in the coming years.

Over the next 7 days lets look at some reminders of just a few of the reasons why we stand with HER.

Her record

There’s no denying that Clinton is cautious, and that applied double to us. But once she made the leap, much like the president, she was all in, as her State Department record shows. That’s particularly important in this election, because the next president has the opportunity to press LGBT issues as a human rights cause–which is the explicit link that Clinton made in her landmark UN speech. Now that she’s embraced us unreservedly, she seems to be enjoying herself, as she did at New York City’s pride parade last June. 

Straight Guys Are Stripping Down For Halloween

From: Queerty
Sexy Halloween costumes for women have been a cultural punch line ever since Amanda Seyfried slipped into lingerie and fuzzy ears and called herself a mouse in Mean Girls. But anyone who’s ever been to a gay club on October 31 knows that when it comes to bearing it all, we’ve got the ladies beat. After all, we don’t spend 20 hours a week at Crunch to cover our gym-sculpted torsos with a white sheet with two eye holes cut out. For every woman roaming the streets in a “Sexy Nurse” outfit, there’s a muscle-bound ’mo shakin’ his ass on a dance floor somewhere in red micro-shorts and devil horns. Hell, some dudes forgo the fabric altogether and opt for body paint to recreate the impossibly clinging look of a superhero costume. They don’t call it “Gay Christmas” for nothing; it’s the one night of the year when we all unwrap our packages.

And now, as with most trends, straight guys are apparently taking a cue from the queers. Today over at Racked, intrepid gay journo Brian Moylan profiles 3Wishes, a web-based lingerie company looking to corner the market in revealing men’s costumes.

“When you see pictures from a frat party, the guy didn’t button his police shirt or he cut his sleeves off. He would take the toga we sell and shorten it,” VP of design Janet Teller tells Racked. “We’re addressing a market that definitely was already there but they just weren’t being designed for.”

Moylan chalks the trend up to our more body-conscious, fitness-obsessed culture. As he points out, you’ve got to have the bod to pull off these looks, and more-and-more straight guys are spending as much time in the gym as the most ripped muscle queens at David Barton. And given the thirst inducing properties of Instagram, it’s not surprising that the customer base for 3Wishes’ ever-expanding line of incredible shrinking costumes for guys skews younger. CEO Caron Spatola estimates that about half those customers are gay, but to be honest, the company’s sexy cop, sexy sailor, sexy caped crusader costumes seem a little…modest by gay Halloween standards. Let’s be real, when was the last time you were at a costume party where all of the boys weren’t wearing jockstraps?

Favorite Male Model of The Day: October 30, 2007

Vincent LaCrocq
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

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