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Friday, November 13, 2015

When Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams) met `Ben`

nature lovin, kid carryin hippie.

June 1978: Divine, Grace Jones and Julie Budd at Grace Jones' birthday party at Studio 54

Photograph: Ron Galella/WireImage

underwater backstroke

Touching Cocks

Kody Corduan

Villainous Embrace

Vintage Nude Beefcake

Mario Borelli

Four Star Meat

'ey bro, I can't let my nudes leak to the coach again

Biker Bull

Locker Room Selfie


From: Me Me Me
Something American we’re not entirely sure about.

Chris Brown Dyes His Hair Bleach Blond

Joe Porcelli

Vintage Nude

Naked Buddies

Quinn Jaxon

Dick knob

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Kovi LaCroix

The eyes, oh my the eyes!

Country Boy

Totally want that underwear!

Young Beer Belly


NCAA Basketball Season Begins!

From: Speed o Rex
 It's a huge day today in college sports, as 2015-16 NCAA Basketball gets underway.  Don't miss this exciting season tip off!

2015-16 NCAA Basketball - Regular Season kickoff
Friday, November 13
(Eastern Time)
5:00 PM: Colorado vs. Iowa State, ESPN2
7:00 PM: Temple vs. North Carolina, CBSSN
7:00 PM: Pittsburgh vs. Gonzaga, ESPN
9:30 PM: Florida vs. Navy, CBSSN
 ... plus Iowa State 

 shooting guard, #21 Matt Thomas, looking very ready.  Watch for him in this evening's opener.

Favorite Pic Series of the Day: November 13, 2007

33 Guys Who Have Gone Naked For PETA

From: BuzzFeed
 MMA Fighter Jake Shields

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Name of the Game
Original channel
Original run
September 20, 1968 – March 19, 1971
Tony Franciosa
Gene Barry
Robert Stack
Peter Falk
Robert Culp
Robert Wagner
Darren McGavin
Susan Saint James
Mark Miller
Ben Murphy
Cliff Potts
The Name of the Game is an American television series starring Tony Franciosa, Gene Barry, and Robert Stack that ran from 1968 to 1971 on NBC, totaling 76 episodes of 90 minutes. It was a pioneering wheel series, setting the stage for The Bold Ones and the NBC Mystery Movie in the 1970s. The show had an extremely large budget for a television series.
The series was based on the 1966 television movie Fame Is the Name of the Game, directed by Stuart Rosenberg and starring Tony Franciosa. The Name of the Game rotated among three characters working at Howard Publications, a large magazine publishing company — Jeff Dillon (Franciosa), a crusading reporter with People magazine (before there was a real-life People magazine); Glenn Howard (Gene Barry, taking over for George Macready, who had originated the role in the earlier film), the sophisticated, well-connected publisher; and Dan Farrell (Robert Stack), the editor of Crime magazine. Serving as a common connection was newcomer Susan Saint James as Peggy Maxwell, the editorial assistant for each.

The show had a striking, imaginative rotating opening graphic, which in turn put up the three lead actors with their faces forming out of repeatedly appearing collages of their names, each slightly differing, along with a jazzy, pulsating theme by Dave Grusin. This graphic originally put the featured lead first, then the other two as 'starring in...', Franciosa set on pale blue background, Barry on red, and Stack on green. All three leads were thus depicted, although usually only one then actually appeared. Each episode then carried individual credits with the featured lead name 'in' followed by title and guest cast. When the show ran on Encore Mystery channel (1996–99), a single 'Stack-Barry-Franciosa' opening graphic was shown on every episode.

Shirtless Friday

9 Of The Dreamiest Baes From Classic Literature

He looked like the love thoughts of women...
From: NewNowNext
 We have all, at one point or another, fallen hard for a fictional character. We’ve flipped furiously through pages to find out if our hunky hero would end up escaping the lips of a lusty dragon. We’ve gasped as he kissed the wrong person, then quietly cheered as he kissed the right one, all the while knowing that the truest of true right ones was us, the reader, trembling at the other end.

Unlike our IRL crushes, with our literary boos, we’re given the omniscient gift of perspective, which helps us swoon not only for their actions, but for their intimate thoughts as well. Even if they treat people poorly or make bad decisions, we know that in their heart of hearts, they’re good and if not wholly good, at least beautifully complicated.

That being said, we’re bringing you some of the dreamiest baes from classic literature. Our picks run the gamut from admirably loyal to passionately reckless to ruggedly handsome to charmingly witty and everything in between. They may not be perfect, but we can’t help but love ‘em all the same.

Atticus Finch
To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus Finch is the wise, kind, caring, strong, handsome daddy of our dreams. He’d make an excellent anything (father, lawyer, neighbor, pal), but we can’t help but fantasize about what a wonderful and loving life partner he’d make. Especially if he promised to dish out meaningful and thought-provoking platitudes like this:

I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.

#Instastuds: 10 Red-Hot Redheads You Should Be Following On Instagram

From: Gaily Grind
Red is beautiful!

From the armpits to the chest hair, mustaches to scruff, these 10 red hot gingers are embracing their sizzling look and owning it on Instagram.

Check out 10 of our handpicked favorites:


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A.J. e seu sacรฃo gostoso

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