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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Classic Television - Prime Time

Original channel
Original run
September 17, 1970 – January 7, 1971
Renne Jarrett
John Fink
Celeste Holm
Robert F. Simon
Frank Aletter
William Bassett
Nancy is an American sitcom that aired on NBC during the 1970-1971 television season. The series stars Renne Jarrett in the title role.

Jarret stars as Nancy Smith, the daughter of the President of the United States, who, according to the story line, while she is on vacation in fictitious Center City, Iowa, meets and marries a veterinarian, played by John Fink in the role of Dr. Adam Hudson.
Celeste Holm appeared as Abby Townsend, the press secretary of the First Lady and Nancy's official chaperon. Robert F. Simon appeared as Everett McPherson, the uncle of Dr. Hudson. William Bassett starred as Agent Turner of the United States Secret Service; Ernesto Macias was Agent Rodriguez; Frank Aletter played Tom Daily, and Eddie Applegate filled the role of Willie Maxwell, a local reporter. No one was cast as the President.

Bekim from Bukbuddies

Enjoying A Good Book

Streakers at Berkeley

The end of gay puberty

From: Topher McCulloch

Bear Suit

Nathan Kress

Three Star Cock

Y esta?

Embedded image permalink

David Beckham - H&M

Everyone left a mark

From: Topher McCulloch

A conglamgayoration of my sleeper cell project.
 I should note that this is not my butt, and the photo was taken from google image search.
Appropriation is the postmodern condition.

Update 11/28/11: I've just learned the photo comes from Paul Morris of Treasure Island Media.


Dylan Walsh

Totem Pole

Blue Steel

Jan Krajew

Human Bookshelf

Sea-Nymphs - Ding-Dong, Bell by Warwick Goble

On Target

Patrick Heusinger

F#@*! Yeah Comic Relationships!

Nothing Better Then 69

Waking the Sleeping Lion

Remote in one hand, penis in the other

Four Star Cock

The Daily Mirror Book of Garth

"Inner Space"(2010) — Julian Callos

100 Artists Book


Joker and Batman

So Swagg

After The Beach

From: Kevin

Taken after a cool refreshing peppermint soap shower as a cool breeze from the bay blows through. :-)
 Look Ma! No tan lines! :-)

belle paire

X-Ray Image of Photographer and Camera by Nick Veasey

British photographer Nick Veasey created this X-ray composite image
of a photographer and Nikon camera for the
2010 Focus on Imaging trade show in Birmingham, England.
Veasey,specializes in X-ray art photography

At first glance, I thought this was Vin Diesel.

Rick in plaid boxers

Jānis Karlivāns

Four Star Cock

diego chaves olguin


지하철에서 발기찬 하루 (Erectile cold day on the subway)

Buddies streaking at night

Phil Gill Weighs In

Camp Bear

Justin Halley


Kellan Lutz

Tyler Posey

Francisco Lachowski and Arthur Sales

A night of fun

A Man and His Dog

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