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Monday, April 28, 2014

Favorite Things #7: Butts, especially Quinn’s


Obviously there’s so much to love about men’s behinds.  One of my favorite things is the “snag” that occurs when guys are pulling down their underwear.  Things tease initially until the underwear gets stuck on protruding cheeks of muscle – and then pop! they fall down quickly.

I LOVE this shot of Quinn Danger.  Again from a male boudoir perspective, I think it works well – it’s explicit, but still evokes the tease.  The light here accentuates Quinn’s amazing body – let’s list them:

1.  There’s light on the left side of Quinn’s butt cheek, showing you just how perky it really is.

2.  There are light shadows in the “butt dimples” just above each cheek.

3.  The light traveling across the triceps shows each muscle.

4.  Light bounces of the prominent vein in his forearm.

5.  Finally, there the light that illuminates Quinn’s buttcrack – forming this perfect arrow of light.

And that arrow is the tease.  Making you wish you could see more…" Marlen Boro

25 Albums Every Gay Guy Should Hear

From: Next Magazine
Britney Spears
I think Blackout just so epitomizes Britney. And I feel like it’s got her best songs on it. Oh god, the pop stars that exist in our minds can identify with a lot of those songs. I mean, everybody thinks they’re this superstar: “You want a piece of me?” The kind of thing they have going on in their fantasy-gay-boy life. So we can all sort of identify with that. I mean it was a really disturbing time that was this magical Britney moment where she was just such a fucking mess! But this really good album came out of it. She was a disaster with that VMA performance, but the album was solid! Much more solid than her last album. Does she have a lot to do with her albums? I don’t know! But it seemed very parallel to her life at that moment. And it’s just good pop music! —JB

Blackout is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Britney Spears, released on October 26, 2007, by Jive Records and the Zomba Music Group. Opting to re-establish her music career after her fourth record In the Zone (2003), she began planning the project in 2006. Work continued into 2007, during which time Spears' much-publicized personal struggles, including several instances of erratic behavior and her divorce from Kevin Federline, overshadowed her professional endeavors.

Blackout represents a musical departure from Spears' earlier work, featuring a foreboding and atmospheric tone in terms of musical and lyrical direction. She collaborated with producers including Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Sean Garrett, and The Neptunes in several recording studios around the United States, including Spears' home in Los Angeles, with the intention of creating uptempo, high-energy music. Their efforts resulted in a primarily electropop and dance record, which sees additional influences from Euro disco, dubstep, and funk. The lyrical themes revolve around fame, media scrutiny, sex, and clubbing.

Upon its release, Blackout received generally favorable reviews upon its release from music critics, who complimented it as Spears' most progressive and consistent album yet. However, some suggested that its quality should have been attributed to the producers rather than Spears, and criticized her vocals for being overly-processed. The album has appeared on many end-of-the-year and decade lists, including reader polls by Billboard and Rolling Stone; The Times named it as the fifth best pop album of the decade. Rolling Stone described it as one of the most influential albums in modern pop. In 2012, the album was added to the library and archives of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Blackout was originally scheduled to be released on November 30, though it was ultimately rush-released by a month on October 30 after several unauthorized internet leaks. It was expected to debut at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, but debuted at number two with first-week sales of 290,000 copies after a last-minute rule change. Consequently, Blackout is distinguished as Spears' first studio album not to debut in the number-one position in the United States, although it was later certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for exceeding one million shipments. The record charted in the top-ten of several national charts internationally, and has attained several certifications worldwide. By the end of 2011, Blackout had sold 3.2 million copies worldwide.

Three singles were released from Blackout. Its lead single "Gimme More" peaked at number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and charted strongly internationally. Follow-up singles "Piece of Me" and "Break the Ice" respectively peaked at numbers 18 and 43 in the United States, and experienced moderate success worldwide. Unlike her previous records, Spears did not heavily promote Blackout; her only televised appearance for Blackout was a universally-panned performance of "Gimme More" at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

Your Nightly Briefing

The top 10 male nudes in art

From Michelangelo's marble Christ to the sculpted torsos of Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs, artists have reflected for centuries on the raw beauty and tragedy of the male body
From:  The Guardian
Victorious Cupid 

The full-frontal menace of Caravaggio's boldest painting creates one of art's most unsettling encounters. Cupid is a real youth, modeled, it was said in the 17th century, after his own boyfriend "that lay with him". He poses as the god of love, wearing fake wings, grinning insouciantly at the embarrassed onlooker as the painting's severe light leads all eyes to his nudity. Is this what it felt like to be a cardinal eyeing up the trade in baroque Rome? Caravaggio's anarchistic tribute to the destructive power of desire – the stuff of civilization lies defeated at Cupid's feet – is eternally worrying.

A Totally Scientific Ranking Of 24 Male Athletes Turned Underwear Models

From: Buzz Feed
Australian Rugby Player Sandor Earl

First of all, his name is Sandor. Second of all, he’s selected the perfect pair of underwear to show off his greatest asset…that beautiful star tattoo.


From: Manhunt Daily
 After Paul Wagner swept The Ten for nine weeks in a row, underwear model Anthony Moufarej swooped in to snatch the title of “Sexiest Man of The Moment” for three consecutive rounds. He faced some fierce competition from Guy Gulotta, Jared North, Jarec Wentworth and Dirk Caber this time around, but even with such oh-so-sexy obstacles, he remains your number one champion.
 Imagine slipping those shorts down, taking him in your mouth…
 This week also brings the end of Leo Giamani and Franklin David‘s runs. We can take some solace in the fact that they were lucky enough to make it past their first round, while fellow competitors Trelino, Nick Cheney and Dominic Santos did not have as much luck in that regard. They’ll be replaced by a few familiar faces. Sorry to those of you who hate comebacks! You’re just gonna have to deal with it.

2. GUY GULOTTA (LW – 2, W4)
Some day, we’ll find out what’s hiding behind that robe.
 Check out the  pics of all ten contestants and cast your vote here:
3. JARED NORTH (LW – 10, W2)

Handsome guy, knows how to throw down a good fuck.

5. DIRK CABER (LW – 6, W2)
He’s the pervy stepfather of your wettest, wildest sex dreams.

Ridiculously hung top from the other side of the pond.

Ridiculously dominant, talented top from this side of the pond.

A writer, gay porn personality and generally sexy human being.

A person you very, very much want inside of you.

Your favorite “dominant top” and “bareback sensation” is back here!

Why You Should Be Totally Obsessed With British TV Hunk Dan Osborne

From: Buzz Feed

Thank you and God bless.

Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor & Trevor Spade - Men.com

Stepfather’s Secret
 Rumors have been swirling that everyone—including paternal figure Dirk Caber—takes a dick up his ass in the grand finale of MEN.COM‘s extremely popular, semi-scandalous new series “Stepfather’s Secret“… And, well, this is almost true! If you browse through the photo set on the site, you’ll get the impression that every performer bottoms at least once.

 Yet, once again, the images don’t match up with the accompanying video. Omnipresent dick slut Johnny Rapid appears in a handful of shots like this, happily riding atop Dirk’s meat, and while this certainly may have happened on set, we never get to see any of that footage in the clip! Johnny, in fact, fucks every single person in the room, never once allowing another model to thrust upon his enchanted man-taint.

 Having said that, this doesn’t wind up being the end of the world (especially since we’ve seen Johnny bottom approximately 90,000,000 times in the past). Scott Harbor and Trevor Spade both bottom for Dirk and Johnny. The biggest treat of all, however, comes when the boys take turns gangbanging their stepfather and busting their loads all over his hairy chest. It’s refreshing to see the intergenerational power dynamic flipped (especially when the guy getting fucked looks as sexy as Dirk Caber).

 Shit! Maybe I do have a daddy complex.








From: Manhunt Daily
This video got me boned up for a variety of reasons—a) The sleazy cameraman‘s country accent, b) The bottom boy’s big round ass and slut-tastic enthusiasm, and c) The top’s profile on XTube, which includes the following quote: “hell, fist me…i’ve never done that…and call it ‘never been fisted’….(any drew barrymore fans in the house?)”.

As far as The Amateur Hour is concerned, this seems like a perfect sequel to our (insanely well-received) Mystery Bottom post from two weeks ago. With Mystery Bottom only a few votes away from taking the top spot on The Ten, do you think this bottom boy will have a chance on the countdown? Probably not. But it’s worth asking.

Sorry The Video Is No Longer Avaible :-(

Hot Ass Monday: Craig | Dudoir

"There are plenty of folks out there who like their dudoir photography to embrace the tease – like burlesque.  Sexy clothes, a little skin.  Maybe a little more skin.

And I’m happy to shoot that kind of dudoir as well.

But I think it’s so hot to just be unapologetic about your body.  So perhaps the obligatory clothing can be a hat – or socks.

I love a hot guy in socks.  Just socks and a sexy smile.

Have a great week!!" -- Marlen Boro


From:  Manhunt Daily
According to the description, these two had an extended make out session for $10. Was it $10 EACH or did they split it? Did anyone notice that they really went for it at first, then might have realized they looked too eager to lick up on each other, so they did the whole fake “oh, gross, it’s so hard to kiss a guy” thing? Me, too.

Consider this – $10? Not a lot of money.

Eric Bana's Medieval Bulge

From: Queer Click
 We were exhilarated at first but alas, that wasn't a woody, but a codpiece - a decorative flap used to cover male genitalia in medieval England. Eric plays Henry VIII in "The Other Boleyn Girl".

 Eric Bana (/ˈbΓ¦nΙ™/; born 9 August 1968) is an Australian film and television actor. He began his career as a comedian in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal before gaining critical recognition in the biographical film Chopper (2000). After a decade of roles in Australian TV shows and films, Bana gained Hollywood's attention for his performance in Black Hawk Down (2001) and by playing the lead role as Hulk/Bruce Banner in the Ang Lee-directed Marvel Comics film Hulk (2003) with Jennifer Connelly. He has since played Hector in the movie Troy (2004), the lead in Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005), and the villain Nero in the science-fiction film Star Trek (2009).

An accomplished dramatic actor and comedian, he received Australia's highest film and television awards for his performances in Chopper, Full Frontal and Romulus, My Father.  Bana has performed across a wide spectrum of leading roles in a variety of low-budget and major studio films, ranging from romantic comedies and drama to science fiction and action thrillers.

Roasting in Sunderland - Sex Orgy Video

From: Queer Click
 Keeper Ben Alnwick, midfielder Liam Lawrence and striker Chris Brown display teamwork that hasn't been seen at Sunderland in a long, long time.

Soccer boss Roy Keane was left fuming after it emerged three of his players filmed themselves “roasting” a busty female fan. Sunderland keeper Ben Alnwick, winger Liam Lawrence, and striker Chris Brown, all took part in the orgy.

They were joined by ex-teammate Martin Woods, now at Rotherham United, and two pals — not thought to be players — who remained clothed.

The orgy, which took place in a flat, involved the six men and a mystery brunette girl — referred to as “Stevie”. The seven-minute video shows England under-21 star Alnwick winking at the camera as he has sex with her. Then Woods — still wearing his jumper — is shown performing a sex act on himself.

Brown — who does Match of the Day style commentary throughout — hints their orgy antics are a regular fixture when he says of the two clothed pals: “Here’s the boys — the watching faithful — every week without fail.

Chairman Niall Quinn and manager Roy Keane were said to be furious with the players, who will almost certainly face disciplinary action.

Club spokesperson Lesley Callaghan said: “It is obviously disappointing and we will be handling this matter internally.”

Republic of Ireland squad member Lawrence was sent on loan to Stoke City, while Alnwick has agreed to join Tottenham Hotspur for around £1million.

Woods was released in the summer. The decision to let the trio go had nothing to do with the video — club officials only found out about it when we showed it to afterwards.

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